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We Help Homeowners Make A Neighbor Jealous With ✓ FREE Shipping ✓ Lowest Prices ✓ Exceptional Reviews
5 Best Greenhouse Kits for 2023 to Enhance Your Growing Season

5 Best Home Greenhouses to Enhance Your Growing Season

Do you wish you could grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers beyond the normal growing season in your home? Are you tired of having to purchase produce at the store when your garden is bare? A greenhouse allows you to extend your gardening well into the spring and fall by protecting your plants from cold weather.

But with so many greenhouse kits on the market, how do you pick the right one for your needs? This article will highlight the top 5 best home greenhouse kits for 2023 so you can continue gardening all year long.

Our Top 5 Home Greenhouse Kits include:

  • Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse - Best Overall
  • Outdoor Living Today Garden in a Box with Deer Fence - Best for Keeping Deer Out
  • Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse - Best High-End Option
  • Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouse 2S - Best Four-Season Greenhouse
  • VEIKOU Aluminum Greenhouse Kit - Best Polycarbonate Walk-in Greenhouse

    1. Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse | 8x8 - Best Overall Greenhouse Kit

    Pristine white Colonial Gable Greenhouse by Little Cottage Company nestled in a lush garden.

    The Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse is the best overall greenhouse for home gardeners looking for a high-quality and beautiful addition to their yard. This Amish-crafted greenhouse features an elegant gable design made with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    The Colonial Gable greenhouse provides an abundance of natural light for your plants with its many tempered glass windows complete with grids and screens. The windows vary in number depending on the size you choose, ensuring ample sunlight penetration. The greenhouse is constructed with durable LP Smartside siding and trim that is treated to resist rot and termites.

    Key Features:

    • Elegant gable design with impeccable craftsmanship
    • Numerous tempered glass windows with screens
    • LP Smartside siding that resists rot and termites
    • Panelized kit for quick and easy assembly
    • Comes primed and ready for paint


    • Timeless and beautiful design
    • Maximum natural sunlight from abundant windows
    • Made to last with high-quality and durable materials
    • Convenient panelized kit for straightforward installation
    • Customizable with your own paint colors


    • Some trim may arrive unprimed and require extra paint
    • Panels can warp if exposed to moisture



    Final Verdict:

    With its superior craftsmanship, ample windows, and durable construction, the Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse is the best overall choice for homeowners wanting a high-quality greenhouse that will provide an ideal growing environment for years to come.

    2. Outdoor Living Today Garden in a Box with Deer Fence 8×8 - Best for Keeping Deer Out

    outside view of Garden in a Box with Deer Fence 8×8

    The Outdoor Living Today Garden in a Box with Deer Fence 8x8 is an excellent option for home gardeners looking to keep deer from destroying their vegetables and plants. This cedar greenhouse comes with an attached 67-inch tall deer fence to effectively block deer and other animals from entering and feeding on your crops.

    The key features of this greenhouse include its sturdy cedar construction, expansive 8x8 foot size, and integrated deer fencing. The cedar used is 1 1⁄2 inches thick for the frame and 1 1/8 inches for the boards, making it quite durable. There is a central walkway inside with a gate, and the growing beds on each side are 20 inches high and 28 inches wide.

    Key Features:

    • Assembled size: 95” W x 92” D x 67” H
    • 28” wide growing beds, 20” high
    • 33.5” black wire deer fencing
    • 30” door panel for entry
    • Cedar construction
    • Pre-assembled panels
    • Marine-grade rust-proof hinges
    • Trellis not included


    • Effectively keeps deer out of the garden
    • Sturdy cedar construction
    • Raised beds reduce bending and kneeling
    • The central walkway allows easy access
    • Pre-assembled panels make assembly easier


    • Soil filling requires a lot of effort 
    • Hinges may not hold up long term



    Final Verdict:

    The Outdoor Living Today Garden in a Box with Deer Fence 8x8 is an excellent choice for gardeners dealing with persistent deer problems. The tall protective fencing will deter deer without chemicals, while the cedar structure provides a sturdy and durable growing environment. Just be prepared for a somewhat tricky assembly, and you may want to add additional protective screening. Overall this is a great pick for secure urban gardening.

    3. Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse - Best High-End Option for Smaller Yards

    an actual image of the Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse

    The Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse delivers premium quality and performance in a compact size ideal for smaller backyards. With its classic Victorian design and superior construction, it's a top choice for gardeners wanting a high-end greenhouse.

    This greenhouse provides excellent insulation and durability thanks to its 4mm tempered glass, thick aluminum framing, and rubber-sealed glass panels. The single-pane glass avoids less insulating overlapping panes found in other models.

    Key Features:

    • 4mm tempered glass panels
    • Thick, heavy-duty aluminum framing
    • Single-pane glass for better insulation
    • 5' high side walls
    • 8'2" peak height
    • Large integrated gutters and downspouts
    • Made in Belgium, T.U.V. & GS certified
    • 7'9" x 10'2" or 7'9" x 12'6" sizes
    • 1-2 automatic roof windows


    • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
    • Excellent year-round insulation
    • Attractive Victorian visual
    • Durable and built to last


    • Accessory kit sold separately
    • Difficult to insert some bolt heads



    Final Verdict:

    With its classic Victorian design and superior insulation, the Exaco Junior Victorian is a top choice for a high-end greenhouse in a compact size. It delivers premium quality and performance for small-space gardeners wanting a greenhouse built to last.

    4. Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouse 2S - Best Four-Season Greenhouse

    The Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouse 2S is designed and engineered in Germany to be a true four-season greenhouse. With 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, it provides more insulation than other greenhouses on the market that use thinner glazing. This allows the Riga greenhouse to maintain temperatures for growing fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers year-round.

    Key Features:

    • 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate German-made glazing
    • The permanently attached aluminum frame won't loosen over time
    • Gable end window with automatic vent opener
    • Optional 6” foundation frame for secure ground mounting
    • Optional two-layer shelving system with removable inserts
    • Available in 5 sizes from 7'x8' up to 14'x20'


    • Provides enough insulation for year-round growing
    • Very durable and well-constructed
    • More ventilation than comparably priced models
    • Attractive design fits with upscale gardens
    • Removable shelving accommodates tall plants


    • More expensive than other polycarbonate greenhouses
    • Directions could be clearer for assembly



    Final Verdict:

    For those looking to grow plants year-round, the Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouse 2S is a top choice. While more expensive than other polycarbonate greenhouses, the superior German engineering and extra insulation pay off when it comes to maintaining ideal growing conditions. If you want a four-season greenhouse that will stand up to wind, snow, and years of use, the Riga 2S is an excellent value.

    5. VEIKOU Aluminum Greenhouse Kit | 6' x 8' - Best Polycarbonate Walk-in Greenhouse

    VEIKOUS Aluminum Greenhouse Kit on a white background

    The VEIKOU Aluminum Greenhouse Kit is one of the best polycarbonate walk-in greenhouses available today. With its upgraded construction and materials, this greenhouse provides a durable and protective environment for your plants.

    The VEIKOU greenhouse stands out for its thicker polycarbonate panels that insulate the interior, keeping your plants warm. The upgraded aluminum framework also makes this a solid and weather-resistant greenhouse for outdoor use. With lockable doors and adjustable ventilation, this greenhouse gives you control over the internal environment.

    Key Features:

    • Thicker polycarbonate panels keep the interior warm
    • Riveted aluminum framework for quicker assembly
    • Lockable door with handles for security and access
    • Adjustable ventilation ports for airflow control
    • Grey-colored framework blends into outdoor patios
    • Withstands weather and resists dust


    • A warm interior protects plants
    • Solid construction withstands elements
    • Adjustable ventilation improves airflow
    • Easy to assemble the riveted framework
    • Blends well into outdoor spaces


    • Panels may need trimming to fit
    • May need additional weather-sealing



    Final Verdict:

    For its solid construction, warm interior environment, and weather resistance, the VEIKOU Aluminum Greenhouse Kit is an excellent choice for a polycarbonate walk-in greenhouse. The upgraded materials like thicker panels and a durable aluminum framework make this greenhouse stand apart. If you need an outdoor greenhouse that can withstand the elements while protecting your plants, the VEIKOU greenhouse is a great option to consider.

    Key Considerations When Buying a Home Greenhouse Kit

    When selecting the best greenhouse kit for your home in 2023, keep these important factors in mind:

    • Size - Consider the dimensions and layout of your patio or yard when choosing between a mini greenhouse, a portable greenhouse, or a large freestanding greenhouse. Measure to find the right fit.
    • Materials - Look for a steel frame greenhouse with polycarbonate or polyethylene walls that filter UV rays. Galvanized steel frames resist rust.
    • Season Extension - To grow plants during winter months, look for a hobby greenhouse with twin-wall polycarbonate panels or a pop-up greenhouse with insulation. 
    • Ventilation - Greenhouses need proper airflow from vents, windows, and doors. Seek out ventilation options to prevent overheating.
    • Accessories - Look for a greenhouse kit that includes handy accessories like shelves, fans, heaters, and shades to create your ideal growing environment.
    • Assembly - Opt for an easy-to-assemble greenhouse kit with pre-fabricated parts like snap-together panels. Complex kits may require professional help.
    • Pest Protection - Prevent pests from invading your greenhouse by choosing a kit with screens and flaps to seal entry points.
    • Weather Resistance - For wind and heavy snow, select a greenhouse made of durable PVC, polycarbonate, or tempered glass to withstand the weather conditions.

    By evaluating the size, ventilation, materials, accessories, and resistance to pests, weather, and UV rays, you can find the perfect greenhouse kit to extend gardening seasons for your plants and gardening supplies.


    A quality greenhouse kit enables earlier spring planting and later fall harvests for maximum homegrown produce. The 5 kits profiled here provide durability, ample space, and weather resistance to extend your gardening season. Carefully consider which size and features are right for your needs before selecting the best greenhouse kit for 2023. With the right greenhouse, you can go from having a summer garden to growing fresh veggies and flowers nearly year-round!

    a product image of the Exaco Janssens Retro Royal Victorian VI (Three Sizes)


    What is the top pick for the best small greenhouse kit and why?

    The top pick for the best small greenhouse kit is often the clear greenhouse or the lean-to greenhouse. These are chosen because they are great for extending the growing season, easy to build, and can accommodate an array of plants and gardening tools while maintaining a compact design.

    Can we build a greenhouse from scratch or is purchasing a greenhouse kit more advisable?

    Building a greenhouse from scratch can be a rewarding endeavor but it often requires a level of expertise and a lot of time. Purchasing a greenhouse kit is generally more convenient and time-saving. These kits come complete with the necessary parts and instructions, making it easy even for beginners.

    Are there any wood-based greenhouse kits available?

    Yes, wooden greenhouse kits are available and provide a traditional greenhouse look. However, it's crucial to note that these need additional periodic maintenance compared to other materials such as PVC, but they add a pleasantly aesthetic look to any garden.

    Which greenhouse sizes are most suitable for small plants?

    Small plants can thrive in almost any size greenhouse. However, if you are focusing primarily on small plants, a smaller greenhouse such as the lean-to or pop-up greenhouse might suffice. They still offer plenty of space for small plants while using less of your garden space.

    What's the role of ventilation in the efficiency of a greenhouse kit?

    Ventilation in a greenhouse is crucial for maintaining a suitable climate for plant growth. It helps regulate temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels, which are essential factors for plant health. Most greenhouse kits come with either roll-up windows or vents for effective ventilation.

    How does a greenhouse assist in extending the growing season?

    A greenhouse works by trapping sunlight to heat up the interior space resulting in a warmer growing environment than outside. This warming effect can extend the growing season, allowing gardeners to start seeds earlier and keep plants growing later into the fall or winter.

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