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Canopia vs Exaco Greenhouses: An In-Depth Comparison

Canopia vs Exaco Greenhouses: An In-Depth Comparison

Two popular greenhouse brands are Canopia and Exaco. Canopia greenhouses are for budget-conscious gardeners and last for 1-2 years. Exaco offers premium customized greenhouses with 10+ years of durability. So, Exaco wins for those wanting long-lasting quality. This comparison finds the best greenhouse kits for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • For an affordable and easy-to-assemble greenhouse kit, Canopia is the best choice. Their polycarbonate panels snap together quickly for DIY construction.

  • Those wanting a wider selection of customizable designs and ornate Victorian styling should consider Exaco Greenhouses.

  • Canopia greenhouse kits start at just $500, while Exaco's customized glass greenhouses can cost $20,000+.

  • Exaco offers better insulation and temperature regulation for gardening in colder climates.

a side by side image of the Canopia and Exaco Greenhouse

    Canopia vs Exaco Greenhouses: 10 Key Differences

    Founded over 50 years ago, Canopia focuses on creating high-quality, polycarbonate greenhouse kits perfect for plant growth. 

    Exaco has been a leading greenhouse brand for over 25 years. They offer a wide variety of greenhouse designs and sizes from the finest German and Belgian manufacturers. Both Canopia and Exaco greenhouses are available for purchase online.

    Let's dive deeper into the specifics of Canopia and Exaco Greenhouses with a comprehensive comparison table, highlighting the strengths and unique features of each brand to help you make an informed decision.

    Aspect Canopia Exaco Winner
    Product Range Wide variety of DIY kits. Diverse, elegant designs with European influence. Tie
    Materials Polycarbonate panels. Glass, PVC, aluminum. Exaco
    Design Options Contemporary styles. Victorian to modern designs, customizable. Exaco
    Brand Reputation Over 50 years in polycarbonate greenhouses. 25+ years, known for quality and variety. Tie
    Price Starts at $500, budget-friendly. $4,000 - $35,000, premium segment. Canopia
    Assembly Easy DIY setup. Complex, often needs professional setup. Canopia
    Durability Lasts for 1-2 years Lasts for 10+ years Exaco
    Temperature Control Adequate insulation, may need extras in cold regions. Superior insulation, ideal for colder climates. Exaco
    Styling Modern, minimalist. Ornate Victorian to sleek modern. Exaco
    Warranty 5 - 10 years, model-dependent. Up to 15 years, varies by product. Tie

    Now let's explore the features in detail:

    1. Product Types

    Canopia provides a wider range of greenhouse kit options while Exaco offers more design diversity.

    Canopia kits include the Mythos, Ivy, Harmony, and other series. Their greenhouse panels connect together for easy assembly.

    Exaco partners with European manufacturers to provide classic glass greenhouses, lean-to styles, cold frames, and more unique designs. Their greenhouses require full construction.

    Winner: Tie - Both brands offer product lineups suitable for different needs. Canopia provides more plug-and-play convenience while Exaco enables customized greenhouse builds.

    2. Materials

    Canopia uses polycarbonate while Exaco utilizes glass, PVC, and aluminum. Both have durability advantages.

    Canopia constructs its greenhouses exclusively from polycarbonate panels typically using 4mm thick panels for the roof and 6mm thick panels for the sides. This material provides impact and weather resistance. Panels block UV rays while allowing light transmission.

    Exaco uses a range of materials depending on the greenhouse. They use 4mm thick tempered glass and 10 mm Twin-wall polycarbonate which has a tough weather-resistant UV-coating.

    Winner: Exaco - Exaco edges out in this comparison due to its material diversity and the benefits each material brings to the greenhouse-growing environment.

    3. Design Variety

    Canopia offers a few core greenhouse shapes like rectangles and hexagons in compact to large sizes.

    Exaco provides more diversity including Victorian, Orangerie, and Modern styles.

    Winner: Exaco has more design variety for different gardening needs and visual preferences.

    4. Positioning and Reputation

    Both Canopia and Exaco have excellent reputations and long histories in the greenhouse industry.

    Canopia has focused on greenhouse polycarbonate panels for over 50 years. They are recognized experts in this material and its use in greenhouse kits.

    With 25+ years of experience, Exaco holds a reputation for quality greenhouses and supplies. Their partnerships with European manufacturers give them access to well-engineered designs.

    Winner: Tie - When it comes to brand reputation and longevity, both Canopia and Exaco are on equal footing as established players in the greenhouse business.

    5. Pricing

    Canopia greenhouse kits start at lower price points versus Exaco's offerings.

    A basic Canopia greenhouse starts at around $500. Their largest standard size tops out around $10,000.

    Exaco's greenhouses range from $4,000 to $35,000. Cold frames start around $4,000 while Victorian designs cost $20,000+. Customization further increases costs.

    Winner: Canopia - Home gardeners and hobbyists on a budget will find Canopia offers more affordability. However, Exaco delivers premium quality at higher price points.

    6. Ease of Assembly

    Canopia's polycarbonate kit panels click together simply. Exaco's glass greenhouses require full construction.

    Canopia greenhouse kits are designed for easy DIY assembly. Polycarbonate panels connect together using screws and brackets. Most can be constructed in 1-2 days.

    Putting together an Exaco greenhouse is more complex. Glass structures require a custom foundation and on-site glazing. This makes professional installation recommended.

    Winner: Canopia - For fast and simple greenhouse construction, Canopia's modular kits win out. Exaco's custom greenhouses offer stunning results but require expertise.

    7. Durability

    Canopia uses polycarbonate panels lasting 1-2 years before showing wear.

    Exaco's glass greenhouses withstand elements for 10+ years minimum when maintained. The glass prevents UV damage and aluminum resists corrosion.

    Winner: Exaco - Glass greenhouses better withstand decades of use. 

    8. Temperature Regulation

    Exaco's glass greenhouses offer better insulation for temperature stability in colder climates.

    Canopia's polycarbonate provides decent insulation. However, in colder regions, the interior temperatures can fluctuate. Additional heating and ventilation systems may be needed to maintain desired conditions.

    Exaco's glass greenhouses are better insulated, retaining more heat while also blocking freezing drafts. For year-round growing in cooler climates, Exaco has the advantage.

    Winner: Exaco - If you live in a temperate area, a Canopia greenhouse will suffice. But northern gardeners may prefer Exaco's superior insulation.

    9. Styling Options

    Exaco offers traditional Victorian glass greenhouses with ornate styling.

    Those seeking a sleek, modern-looking greenhouse will appreciate Canopia's offerings. Their minimalist style integrates well in contemporary settings.

    Homeowners wanting a classic Victorian greenhouse visual appeal will prefer the choices from Exaco. Their English-style greenhouses evoke ornate 19th-century styling with graceful roof curves.

    Winner: Exaco - For pure visual appeal, Exaco's striking Victorian designs stand out. Canopia offers a more understated modern look.

    10. Warranty Terms

    Canopia greenhouses warranty terms vary depending on the specific model. Usually, the greenhouses come with a 5 - 10-year limited warranty.

    The warranty terms for Exaco Greenhouses also vary based on the specific product purchased. For instance, RIGA Greenhouses offer a 15-year warranty for the frame and a 10-year warranty for polycarbonate. Victorian Greenhouses come with a 15-year warranty for the frame.

    Winner: Tie - Both Canopia and Exaco offer robust warranty terms that vary depending on the specific model or product.


    For home gardening enthusiasts seeking affordable options for polycarbonate greenhouse kits, Canopia is a top choice offering easy DIY assembly, great light transmission, and good warranties. They are the winner for budget-friendly quality.

    Those wanting a wider range of sizes and designs, premium materials like glass, and ornate Victorian styling will prefer Exaco. Their higher-end customized greenhouses truly stand out, albeit for a price.

    Ultimately, determining the right brand depends on your needs, climate, budget, and preferences. Both Canopia and Exaco deliver quality greenhouses suited for different priorities. Carefully weighing the pros and cons of each will lead you to the perfect greenhouse investment.

    a side by side image of Canopia Grand Gardener Greenhouse and Exaco Greenhouse both in a garden space with green grass and trees


    What sort of door and window hardware do Canopia and Exaco Greenhouses use?

    Canopia and Exaco use high-quality door and window hardware in their greenhouses. These enhance the durability and longevity of the greenhouses while also adding to their visual appeal. Specific types of hardware can vary among different models, so it's best to check the details on each model.

    How can I get the best deal on Canopia and Exaco greenhouses?

    Look out for sales, seasonal offers, and free shipping deals. Most retailers also offer financing options for these greenhouses. Additionally, some local stores may have a price match guarantee, ensuring that you get the best deal.

    Do Canopia and Exaco greenhouses have a reliable frame that is suitable for my garden?

    Yes, both Canopia and Exaco greenhouses consist of strong and sturdy frames. The frame material varies among models but all are designed to withstand different climate conditions. It's important to choose a frame that best suits your garden's conditions and your personal preferences.

    I can’t decide between a Canopia and an Exaco greenhouse. Which one has the top reviews?

    Both Canopia and Exaco greenhouses generally receive high-level reviews for their quality and durability. However, the best greenhouse for you would depend on your unique gardening needs and preferences. Therefore, it's recommended to read reviews specific to the features and specifications you are interested in.

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