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Exaco vs Solexx Greenhouses: An In-Depth Comparison

Exaco vs Solexx Greenhouses: An In-Depth Comparison

When shopping for a greenhouse kits, two top brands to consider are Exaco and Solexx – with Exaco being the clear winner in premium kits. However, Solexx also offers good-quality kits. So, you need to look closely to determine the best fit for specific needs. This article compares both brands so you can make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Exaco offers a wider variety of greenhouse styles and customization, while Solexx provides budget-friendly DIY greenhouse kits.

  • Solexx greenhouses excel in insulation and diffusing sunlight with their patented twin-wall polycarbonate covering.

  • Solexx kits are easier and faster to assemble than Exaco greenhouses which require more expertise.

  • Exaco greenhouses have an aluminum frame and glass/polycarbonate panels built to last 15-20+ years.

a side by side image of Exaco Janssens Retro Royal Victorian VI and Solexx Harvester Greenhouses in a garden setting surrounded by plants

    Exaco Vs Solexx: Key Differences

    Exaco is a family-owned wholesale distribution company founded in 1987 and based in Austin, Texas. They specialize in distributing high-quality European lawn and garden products like greenhouses, composters, and planters.

    Solexx is a brand by Adaptive Plastics, Inc. that manufactures hobby greenhouse kits, greenhouse coverings, and accessories. They are known for their unique twin-wall greenhouse covering that provides insulation and soft, diffused light.

    Exaco vs Solexx Greenhouses: Comprehensive Comparison

    Comparison Criteria Exaco Greenhouses Solexx Greenhouses Winner
    Styles and Shapes Wide selection of European styles Easy-to-assemble kits with unique covering Exaco
    Covering Material Glass or polycarbonate panels Twin-wall polycarbonate covering Solexx
    Special Features Victorian style, lean-to options Pre-cut panels, various accessories Exaco
    Price Range $5,000 to $35,000 $2,000 to $14,170 Solexx
    Target Market High-end, investment buyers Budget-friendly, hobbyists Tie
    Insulation Offers 4mm thick tempered glass and 10 mm Twin-wall polycarbonate Offers 3.5mm and 5mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels Exaco
    Light Diffusion Good light transmission Superior light diffusion Solexx
    Ease of Assembly Requires more time and expertise Quick and straightforward assembly Solexx

    1. Greenhouse Offerings and Features

    Exaco offers a wide selection of European-style greenhouses in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Their greenhouses feature glass or polycarbonate paneled walls and roofs. Some highlights include:

    • Aluminum frame greenhouses for durability
    • Victorian-style greenhouses with decorative touches
    • Lean-to greenhouses that attach to existing structures
    • Cold frame greenhouse structures to extend the growing season

    Solexx sells easy-to-assemble greenhouse kits that come with their signature covering material. Their greenhouses feature:

    • Pre-cut panels of Solexx covering that locks together
    • Aluminum frame for stability
    • Accessories like doors, windows, vents, and shelves
    • Small to large sizes, including commercial options

    Winner: Exaco

    Exaco offers a wider variety of greenhouse structures and styles to suit any gardener's needs and preferences. Solexx provides an easy greenhouse kit option focused on its unique covering material.

    2. Pricing and Affordability

    Exaco’s greenhouse prices range from $5,000 up to $35,000 depending on the size and features. Their Victorian-style greenhouses fall at the higher end.

    Solexx greenhouse kits typically range from $2,000 to $7,000 for hobby and small commercial sizes. Their large-sized greenhouse, Solexx Conservatory 16'x20'x9'6", costs $14,170.00

    Winner: Solexx

    Solexx offers more budget-friendly greenhouse options, especially for hobbyists. Exaco's greenhouses are higher-end and best for those looking to invest more.

    3. Durability and Lifespan

    Exaco uses aluminum frames and thick 4mm to 6mm glass or polycarbonate panels known for durability. With proper maintenance, Exaco greenhouses are built to last 15-20 years.

    Solexx greenhouses withstand extreme weather with their strong aluminum frames and twin-wall polycarbonate panels. Their thicker 5mm covering offers superior impact resistance. Solexx greenhouses can last over 20 years.

    Winner: Tie

    Both Exaco and Solexx use durable aluminum and polycarbonate components able to withstand the elements for an extended lifespan of 15-20+ years.

    4. Insulation Properties

    Exaco uses 4mm thick tempered glass and 10 mm Twin-wall polycarbonate which has a tough weather-resistant UV-coating.

    Solexx offers 3.5mm and 5mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels which deliver good insulation year-round. The unique honeycomb structure traps air to prevent some heat loss. 

    Winner: Exaco

    Exaco excels when it comes to insulation and heat retention inside the greenhouse with its thicker polycarbonate panels.

    5. Light Diffusion

    Exaco's glass and polycarbonate panels allow good light transmission.

    Solexx's twin-wall covering was engineered to diffuse direct sunlight into a soft, even glow that plants thrive under. This reduces leaf scorch and overheating.

    Winner: Solexx

    Solexx's patented covering stands out for its ability to diffuse intense sunlight and prevent hot spots inside the greenhouse.

    6. Ease of Assembly and Use

    Exaco's greenhouses require more time and effort to assemble, with some customers reporting frustrating experiences. The structures themselves tend to offer user-friendly functionality.

    Solexx's DIY greenhouse kits have pre-cut panels that lock together for straightforward assembly in hours or days rather than weeks. Their designs also incorporate useful accessories.

    Winner: Solexx

    Solexx greenhouse kits are designed for easy assembly and enhanced functionality out of the box. Exaco's greenhouses often require more expertise and time to build.


    Based on this detailed comparison, Exaco is the winner if you want a wide selection of customizable greenhouse options and value high-end materials. Solexx is ideal for those wanting an easy-to-assemble greenhouse kit that provides good growing conditions. Carefully considering your needs will ensure you select the best greenhouse brand for your gardening requirements and preferences.

    Spacious 15x20 ft greenhouse with an elegant large cupola, featuring expansive glass panels and a durable frame, set against a clear blue sky.


    Where can I buy quality Exaco and Solexx greenhouse kits?

    These greenhouse kits can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, or various home and garden retailers both online and offline. 

    Can the Solexx greenhouse kits withstand snow and wind?

    Yes, Solexx greenhouses are designed to withstand high snow and wind loads. The polycarbonate greenhouse structure will hold up to the elements due to its durability and flexibility, offering your plants protection from harsh weather conditions.

    Are there any common errors people make when assembling an Exaco greenhouse kit?

    Assembling a greenhouse kit can be a complex task, and it's possible to encounter issues. An error some people make is not ensuring the land is completely level before beginning installation. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any issues.

    Why are Exaco and Solexx greenhouse kits gaining in popularity?

    These kits are growing in popularity due to their high-quality materials, ease of assembly, and superior functionality for plant growth. They offer gardeners an efficient way to extend their growing season, increasing the yield and variety of plants they can grow in their gardens.

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