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Best Fire Pit Grills: Our 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Backyard Cooking

Best Fire Pit Grills: Our 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Backyard Cooking

For the ultimate backyard upgrade, a fire pit grill allows you to show off your chef skills while keeping warm by the fire. We reviewed the top options to find 2023’s best fire pit grills based on style, features, durability, and more. The list includes:

  • The Jag Eight Fire Pit Grill - Most Versatile
  • OFYR Classic Corten 100 - Most Spacious
  • Arteflame Classic 40" Grill - Most Stylish
  • OFYR XL Corten - Best for Large Gatherings

These multi-functional outdoor fire pits with built-in grills are perfect for patio heating, summertime BBQs, or cozying up to flickering flames on chilly nights. Read on to discover which fire pit grill will help make lasting memories in your outdoor space this year.

The Jag Eight Fire Pit Grill - Most Versatile

The Jag  Fire Pit Grill 3-in-1 BBQ Grill, Fire Pit & Table with plates and chairs

The Jag Eight is truly three products in one, maximizing your backyard real estate with a convertible fire pit center that can grill meats, veggies, sausages, and more to everyone's taste. Its removable table surfaces and space to add your own chairs make it easy to customize your setup. When grilling is done, simply fold down the brackets for compact storage.

With the Jag Eight's ample grilling surface area and direct/indirect heating options, you can perfectly sear steaks or slow-roast tender ribs. The side door even enables easy ash removal for quick grill cleaning. No more running back inside to check oven roasts either - the Jag Eight lets you conveniently monitor cooking progress without missing a moment of backyard fun.

Key Features:

  • Versatile 3-in-1 design functions as a grill, fire pit, and table
  • Wide octagon shape
  • 305-pound sturdy steel frame construction
  • Convertible fire pit center for charcoal grilling
  • Removable and customizable table surfaces
  • Folding brackets for compact storage
  • Side door for convenient ash removal
  • Adjustable legs for uneven outdoor surfaces


  • Triple threat versatility in one outdoor product
  • Spacious grilling surface to handle large cookouts
  • Quality steel build made to last for years
  • Customizable table areas to suit seating needs
  • Convenient cleaning and storage options


  • Assembly required upon delivery
  • Limited to charcoal/wood fuel types



Final Verdict:

For families and outdoor entertainers wanting an all-in-one backyard appliance, the Jag Eight Fire Pit Grill is a superb choice. Complete with ample cooking capacity, versatile configurations, rock-solid construction, plus handy extras like a cleaning door and folding brackets, this grill aims to be the last one you'll ever need. If you don't mind its wood or charcoal fuel limitation and have backyard space, the Jag Eight Grill will serve up years of delicious memories.

OFYR Classic Corten 100 - Most Spacious

OFYR Classic Corten 100 stock photo

Distinguishing itself from smaller fire pit models, the Corten 100 offers the most expansive cooking real estate. With a 100cm diameter plate, it provides ample room to grill various foods at once, be it skewers, vegetables, or even a whole roast.

Despite the sizable cooking surface, the OFYR maintains exceptional thermal performance. Its cone-shaped fire bowl focuses heat on the center, where temperatures soar above 500°F, while the wide rim hovers around 250°F - perfect for slower grilling. This gradient cooking design caters to different ingredients in one session.

Key Features:

  • 0.55 m2 cooking surface - Accommodates meals for gatherings of 15+ people
  • Cone-shaped fire bowl - Creates 500°F+ center for searing with 250°F rim
  • 100 x 100 x 103cm dimensions - Provides stability and ample cooking real estate
  • 9-11 hour burn times - Allows extended gatherings without refueling
  • Corten steel material - Naturally rustic look blends into any landscape


  • Extremely spacious cooking area for large gatherings
  • Efficient gradient heating for versatile cooking
  • Stylish yet durable rust-finish Corten steel
  • Practical low-maintenance weathering steel
  • Long 9-11 hour burn times


  • Heavy at 100kg requiring multiple people or machinery to move
  • Large size may overwhelm smaller backyards



Final Verdict:

With unmatched capacity, efficient heating, and durable construction in an elegantly rustic package, the OFYR Classic Corten 100 reigns supreme for spacious fire pit grilling. Durable and stable, the 100 brings people together around flickering flames that last into the night. For those with ample room to spare, the OFYR Corten 100 delivers an exceptional grilling experience suited for crowd-sized gatherings.

Arteflame Classic 40" Grill - Most Stylish

Front view of the 40" Arteflame Grill and Tall Base With Storage.

The Arteflame Classic 40" Grill is a gorgeously designed wood and charcoal grill that doubles as an inviting fire pit. With its contemporary spun steel bowl and sleek carbon steel cooktop, it brings high-end style to your outdoor space.

As a grill, the Arteflame stands out for its exceptional functionality and unique heat distribution. Building a fire in the center radiates heat outwards, enabling simultaneous cooking at varying temperatures across the large 1257 square-inch cook surface. The lift-out cooktop also allows using it as just a fire bowl. Combined with eye-catching aesthetics, it makes a statement wherever placed.

Key Features:

  • Uses both wood and charcoal fuel
  • 1/2" thick laser-cut carbon steel removable cooktop
  • Can be used as a fire bowl with or without the cooktop
  • Spun bowl crafted from single-piece, seamless corten steel
  • The cooktop lift tool included
  • Designed and made in the USA


  • Stunning contemporary design
  • Cooks with real wood fire flavor
  • Unique center-out heating
  • Doubles as a stylish fire pit
  • Large cooking surface
  • Quality construction


  • Heavy and expensive
  • Requires seasoning before use



Final Verdict:

With unmatched aesthetics and functionality, the Arteflame Classic 40" Grill is a worthy investment for design-focused outdoor cooks wanting both serious grilling capabilities and ambiance. Despite the high price and weight, its ability to excel as a grill and fire pit in one stylish package makes it a top choice. Just be prepared to season it first before enjoying seamless center-out wood fire cooking.

OFYR XL Corten - Best for Large Gatherings

person grilling on xl corten

The OFYR XL Corten is a superb option for grill masters hosting big backyard parties and large gatherings. With its expansive 150cm cooking surface, this top-of-the-line fire pit grill provides ample room to handle the cooking demands of big crowds.

Constructed from durable weather-resistant Corten steel, this rugged fire pit grill is built to last. It heats up rapidly thanks to three separate fires in the cone, so you spend less time preheating and more time enjoying mouthwatering grilled foods with friends and family.

Key Features:

  • 150cm cooking surface - spacious grilling area for big gatherings
  • Triple internal fires - rapid, even heating
  • Heavy-duty Corten steel - weather/corrosion resistant
  • 77cm raised height - reduces bending for comfort
  • Adjustable air vent - precise temperature control
  • Compatible accessories - expand capabilities


  • Ideal for feeding large gatherings of up to 150 people
  • Heats up fast so you waste less time prepping
  • Built durable from weather-resistant Corten steel
  • Compatible with handy grill accessories
  • Free shipping for easy, convenient delivery


  • Carrying a premium price tag



Final Verdict:

The OFYR XL Corten is a first-rate fire pit grill tailored for large gatherings. It offers an exceptionally roomy cooking surface to handle heavy grilling demands with minimal fuss or frustration. Quick-heating, versatile, and ruggedly built, this exceptional fire pit grill is a worthy investment for grill masters who love putting on backyard BBQ bashes.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit Grill

When shopping for the perfect fire pit grill to enhance your backyard, keep these key factors in mind:

Cooking Surface

Consider the grill’s cooking surface shape and overall area. Square, rectangle, or round cooking surfaces all have pros and cons in terms of maneuvering food. And the total square inch cooking capacity must align with the number of people you plan to feed. Larger families need 400+ square inches.

Dual Functionality

Look for a unit that serves double duty as both a warming fire pit and a full-on cooking grill. Models like the Jag Grill offer a removable grill grate for direct grilling over a roaring fire. Others have hinged grates that swing into place over the fire pit. This versatility extends your enjoyment through all four seasons.


Many quality fire pit grill models allow you to raise, lower, or rotate the grill grate to control heating intensity. Some grates also easily detach for fast fire pit conversions. Look for a model with multiple adjustments for maximum cooking flexibility.


Durable steel, iron, or aluminum stands up best to blazing fires, regular cleaning, and outdoor weather exposure over years of use. Seamless, laser-cut construction prevents gaps where food or embers could slip through.

By evaluating these aspects before buying, you’ll discover the perfect fire pit grill to meet both ambiance needs and satisfy your inner grill master for years of memorable meals.


The reviewed fire pit grills create an inviting space to gather, cook, and unwind in your backyard. With multi-use designs that offer ample space for cooking full meals yet compact into a patio-warming fire bowl, durable steel construction stands up to weather and constant use.

This backyard upgrade promises endless evenings of edged-in entertainment and relaxation. So pick the size and style that suits your gatherings, then enjoy sizzling up summertime memories that linger long after the embers fade.


Are smokeless fire pit grills worth it?

Yes, smokeless fire pit grills, though a little more expensive than traditional designs, are worth the investment. Besides creating a pleasant, smoke-free outdoor cooking experience, they are cleaner and safer for the environment. They also allow for more flexibility in your cooking options, whether you want to cook over an open fire or warm up around the fire.

Can you cook on a wood-burning fire pit and grill?

Yes, you certainly can. A wood-burning fire pit and grill provide the ultimate outdoor cooking experience allowing you to enjoy the traditional taste and aroma of food cooked over an open fire. Consider a fire pit with a grill, such as the one included in the grill cooking bundle, or a grill accessory like the outpost grill attachment.

What is the best type of wood to use in a fire pit grill?

The best wood for a fire pit grill is hardwoods such as oak, maple, or apple. They burn longer and hotter than softwoods, making them perfect for grilling or chilling around the fire. When using a wood-burning fire pit or grill, avoid using treated or painted wood which can release harmful fumes.

What materials are preferred for the grill on a fire pit?

Most fire pit grills use a steel or cast iron grill for its durable and long-lasting properties. Cast iron holds heat well and gives a nice sear to your food, making it a good choice for grilling applications. However, it requires more maintenance than stainless steel as it can rust if not properly cared for.

Where should a fire pit grill be placed for safe use?

It's crucial to always place your fire pit grill on a flat and non-flammable surface. Keep it far away from trees, bushes, fences, or other structures that might catch fire. Aim to keep your fire pit at least ten feet away from structures for safety. Lastly, never use your fire pit under a covered porch or low-hanging branches.

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