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when is the best time to buy a shed

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Storage Shed?

Are you in need of some extra storage space? If so, you may be wondering when is the best time to buy a storage shed. Well, you're in luck!  The best time to buy a storage shed is during the spring season right before demand jumps for the summer season.

Availability and weather are key considerations as the demand for storage sheds tends to be higher during certain times of the year, such as the spring and summer months when people are doing outdoor projects and organizing their homes. However, this increased demand can also lead to higher prices and limited availability.

On the other hand, purchasing a storage shed during the off-season, such as during the winter months, may offer you more options to choose from and potentially even lower prices. Additionally, considering the weather is important as you want to ensure that the shed you purchase will be able to withstand the elements in your area.

Availability and Weather Determine The Best Time To Buy A Shed


Our recommended time is during the summer and spring months when they're readily available and the weather is ideal for installation of both the foundation and the shed itself. Summer is considered the best time of the year to purchase a shed because it offers several advantages over other seasons but can be slightly more expensive.

Firstly, during the winter months, many shed retailers have limited stock, and it can be challenging to find the specific shed you want. By waiting until spring and summer, you increase the chances of finding a wide selection of sheds to choose from including new models, ensuring you get the one that meets your needs perfectly.

Moreover, the weather plays a crucial role in the installation process. Summer provides the ideal conditions for assembling a storage shed. With longer days and milder temperatures, you can work comfortably without having to battle against freezing temperatures or adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the dry weather during the summer minimizes the risk of moisture damage to the shed materials during installation.

Seasonal Considerations

seasons of the year

If you're considering buying a shed, it's important to take into account the different seasons and how they can affect your purchase.

In the spring, you can expect a wider variety of sheds to choose from, as many stores restock their inventory during this time.

However, if you're looking for the best deals, fall is the season for you, as prices tend to drop before the winter months.

Summer may not be the ideal time to buy a shed, as prices are usually higher due to increased demand.

Spring - Perfect For The Garden Shed


When it comes to purchasing a storage shed, spring is the perfect time for you to snag a great deal and take advantage of enticing buying incentives as it's shed season.

Many retailers offer springtime buying incentives on a new shed to improve their cash flow during the off-season. This means that you can get a great deal on a shed, such as $200 off the list price or 5% rebates.

Spring is a popular time for people to start their outdoor projects, such as gardening or backyard renovations. This increased demand for storage sheds means that retailers are more likely to have a wide selection of sheds available for a variety of functions.

Lastly, buying a shed in spring allows you to get it set up and organized before the summer months, when you'll be using it the most.

Summer - The Busiest Time Of The Year For Sheds


Imagine having all your lawn equipment and gardening tools neatly organized and easily accessible in a secure and dry space throughout the summer months.

During the summer, shed sales are at their peak, and for good reason. Many people realize the need for a shed when they start using their new lawnmower, grill, and patio furniture. These items need to be stored in a dry and secure space to maintain their quality and increase your property value.

By purchasing a shed during the summer, you can avoid the spring rush and ensure that you have a dedicated space for all your outdoor equipment however you might have less time to use the shed during the summer season.

Fall - Sheds Go on Sale!


As the peak shed buying season comes to a close, home improvement stores, shed retailers, and shed manufacturers are now offering discounts and clearance prices, making it the opportune moment to snag a great deal on a stylish outdoor storage solution.

Fall is the best time to buy a storage shed because it marks the end of the busy season for these businesses. They're eager to make as many sales as possible before the year closes, and offering discounts and clearance prices is a way to entice customers and clear out their inventory.

During the fall, retailers may also be looking to eliminate the need for winter maintenance and make space for next year's models. By offering price cuts, they can quickly sell their current stock and avoid the hassle of storing and maintaining their sheds during the colder months.

This means that customers can take advantage of the reduced prices and get a high-quality storage shed at a fraction of the original cost. However, some areas may not have weather conditions suitable for building a concrete foundation which will require the homeowner to store the shed parts until they are ready for assembly.

Winter - Best Time To Plan Your Storage Buildings


While it may seem counterintuitive to buy a shed during the offseason, there are actually some advantages to doing so.

Firstly, buying a shed in the winter often means taking advantage of great discounts and sales. Since demand for outdoor storage is typically lower during this time, retailers often offer significant price reductions to attract customers. This can translate into big savings for you if you find the model you are looking for.

Additionally, buying a shed in the winter allows you to get a head start on your spring organization projects or landscape design. While it may be too cold to set up the shed immediately, you can use this time to plan and prepare. By the time the snow on the ground melts and the weather warms up, your shed can be installed and ready to go, providing you with the extra storage space you need for the upcoming season.

Sales and Discounts - Get An Amazing Deal On A Shed

sales and discounts

Keep an eye out for holiday sales and clearances, as shed retailers and manufacturers often offer discounts on display models at certain times of the year. Memorial Day sales, Veteran Day sales, and end of year clearances are great opportunities to find deals on sheds.

By following your favorite shed retailer, home improvement store, or shed manufacturer on social media, you can stay updated on events and sales like these. Additionally, keep in mind that shed retailers and manufacturers may sell their display models at cheaper prices.

If you're flexible on the design, interior layout, or color palette of the shed, purchasing a display model can be a smart option. However, it's important to note that the availability of display models for sale varies and can't be predicted. To find out if any retailers plan to sell their on-site models, it's worth giving them a call.

To help you better understand the timing and availability of sales and discounts on sheds, here's a table:

Time of Year Sales and Discounts
Memorial Day Up to 20% off on select shed models depending on retailer
Veteran Day Discounts on display models and clearance sheds
End of Year Clearance sales with significant price reductions



Another aspect to keep in mind is seasonal considerations. Many people tend to buy storage sheds in the spring and summer months when they're organizing their outdoor spaces. However, this also means that prices are likely to be higher during this time due to increased demand. If you're looking to save some money, consider buying a shed during the off-season, such as fall or winter, when prices may be lower and there may be sales and discounts available.

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