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Elementi vs Real Flame: How Do These Fire Pit and Fireplace Brands Compare?

Elementi vs Real Flame: How Do These Fire Pit and Fireplace Brands Compare?

This in-depth comparison covers everything buyers need to know to decide between Elementi and Real Flame brands. While Elementi takes the edge as a premium fire pit brand with more design flexibility, Real Flame offers more affordable products. Knowing the differences between the top brands will help you determine the best outdoor fire pit.

Key Takeaways

  • Elementi specializes in high-end fire pit tables with natural, modern, and historic design options.

  • Real Flame offers a broad range of indoor and outdoor heating products at varied price points.

  • Reviews for both brands are largely positive for quality and performance.

a side by side image of the Elementi Boulder Fire Table and Real Flame Riverside Fire Pit Bowl

    Comparison Table: Elementi vs Real Flame

    Let's take a closer look at how Elementi and Real Flame stack up in key areas to help you make an informed decision.

    Aspect Elementi Real Flame Winner/Tie
    Product Focus Fire pit bowls and tables Wide range including electric fireplaces Tie
    Design Natural, historic, modern Contemporary, sleek Elementi
    Price Range Premium ($1000 - $2000 average) Broad ($193 to $5000+) Real Flame
    Safety Features Detailed safety manuals Ventless fireplaces, EPA-compliant outdoor Tie
    Customer Feedback High ratings, praised for design Positive reviews noted for realistic flames Tie

    Comparing the Product Ranges

    Elementi focuses squarely on manufacturing high-quality fire pit bowls and tables in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. This includes round, rectangular, and square fire pits crafted from materials like stone and concrete.

    Real Flame, on the other hand, offers a diverse range of heating products including:

    • Electric fireplaces designed for indoor use
    • Outdoor fire pit kits fueled by gas or wood
    • Patio furniture like fire tables and chimineas
    • Fireplace inserts for existing masonry fireplaces

    So while Elementi concentrates on a core lineup of fire pits, Real Flame has a broader product catalog spanning indoor and outdoor heating.

    Winner: Tie - Real Flame offers greater variety, but Elementi focuses on doing one product very well.

    Design: Natural vs Modern

    The overall look and feel of Elementi and Real Flame products differ quite a bit when it comes to design:

    Elementi fire pits come in natural, historic, and modern styles. For a more organic look, options include natural concrete, stone, and rusted steel finishes. 

    Real Flame products lean toward a contemporary, sleek style. Most of their electric fireplaces and fire pits have a clean, streamlined look. Real Flame uses realistic logs and flames, but the surrounding materials like glass and steel have a current, modern vibe.

    So in terms of design Elementi offers more flexibility, while Real Flame has mastered a consistent modern appeal.

    Winner: Elementi has greater design variety across their fire pit table range.

    Comparing Price Ranges

    Pricing often plays a major role in product selection. Here's how Elementi and Real Flame's costs compare:

    Elementi fire pits fall within the premium price range, averaging $1000 - $2000. Their products are priced as high-end backyard investments.

    Real Flame prices cover a wider spectrum, from budget to luxury:

    So Real Flame offers products at varying price points, while Elementi focuses on the higher end of the market.

    Winner: Real Flame has a wider range of affordable entry-level to premium products.

    How Safe Are These Products?

    Safety is a top concern when dealing with fire. Here are some key considerations:

    • Elementi emphasizes that their fire pits are safe when used properly. Their manuals cover the correct setup and materials to use.

    • Real Flame electric fireplaces are ventless and chimney-free so they avoid any risks associated with poor ventilation. Their outdoor products are also generally deemed safe when EPA guidelines are followed.

    • Both companies advise adult supervision of fires and caution around hot surfaces.

    When used correctly under adult supervision, products from both brands are considered safe. But always closely follow manufacturer guidelines.

    Winner: Tie - Both meet safety standards for responsible outdoor heating products.

    Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

    Customer experiences reveal a lot about product quality and brand reputation.

    Elementi earns positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Their products receive praise for attractive designs, high-end materials, and providing ambiance. Some negatives include price and shipping delays.

    Analysis of Real Flame reviews shows most customers are satisfied overall. People comment positively on the realistic flames and performance features like adjustable heat. Complaints are rare but sometimes relate to parts quality.

    While not perfect, both companies succeed in creating positive experiences for most buyers based on reviews.

    Winner: Tie - Reviews indicate general satisfaction with both Elementi and Real Flame.

    Which Brand is Right for You?

    Now that you know how Elementi and Real Flame Compare head-to-head, which is better for your needs?

    Elementi is Ideal For:

    • Homeowners wanting a high-end, eye-catching outdoor fire pit table as a focal backyard feature.

    • Those who appreciate versatile visual options like modern, natural, and historic styles.

    • People looking to create a luxury outdoor living space.

    Consider Real Flame For:

    • Budget-conscious buyers - their lower prices accommodate a range of budgets.

    • Households wanting both indoor and outdoor heating products from one brand.

    • People looking for a contemporary, technology-forward style throughout their space.

    The Bottom Line

    While their product offerings, prices, and marketing differ, Elementi and Real Flame each have compelling benefits. Elementi excels at upscale fire pits with flexible design options. Real Flame offers a wide range of indoor/outdoor heating at reasonable costs.

    Consider your budget, style, and specific product needs. For a premium backyard centerpiece, Elementi has the edge. If you want affordable, convenient heating across spaces, choose Real Flame. Either brand can provide the perfect focal point for enjoying warmth during the changing seasons.

    Rectangular Marble Fire Pit Table with pool chairs


    What do I need to get to convert Elementi or Real Flame propane fire pits to natural gas?

    Some Elementi or Real Flame fire pit models come with a natural gas fire pit conversion kit, but for others, you have to buy the NG conversion kit separately. Make sure to contact the manufacturer or the store to find out whether your chosen model comes with the conversion kit.

    Is there a rating system for the BTU output of these outdoor fire pits?

    Yes, fire pit models by Elementi and Real Flame have a BTU rating. This rating measures the heat output. The higher the BTU, the greater the heat they provide. Generally, propane fire tables can range from 40,000 to 100,000 BTU.

    Are there any special requirements for using an Elementi or Real Flame fire pit outdoors?

    Using a natural gas or liquid propane fire pit is relatively simple as it doesn't require a lot of setup. However, it's important to place the fire pit on a non-flammable surface, keep it away from flammable materials, and have ample storage for the propane tank if it's not integrated into the product's design.

    Do Elementi or Real Flame outdoor fire pit tables come with a lid and protective cover?

    Many models from Elementi and Real Flame come with a burner lid and a protective cover to shield your fire pit from the elements when it's not in use. You can check the product description or contact the seller to confirm whether these items are included in your chosen model.

    Can I place Elementi or Real Flame fire pits on my wooden deck?

    Yes, propane or natural gas fire pit tables are generally safe to use on wooden decks. However, you should ensure there is enough clearance from railings and overhangs, and you may want to consider using a fire-resistant mat underneath your fire pit for added protection.

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