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Memorial Day Sale 5/24-5/29 - Free Gifts/Reduced Prices On the Following Brands: Cal Flame, Duramax, Yardistry, Elementi, Modeno, Outdoor Greatroom, Riverside Shed, Outdoor Living Today, Exaco, Napoleon Grills, Blaze Grills, Paragon Outdoor, Gazebo Penguin.
Elementi vs Solus Decor: Comparing High-End Fire Pits

Elementi vs Solus Decor: Comparing High-End Fire Pits

When comparing Elementi and Solus Decor, Elementi stands out as a top fire pit brand for its unparalleled quality and affordable prices. However, Solus Decor also offers attractive high-end fire pits. This comparison of both brands looks closely at their differing features, materials, reviews, and more to help determine the best outdoor fire pit based on your needs and priorities.

Key Takeaways

  • Elementi fire pits feature more avant-garde, artistic designs that make a bold statement. Their shapes are more modern and unique.

  • For extreme durability, Elementi uses natural stone and reinforced concrete. This resists damage better long-term.

  • Solus Decor offers more advanced ignition controls like adjustable electronic systems. This makes lighting and managing the fire easier.

  • The larger sizes of Solus Decor fire pits allow for greater heat output, up to 108,000 BTUs. Good for heating big spaces.

a side by side image of the Elementi Hampton Fire Table and Solus Decor Linear Fire Pit

    Comparison Table: Elementi vs Solus Decor

    In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll explore the distinctive features and benefits of Elementi and Solus Decor fire pits to help you make an informed choice for your outdoor space.

    Feature Elementi Solus Decor Winner
    Design Styles Modern, unique, avant-garde shapes Classic, refined styles Elementi
    Materials Natural stone, reinforced concrete Smooth, hand-poured polished concrete Elementi
    Fuel Options Propane, Natural Gas Propane, Natural Gas Tie
    Ignition Systems Electronic, remote ignition Multiple types, including adjustable electronic ignition Solus Decor
    Heat Output Up to 45,000 BTUs Up to 108,000 BTUs Solus Decor
    Customer Reviews Positive, praised for design Positive, praised for heat output and controls Tie
    Price Range $2,600 - $2,800 $3,000 - $7,000 Elementi

    Now, let's look at their differences in detail to better understand the brands.

    The Different Fire Pit Designs

    Elementi and Solus Decor both make fire pits in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Popular Elementi fire pit designs include:

    • The Granville Fire Pit Table

    • The Lunar Fire Bowl

    • The Manchester Fire Pit

    Solus Decor offers these main fire pit options:

    • Round Fire Bowls

    • Liner Fire Pits

    When it comes to design styles, Elementi tends to have more modern, artistic shapes while Solus Decor's style is more classic and refined. If you want a fire pit that makes a bold design statement, Elementi is probably the better choice.

    Winner: Elementi - More unique, avant-garde fire pit shapes and designs

    The Materials Used to Build the Fire Pits

    The materials a fire pit is constructed from impact both durability and the overall look.

    Solus Decor uses smooth, polished concrete to construct its fire pits. The concrete is hand-poured and finished to create a seamless look. The smooth concrete gives Solus Decor fire pits a more refined, contemporary vibe.

    When it comes to durability, Elementi wins out. Natural stone and glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) are less prone to damage over time compared to regular concrete. Elementi fire pits will likely last longer without showing wear and tear.

    Winner: Elementi - Natural stone and reinforced concrete are more sturdy and durable

    Fuel Options: Propane vs Natural Gas

    Both Elementi and Solus Decor give buyers a choice between propane and natural gas. So no matter if you want the self-contained ease of propane or the unlimited fuel source of natural gas, you can find an option. This fuel flexibility is useful for installing a fire pit in different situations.

    Winner: Tie - Elementi and Solus Decor both offer propane and natural gas fire pits.

    How Easy Are They to Light?

    The ignition system that comes with a fire pit affects how easily you can light it and get the fire going.

    Elementi fire pits use high-quality ignition systems. The ignition options available include:

    • Electronic ignition - This lets you start the fire pit with the push of a button.

    • Remote ignition - With this system, you can turn the fire on and off from a wireless remote control.

    Solus Decor gives buyers several ignition varieties:

    • Manual ignition - Requires lighting with a match or lighter.

    • Manual ignition with a flame supervision device - Along with manual lighting, this adds a safety device to monitor the flame.

    • Electronic ignition - Starts with the push of a button for convenience.

    • Adjustable electronic ignition - Allows you to vary the flame height remotely.

    Because Solus Decor offers more types of ignition systems, including advanced controls, they edge out Elementi in ease of use and functionality. You have more ways to start and manage the fire.

    Winner: Solus Decor - More ignition system options for convenient lighting.

    Heat Output: Elementi vs Solus Decor Fire Pits

    A fire pit's BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating determines how much heat it puts out. More BTUs mean more heating power.

    • Elementi fire pits = Up to 45,000 BTUs

    • Solus Decor fire pits = Up to 108,000 BTUs

    Solus Decor fire pits have a higher heat output range thanks to their larger size options. Their biggest fire pits can warm up more square footage than Elementi's models. This makes Solus Decor a better choice if you need to heat a large outdoor area.

    Winner: Solus Decor - Higher maximum heat production.

    Safety and Quality Standards

    When you're dealing with open flames, safety is a major concern. Well-engineered fire pits adhere to codes and safety benchmarks.

    Solus Decor fire pits are designed and tested to meet rigorous industry standards. Specific safety qualifications include:

    • Certified burners - The burners are tested and confirmed to meet quality and safety guidelines.

    • Inspection-ready construction - The fire pits are built so they can be easily examined for proper assembly.

    • Verified to CSA/ANSI/CE and UKCA standards - Solus Decor fire pits meet codes set by these international safety organizations.

    Elementi does not provide much information about safety testing for their fire pits. On the other hand, Solus Decor clearly exceeds safety standards based on their trusted industry certifications.

    Winner: Solus Decor - Exceeds certified safety standards for fire pits.

    Customer Reviews and Feedback

    Looking at customer reviews can provide insight into how fire pits hold up over years of real-world use.

    Both Elementi and Solus Decor earn very positive reviews overall. Users praise the quality, look, and performance of fire pits from both brands.

    Specific benefits mentioned for Elementi include their unique, modern designs that make an artistic statement. Owners describe the Elementi fire pits as eye-catching centerpieces.

    For Solus Decor, users tout the large heat output and convenience of the advanced ignition controls. Owners also comment on the excellent customer service from Solus Decor.

    The positive experiences from many satisfied customers confirm the high quality of both Elementi and Solus Decor.

    Winner: Tie - Happy customers recommend both fire pit brands.

    Cost of Elementi vs Solus Decor Fire Pits

    Pricing often comes down to what features you get for your dollar.

    On average, Elementi fire pits cost between $2,600 - $2,800.

    Solus Decor fire pits range from $3,000 - $7,000 on average.

    Solus Decor commands a higher price tag, but their fire pits also offer more robust construction, safety engineering, and advanced technical features.

    Elementi provides an attractive design at a more affordable price point. This makes them a better value for buyers on a budget.

    Winner: Elementi - More budget-friendly cost.

    Optional Accessories

    Elementi and Solus Decor both provide optional accessories to expand the usefulness of their fire pits. Accessories include:

    • Weatherproof covers - Protect the fire pit when not in use.

    • Wind guards - Deflect gusts to keep the fire from blowing out.

    • Tank covers - Discreetly conceal the propane tank.

    The accessory offerings are pretty similar for both brands. The available add-ons allow you to get the most enjoyment from your fire pit.

    Winner: Tie - Nearly identical optional accessories.

    Final Verdict: Elementi vs Solus Decor

    Based on the artistic craftsmanship plus value offered, Elementi comes out as the winner for most buyers. Their dedication to cutting-edge design combined with durable materials gives you incredible style at an accessible cost.

    In the end, deciding between Elementi and Solus Decor comes down to your priorities. Both deliver beautiful, high-quality fire pits that create an inviting fire focal point. Choose the brand that best matches your needs and style preferences. Whichever you select, you can be confident you’re getting a fire pit crafted to last.

    a side by side image of Elementi Lunar Bowl Fire Table and Solus Decor Halo Elevated Fire Pit


    How should I compare products when choosing an outdoor fire pit?

    When comparing products such as the Elementi and Solus Décor outdoor fire pits, you should consider factors such as size and heat output, stylistic elements if you're looking for something visually amazing for your backyard oasis, sturdiness, and of course, pricing.

    Does the outdoor ambiance with the Elementi fire pits differ from the Solus Decor ones?

    Both companies make their products with the intention of enhancing outdoor ambiance. Elementi fire pits often introduce a touch of elegance with modern and sleek designs, while Solus Decor offers a more rustic, homey charm.

    Can I use an outdoor fire product by Elementi or Solus Decor as a centerpiece for my backyard oasis?

    Absolutely, both Elementi and Solus Decor fire pits are designed to be eye-catching, serving as the perfect focal point for your backyard oasis. Whether you choose the sleek Elementi Hampton Fire Table or the rustic Solus Decor pit, both can transform any outdoor space into a welcoming gathering spot.

    What's the maintenance comparison between an Elementi fire pit and a Solus Decor fire pit?

    Both products are designed for easy maintenance. Keep the surfaces clean from dust and debris. Ensure to use the cover provided while the pit is not in use to extend its life. 

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