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Elementi vs The Outdoor Plus - How Do These Premium Fire Pit Brands Compare?

Elementi vs The Outdoor Plus - How Do These Premium Fire Pit Brands Compare?

When comparing premium outdoor fire pit brands, Elementi stands out for its modern, minimalist designs at competitive pricing, while The Outdoor Plus offers higher heat output. However, comparing differences in design, features, customization, and value in detail shows which brand may suit you the best.

Key Takeaways

  • Elementi's contemporary, minimalist designs in geometric shapes stand out with their modern visual appeal.

  • For traditional, rustic looks and the highest heat output (up to 160,000 BTUs), The Outdoor Plus excels.

  • Both brands use premium, durable materials like concrete, natural stone, and weather-resistant metals.

  • Elementi provides great value and customization at lower average prices of $1000-$2000.

a side by side image of the Outdoor Plus Round Cazo Hammered Copper Fire Bowl and Elementi Boulder Fire Table

    Design Options

    In design options, Elementi fire pits stand out for their contemporary, geometric shapes and clean lines. The brand focuses on a modern, minimalist look utilizing strong angles and sleek surfaces.

    The Outdoor Plus offers more traditional, rustic design styles using materials like hammered copper, black steel, and antique bronze. While some models have a contemporary vibe, The Outdoor Plus leans more traditional in shapes and design.

    Winner: Elementi wins for those seeking a contemporary, geometric concrete fire pit with a minimalist, modern appeal. The brand offers a consistent, focused visual style perfect for sleek, contemporary spaces.

    Materials and Durability

    Elementi crafts its fire pits from fiber-reinforced concrete or natural stone. The concrete composite is highly weather-resistant, providing durability and longevity. The natural stone surfaces also hold up well outdoors.

    The Outdoor Plus manufactures its fire pits from materials including glass-fiber reinforced concrete, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and hammered copper. The steel and copper models are given weather-protective finishes to prevent rusting and wear.

    Winner: Tie. Elementi and The Outdoor Plus use premium quality, durable materials ideal for outdoor fire pits. The choice comes down to visual preference for either concrete/stone or metal materials.

    Heat Output and Performance

    The heat output, or BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating indicates how much heat a fire pit produces. More BTUs mean a larger, warmer fire.

    Elementi's original fire pit collection has heat outputs up to 40,000 BTUs. The newer Elementi Plus line offers enhanced performance with BTU levels up to 60,000.

    Models from The Outdoor Plus range from over 50,000 BTUs up to a powerful 160,000 BTUs. Certain custom designs can be even higher.

    Winner: The Outdoor Plus. The 160,000 BTU fire pits create an intensely hot, large flame. Elementi still provides an admirable amount of heat but lower overall BTUs.

    Customization and Options

    Both Elementi and The Outdoor Plus allow some customization of their fire features.

    Elementi lets buyers select the shape, size, surface material, and color to match their specifications. Their custom team works directly with clients on unique designs.

    The Outdoor Plus also provides made-to-order services where customers can customize materials, shapes, accents, fuel types, sizes, and more.

    Winner: Tie. Elementi and The Outdoor Plus both allow detailed customization, with Elementi specializing more in material etchings and engravings.

    Cost and Value Comparison

    Elementi fire pits average around $1000 to $2000. At these prices, Elementi delivers excellent value given its durable concrete materials and meticulous construction.

    The Outdoor Plus fire pits average around $3000. The Round Unity FIRE PIT can cost up to $7,000

    Given the high-quality materials, construction, longevity, and performance, Elementi provides superior value related to their lower $1000-$2000 average cost versus the $3000 average price of Outdoor Plus.

    Winner: Elementi - Elementi's specialized concrete fire pits command justified premium pricing compared to the higher prices of Outdoor Plus.

    For a quick overview of how Elementi and The Outdoor Plus differ in their fire pit offerings, refer to the table below:

    Feature Elementi The Outdoor Plus Verdict
    Design Modern, geometric Traditional, rustic Elementi
    Materials Fiber-reinforced concrete, natural stone Glass fiber reinforced concrete, steel, copper Tie
    Heat Output Up to 60,000 BTUs Up to 160,000 BTUs The Outdoor Plus
    Customization Shape, size, material, color Materials, shapes, sizes, fuel types Tie
    Pricing $1000 - $2000 Around $3000, up to $7000 Elementi


    Overall, Elementi and The Outdoor Plus both provide high-end, durable outdoor fire pit kits using quality materials like concrete, natural stone, and steel. Elementi stands apart with its focused minimalist appeal and affordable pricing. For traditional looks and intense 160,000 BTU heat output, The Outdoor Plus is preferable. Ultimately, buyers should weigh priorities in design, customization, price, and performance to determine the best premium fire pit brand for their needs.

    a side by side image of The Outdoor Plus 27 Round Sedona Hammered Copper Fire Bowl and Elementi Manchester Fire Table


    Are The Outdoor Plus and Elementi fire pits safe for use in my backyard?

    Yes, both The Outdoor Plus and Elementi ensure safety with their outdoor firepit tables. These fire tables come with an ignition system and a burner cover to control and adjust the flames, adding an extra layer of safety. It's always important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for safety measures.

    Can I shop for these fire pits online?

    Yes, you can browse and shop for both The Outdoor Plus and Elementi gas fire pits online. Whether you are looking for an affordable option or a statement piece, the wide selection of propane and natural gas fire pits and tables ensures you’ll find something that suits your needs.

    Are these fire pits suitable for my patio?

    Absolutely! Both The Outdoor Plus and Elementi fire tables blend seamlessly into any outdoor living space. They are lightweight enough to move but sturdy enough to withstand outdoor environments, making them a great accessory for your patio.

    Can fire pits be used all year round?

    Yes, you can enjoy your Outdoor Plus or Elementi fire pit any time of the year. They are designed to add warmth and elegance to your patio or deck, regardless of the season. In the cooler months, they can provide the necessary heat to make your outdoor gatherings comfortable, while in warmer cohorts, they serve as an attractive centerpiece for evening gatherings.

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