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The 6 Best Greenhouse Kits for Gardening Success in Cold Weather

The 6 Best Greenhouse Kits for Gardening Success in Cold Weather

Gardeners in cold climate regions know the challenges of maintaining an active growing season through frigid winters and unpredictable weather. Choosing the right greenhouse for these conditions is crucial to protect your plants. The optimal winter greenhouse needs to balance ample insulation with ventilation, resist heavy snow loads, and make the most of limited winter sunlight.

In this article, we review the top-rated greenhouses for thriving in cold conditions. Here are the best picks for the best overall greenhouse, most durable construction, and maximizing space:

  • Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI - Best Overall
  • Hoklartherm Riga 3S - Most Durable
  • Canopia SanRemo Patio Enclosure - Best for Spacious Outdoor Living
  • Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable - Most Elegant
  • Grandio Elite 8x8 - Best Insulated
  • Outdoor Living Greenhouse with Garden in a Box - Best Budget

1. Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse - Best Overall

an actual image of the Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse VI 23 surrounded by plants

The Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI 34 Greenhouse is the best overall backyard greenhouse for its spacious growing area and rugged durability. With 150 sq.ft., it provides ample room for sowing, tending, and harvesting crops year-round.

This greenhouse features 4mm tempered glass panels that are thicker and stronger than the 3mm glass used by other models. It also has the option of using 10mm triple-layer polycarbonate panels for better insulation in extremely cold climates. The glass is installed as single panes secured by heavy-duty rubber seals instead of flimsy metal clips. This provides superior insulation and strength.

Key Features:

  • Withstands winds of up to 130 MPH and a ground-snow load of 30 PSF
  • Enhanced Insulation with 4 mm Tempered Glass
  • Made with thick, sturdy aluminum framing
  • 10mm polycarbonate panel option
  • Heavy-duty rubber seals around all glass panes provide improved insulation
  • The extra tall design provides more headroom
  • TUV & GS Tested and Approved
  • Customizable Sliding Door Placement
  • Roof Windows with Spindle and Automatic Opener
  • Includes Gutters, Downspouts, and Misting System


  • A sturdy and attractive addition to any yard.
  • Provides a head start on vegetable gardening in cold climates.
  • Well-designed ventilation system with roof and side windows.
  • Well-engineered construction for a durable and long-lasting structure.
  • Thoughtful inclusion of gutters, downspouts, and misting systems for convenience.


  • Assembly instructions may be challenging to follow for some users.
  • Requires a level foundation with anchored corners, which may be a consideration for setup.



Final Verdict:

For backyard gardeners wanting the best overall greenhouse in terms of space and durability, the Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse is it. The exceptionally roomy interior and rock-solid construction make it the ideal choice for climates with harsh winters. The premium glass panels and secure rubber seals provide excellent insulation. The effort of assembly is worthwhile for the quality and performance this top-rated greenhouse provides.

2. Hoklartherm Riga 3S Greenhouse - Most Durable

a product image of the Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouses 3S

The Hoklartherm Riga 3S pairs commercial-grade insulation with German engineering to enable year-round gardening in frigid climates. Its 8mm and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels provide unmatched thermal insulation. This superior glazing makes the Riga a true four-season greenhouse compared to polycarbonate models that only act as season extenders.

With fine-tuned design by industry leader Hoklartherm, the Riga 3S allows home gardeners to grow fresh produce through harsh winters.

Key Features:

  • 81 sq ft growing area
  • 8mm & 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels
  • Automatic roof window opener
  • Large rear wall window
  • 30" x 72" lockable door
  • 7'8" W x 10'6" L x 7'1" H dimensions
  • Designed, and engineered in Germany
  • Manufactured by Hoklartherm with 28 years of greenhouse experience
  • Optional shelving system with removable inserts
  • Optional anchor frame for secure installation


  • Ideal insulation for extremely cold winters
  • Withstands heavy snow and high winds
  • More ventilation than similar models
  • High-quality German-engineered construction


  • The door opening is relatively narrow at 30" wide
  • The shelving system is an extra add-on purchase



Final Verdict:

With double-wall polycarbonate panels thicker than any competitor, the Hoklartherm Riga 3S is the best greenhouse for maximizing growing in frigid climates. The superior insulation keeps plants alive through harsh winters while still allowing ample ventilation. Despite the high upfront investment, the long-lasting durability and year-round growing capabilities make this a worthwhile investment for cold-climate gardeners. For unmatched insulation and build quality, the Riga 3S is the clear choice.

3. Canopia SanRemo Patio Enclosure - Best for Spacious Outdoor Living

a product image of the Canopia SanRemo Patio Enclosure - White

The Canopia SanRemo Patio Enclosure offers an affordable solution for expanding your living space, providing an impressive 140 sq ft addition to your home. It features an aluminum frame coated in an exquisite white powder finish that can endure weather conditions.

The 8mm polycarbonate roof panels are virtually indestructible and tested to resist heavy snow loads up to 30 lbs per square foot. The acrylic wall panels offer glass-like clarity while being impact-resistant. The enclosure is also easy to access through three wide double sliding doors.

Key Features:

  • 140 sq ft spacious extension
  • 8mm dual-wall polycarbonate roof panels block 99.9% UV rays
  • Withstands snow loads up to 30 lbs/sq. ft.
  • Acrylic wall panels are impact-resistant and provide glass-like clarity
  • Maintenance-free white powder-coated aluminum frame
  • 3 lockable double sliding doors for security and easy access
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Spacious addition to outdoor living area
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Crystal-clear views through acrylic walls
  • Easy to access with sliding doors


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Professional installation required



Final Verdict:

The Canopia SanRemo is an excellent choice for cold-weather areas needing a greenhouse or patio enclosure. With robust construction designed to last years, crystal clear views, and easy access, this enclosure enhances your patio experience. The price is on the higher side but backed by a long 10-year warranty. Overall, it's an excellent enclosure that adds value and expands your living space.

4. Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse - Most Elegant

Pristine white Colonial Gable Greenhouse by Little Cottage Company nestled in a lush garden.

The Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for a greenhouse optimized for cold climates. With an abundance of windows, ventilation, and insulation features, this elegantly designed greenhouse creates the perfect growing environment for plants even in frigid temperatures.

This premier Amish-crafted greenhouse includes an array of design features to provide adequate sunlight and protection from the cold. The polycarbonate roofing and numerous safety glass windows allow maximum light for your plants during shorter winter days while preventing heat loss.

Key Features:

  • Polycarbonate roofing to maximize insulation
  • Safety glass windows with screens for ventilation
  • Colonial Dutch door to control airflow
  • Louvers for airflow regulation
  • Available in multiple sizes from 8x6 to 14x20 ft
  • Pre-assembled panelized kit for easy assembly
  • Rot and termite-resistant LP Smartside siding
  • Can be customized with paint colors
  • Anchoring hardware included for extra stability
  • Comprehensive kit with all necessary parts


  • Abundant windows provide sunlight during shorter days
  • Polycarbonate roof and glass windows insulate plants
  • The ventilation system prevents overheating
  • Durable construction withstands snowstorms
  • Amish craftsmanship ensures quality


  • Wall sections are heavy and difficult to move
  • Siding and trim edges are untreated



Final Verdict:

With exceptional insulation properties and features designed to provide sunlight and protection from the elements, the Little Cottage Colonial Gable Greenhouse is ideal for gardeners in cold climates who want to extend their growing season.

5. Grandio Elite 8x8 - Best Insulated

a product image of the Grandio Elite 8×8

The Grandio Elite 8x8 Greenhouse is engineered to perform well in harsh winter climates. With its heavy-duty aluminum frame and 10mm dual-wall polycarbonate panels, it provides excellent insulation and durability for year-round growing.

This barn-style greenhouse has an attractive design and provides plenty of growing space in its 8' x 8' footprint. The 1.6mm aluminum frame is stronger than many competitors' PVC frames and won't warp or crack. The 10mm dual-wall panels have the ideal thickness for winter insulation with an R-value of 1.89.

Key Features:

  • 10mm dual-panels insulate against winter temps
  • Durable aluminum frame won't warp in cold temps
  • Rain gutters and snow load kit
  • Two roof windows for ventilation
  • Gliding doors with nylon wheels and brass bolts
  • Complete accessory kit including plant hangers, drip irrigation
  • Spacious 8' x 8' footprint


  • Excellent insulation for winter growing
  • Attractive barn design with lots of space
  • Comes with handy accessories like plant hangers
  • Doors won't jam due to overhead hanging style


  • Steel base prone to rust over time
  • Reports of missing or damaged parts


$2,399.00 – $2,669.00

Final Verdict:

The Grandio Elite 8x8 is one of the best greenhouses for cold winter climates thanks to its rugged construction and excellent insulation. Its strong aluminum frame and 10mm twin-wall panels can resist harsh cold weather while keeping plants warm. Despite some minor issues with parts and assembly, it's a great option for year-round growing.

6. Outdoor Living Greenhouse with Garden in a Box (6x3) - Best Budget

Garden in a Box 6×3 with Lid / Trellis with plants

The Outdoor Living Today Greenhouse with Garden in a Box is an excellent option for budget-conscious growers looking to grow vegetables and plants in a protective environment. At just 6x3 feet, it provides a compact footprint that can fit on patios, balconies, and small yards. Despite the small size, it offers ample growing space with 20-inch deep beds.

The greenhouse is designed to provide insulation and climate control to protect plants from cold temperatures. It is constructed from durable western red cedar and includes polygal panels on the sides and lid to help retain heat. These insulating panels slide open for ventilation on sunny days. In summer, the panels can be removed to convert the greenhouse into an open garden bed.

Key Features:

  • Made from 1 1/2" thick western red cedar with 1 1/8" boards for durability
  • 6mm polygal panels on sides and lid for insulation and climate control
  • Sliding panels open for ventilation or can be removed in warmer weather
  • Trellis lid converts the greenhouse into an open garden bed
  • 20" deep growing beds provide ample space for vegetables and plants
  • Assembled dimensions of 72" W x 39" D x 33.5" H
  • Easy access with fold-down front fence panels
  • Keeps out pets and critters with 33.5" fencing


  • Compact 6x3 footprint fits on patios and small yards
  • The affordable price point for a greenhouse kit
  • Polygal panels retain heat in cold climates
  • Generous 20-inch deep growing beds
  • Easy-to-access beds with fold-down front panels


  • A large amount of soil is required to fill the deep beds
  • Will weather over time if not properly sealed and maintained



Final Verdict:

Overall, the Outdoor Living Today Greenhouse is an excellent choice for gardeners battling short, cold growing seasons. The insulating polygal panels help protect sensitive plants from frost and cold snaps, allowing you to get a head start on planting. The compact footprint fits small backyards while providing ample seed-starting space. Just be sure to properly seal and maintain the cedar wood. With a little extra care, this convertible greenhouse will extend your growing ability in cold climates for seasons to come.

Janssens Exaco Orangerie Greenhouse with traditional black frame and clear panes, built on a wooden deck next to a pond in a residential backyard.

Key Considerations When Buying a Cold Climate Greenhouse Kit

Investing in a greenhouse for cold weather growing requires careful evaluation of key features to ensure your plants thrive through harsh conditions. Here are the top considerations when choosing the best greenhouse for frigid climates:

Insulation Strength

Focus on thermal properties like glazing material and thickness. Twin or triple-wall polycarbonate panels provide excellent insulation value. Glass alternatives should be tempered for durability. Thicker glazing above 4mm resists temperature extremes.

Ventilation Capabilities

While insulation is crucial, ventilation prevents overheating during sunny days. Look for greenhouses with ample roof vents, windows, and doors that allow airflow regulation.

Storm Resistance

Heavy snow loads and high winds can damage lesser greenhouses. Seek out reinforced metal or aluminum frames rated for wind resistance. Durable seals prevent moisture and pests from entering.

Growing Space Size

Even a mini greenhouse should offer adequate room for starting seedlings and nurturing plants. Consider the square footage needed for your gardening plans.

Temperature Control Features

Heating and cooling equipment tailored for greenhouses protects plants from frost and cold snaps. Automated vents or louvers prevent overheating when sunlight increases temperature.

Easy Access

Choose models with wide doors, folding windows, or sliding panels to simplify watering, weeding, and harvesting your crops. Convenient access prevents trampling your plants.

With attention to insulation, strength, space, and accessories, your greenhouse will promote thriving gardens despite frigid winters and short growing seasons.


Having the right greenhouse can make all the difference for gardeners battling tough winters and short growing seasons. When temperatures dip, your greenhouse acts as a protective shield to keep plants thriving. Models optimized for cold climates allow you to extend the season and grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers long past fall. 

So choose wisely and the investment in the right greenhouse will pay dividends for years to come in fresh produce and beautiful flowers during the coldest months.


What is the benefit of using a winter greenhouse over a traditional greenhouse?

A winter greenhouse or a cold weather greenhouse is designed specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as snow, wind, and extreme climates prevalent during winter months. When compared to a traditional greenhouse, such a quality greenhouse offers better insulation, effective light transmission, and the use of thermal mass to regulate temperatures and keep your plants safe.

How do Riga Greenhouses handle extreme weather in cold climates?

Riga Greenhouses are considered one of the best greenhouse kits available due to their superior weather greenhouse design. They have an extremely heavy-duty frame - often made of galvanized steel, and are designed to resist high winds and heavy snow loads. With their well-thought-out design, these greenhouses can effectively protect your favorite plants even in extreme climates.

Can a lean-to greenhouse endure snowstorms and high wind in a cold climate?

A good quality lean-to greenhouse can endure snowstorms and high winds when it has a sturdy steel frame and is properly secured. With the right design and construction, a lean-to greenhouse can be an excellent choice for those who need a greenhouse in a colder climate, offering both warmth and protection for small plants.

Are wooden greenhouses a good choice for cold climates?

Wooden greenhouses can be an effective choice for colder climates due to their natural insulation properties. They can help to keep the interior warmer than the external environment, offering a good environment for plants. However, they tend to require more maintenance than greenhouses with galvanized steel frames to prevent wood decay and damage from extreme weather conditions.

What is the benefit of a high-quality greenhouse for my growing plants in winter?

A high-quality greenhouse, especially a cold-weather greenhouse kit, enables you to extend your growing season into the winter months. It provides a controlled environment to keep your plants safe from extreme weather, making it easier to grow your favorite plants all year round. Therefore, if you truly want to grow a variety of plants and extend your gardening season, buying a quality greenhouse is a worthwhile investment.

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