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Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse 14' x 29'6"

by Exaco
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Cultivate Successfully in Every Season with the Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouse

Imagine having a space where you can grow your favorite fruits, veggies, and flowers all year round, no matter the weather outside. That's exactly what the Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse offers! This isn't your average greenhouse - it's a gardener's dream come true.

This greenhouse isn't just for growing plants - it's a place to relax, unwind, and connect with nature. Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee surrounded by lush greenery, or hosting a cozy dinner party under the stars. The possibilities are endless!

A large RIGA XL greenhouse with open roof vents stands in a residential backyard, backed by a mountain landscape.

Create a Thriving, Enchanting Garden All Year

  • All-Season Growing: This greenhouse allows you to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers 365 days a year, regardless of the season. Enjoy fresh produce in winter, vibrant blooms in spring, and a lush oasis all summer long.
  • Spacious Interior: Create themed sections, experiment with different plant varieties, and watch your garden flourish.
  • Superior Insulation: Keep your plants cozy in winter and cool in summer. Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations and hello to optimal growing conditions.
  • Automatic Ventilation: They open and close based on the temperature, ensuring your plants get the perfect amount of airflow. You can relax knowing your plants are always comfortable.
  • Secure Design: Protect your precious plants with two lockable barn-style doors. This greenhouse provides peace of mind, so you can focus on nurturing your garden without worrying about unwanted visitors.
  • Enhanced Plant Growth: Create the perfect microclimate for your plants to thrive. The controlled environment allows you to regulate temperature, humidity, and light levels, maximizing your plants' growth potential.
  • Versatile Use: This greenhouse is more than just a place to garden. It's a versatile space that can be used as an extension of your living area, a relaxing retreat, or even a home office with a view. Let your imagination run wild!

Don't let seasons dictate your gardening dreams! With the Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse, enjoy fresh produce all year round, create a lush paradise, and watch your plants thrive like never before. Unleash your inner gardener and transform your backyard today!

Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse closed

Create a Flourishing Environment for Your Plants with a RIGA Greenhouse

Made in Germany Built by Hoklartherm, a company with 28 years of experience in making greenhouses. This ensures you get a top-quality product.
Strong and Durable Known as the toughest greenhouse you can get for under $5,000. It uses strong materials and has secure frame profiles that won't loosen over time.
Superior Ventilation Has better windows and doors for ventilation compared to other greenhouses, which means better airflow for your plants.
High-Quality Glazing Uses high-quality polycarbonate glazing from Germany, which is better than common options like Polygal or GE glazing.
Adaptable Shelving Comes with an optional two-layer shelving system that has removable inserts for tall plants. Also includes a Seedtray/Bench shelf and a strong top shelf for various plant sizes.
Secure Foundation The optional 6-inch high foundation frame can be buried to anchor the greenhouse securely, so you don't have to worry about it moving.
Hoklartherm Riga XL 9 Greenhouse front view

Rest Easy Knowing Your Plants are Safe and Secure with RIGA Greenhouse.

Attractive Design Adds a stylish touch to high-end gardens. It looks good while also being functional.
Top Quality Comparable to well-known car brands like Volkswagen or Volvo, it stands out for its strength, durability, insulation, and extra features.
Good Insulation Provides the right amount of insulation to keep your plants growing all year round without high heating costs.
Flexible Sizes Available in five different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your gardening needs.
Easy Assembly Comes with a DVD and written instructions to help you set it up easily.
Proactive Sizing It's recommended to buy one size larger than you think you'll need to allow for future growth and expansion.
Riga XL 9 14

Specifications of Exaco RIGA 9 Greenhouse

Length 29'6" (8 panels)
Width 14'
Peak Height 9'10"
Area 413 sq. ft.
Doors 2 Barn Style Hinged Door w/Locks
Door Size 37.5" W x 74" H
Windows 8 Roof Vents
Window Openers 8 Automatic (Roof)
Window Size 37.5" W x 39.5" H
Glazing 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate (side walls and gable ends)
Frame 13 gauge aluminum extrusions

Supercharge Your Gardening Experience with Optional Bundled Accessory Kits

Exaco RIGA XL Pro Accessory Kit inclusions

RIGA XL Pro Accessory Kit

Enhance your RIGA XL greenhouse with our optional bundled accessory kits, complete with shelves, LED grow lights, vents, fans, thermostat, heater, seed trays, hooks, and an installation kit.

The optional standard accessories for Exaco RIGA Greenhouses. The kit includes top shelf, bottom shelf and foundation frame.

Standard Accessory Kit

Get a head start with the standard accessory kit, a discounted bundle including a top shelf, bottom shelf (seed tray), and foundation frame base, available for all Riga models at varying prices.

The Exaco RIGA Assembly Facilitation kit contains tools that will make the assembly process go smoothly and correctly.

Assembly Facilitation Kit

Simplify assembly with the RIGA Assembly Facilitation kit, containing a 25' tape measure, 10mm wrenches, ratchet straps, window cables, silicone caulk, and a marker for a seamless setup.

Create A Consistent Growing Condition Throughout the Seasons with These Accessories

Automated aluminum louver Exaco Modern greenhouse vent for temperature and humidity control.

Intake Shutter Vent

Pair this 24-inch Intake Shutter Vent with your RIGA XL Exhaust Fan for optimal plant growth. Designed to work seamlessly with the fan, it brings in fresh air while expelling hot and stagnant air.


Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

The Exaco Solar Powered Exhaust Fan keeps your greenhouse cool with just the sun, and its motor is covered for life.

Exaco Exhaust Fan in white background

Exhaust Vent with Fan

Ensure your RIGA XL greenhouse stays cozy with the convenient 20-inch Exhaust Fan. Simply plug it into a standard outlet and pair it with an optional thermostat to effortlessly regulate the temperature for your plants.

Exaco Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater 110V in white background

Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater

Ensure your plants stay warm and snug in cold weather with this portable greenhouse heater. It's both lightweight and efficient, guaranteeing your plants flourish even in low temperatures.

Exaco Bio Green Thermostat in white background

Bio Green Thermo2 Digital Thermostat

This digital thermostat allows you to set the ideal temperature for your greenhouse, ensuring your plants flourish throughout the year.

The Dayton Big Red Heater on a metal surface, used for Exaco Greenhouses

Dayton Big Red Heater

This powerful 5600W heater can warm up an area of 600 square feet effectively. It has a built-in thermostat for easy temperature control and automatic overheat protection for enhanced safety. With UL and cUL certifications, this heater ensures safety and comes with a special power cord that requires a 240-volt outlet.

Elevate Your Greenhouse Experience with Custom Upgrades

Close up of Exaco Riga greenhouse vent with spindle opener

Additional Roof Vent

The RIGA Automatic Window Opener comes with a detachable arm that can be easily removed in various weather conditions.

Detailed view of a spindle window opener for Exaco greenhouses, featuring diagrams and close-up images of its components including tension springs and adjustment mechanisms

Spindle Roof Opener

The manual roof window opener looks like a big screw and needs a long handle to work, but the handle is not part of the package.

Close up of sash lock for Exaco Greenhouses

Sash Lock

It is recommended to close the roof windows during winter and bad weather. Moreover, the top half door should be shut as well. It is made of strong black plastic.

A close-up of a metal cable wind restraint system securing a greenhouse roof window.

Roof Window Restraints

The kit has two 15-inch stainless steel cables, along with nuts and bolts, to keep auto-openers secure during windy conditions.

Optimize Your RIGA Greenhouse for Maximum Growing Potential.

Close up image of the Exaco RIGA greenhouse top shelf with support

Top Shelf

The top shelf is ideal for your small plants and seedlings to thrive. It is 10 inches wide, providing ample room for growth. Prices and lengths vary depending on the size of the greenhouse.

Top and bottom shelves for Exaco Riga greenhouses with plants on display

Bottom Shelf

Arrange your tools on a lower shelf that measures 25 inches in width. Prices and sizes may differ.

A drop door kit for Exaco RIGA Greenhouse

Drop Door Extension Kit

Greenhouses are raised 20 inches when they are placed on a stem wall. The size of each greenhouse model may vary.

Complete Your RIGA Greenhouse with Essential Finishing Touches

The Riga Greenhouses foundation frame can be installed in a trench without the need for concrete. There are various sizes available, each with its own price. T-bolts are easily inserted into greenhouse profiles and come in sets of 5 with adjustable hooks. The kit for vining plants includes 10 plastic inserts, hooks, and a small stainless steel S-hook. You can easily set it up in greenhouse channels. This kit is ideal for greenhouses measuring up to 20 feet. It includes 5 misters that can be adjusted according to your preference. You can conveniently modify the water flow and shorten the kit as needed.
A solar light is fixed on the greenhouse wall, emitting energy-efficient light to aid plant growth and extend daylight hours. Decide if you want a corded or cordless option and link up to 15 units for big growing spaces. This 4-foot LED grow light bar has the F3 spectrum and 12 waterproof LEDs to improve plant growth. It is strong and includes a 5-year warranty. The sturdy rubber ramp in the greenhouse makes it simple to use a wheelbarrow and is 49cm wide, 31cm long, and 10cm high. We offer a set of 20 bolts and nuts made of stainless steel hammerhead. These are perfect for attaching accessories to aluminum frames. You can choose between 12mm (Victorian) or 15mm (RIGA) lengths.

RIGA XL Greenhouse Overview and Installation Steps Videos

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