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Lifetime Sheds FAQ

Does a Lifetime shed need to be anchored?

Yes, it is recommended to anchor your Lifetime shed to ensure stability and safety. Even if you don't live in a windy area, the amount of items, machines, and storage materials you put in the shed result 

What is the best way to anchor a Lifetime shed?

For 7, 8, and 10 ft-wide models, anchor through the four indentations in the shed floor. For 11 ft. wide models, anchor through the floor brackets attached to each wall support.

What sizes of Lifetime plastic storage sheds are available?

Lifetime plastic sheds come in 4 widths, with only the 11:

  • 7' wide: 7'x7' size with different window/accessory options (not extendable)
  • 8' wide: 8'x2.5', 8'x5', 8'x7', 8'x10', 8'x12', 8'x20'.
  • 10' wide: 10'x8' size with different window/door options (not extendable)
  • 11' wide: 11'x3.5', 11'x11', 11'x13', 11'x16', 11'x18', 11'x21', and only model 60187 is extendable with optional 2.5 ft extension kits.

What is the wind resistance factor for your shed?

Lifetime sheds have a wind speed rating of 70 MPH. An Extreme Weather Kit is available for 8 ft sheds (and a couple of other sizes) with a wind speed rating of up to 118 MPH.

Can I paint a Lifetime shed? Are they paintable?

No, Lifetime sheds cannot be painted. One of the biggest advantages of the polyethylene plastic material from which its constructed is that it does not require painting.

Which side of the shed is the door on?

The doors can either be on the long or short side of the shed. Please be sure to check the specification drawings on our website as they will show you which door the shed is on. If you need help, please call us directly so we can double check this with you before you make your purchase.

Does this shed come with a floor?

Lifetime sheds come with interlocking polyethylene flooring panels. These flooring panels need to be supported underneath by a smooth, level foundation. 

Does the flooring need subflooring beneath it?

You don't need subflooring for the shed, just the foundation.

Can I attach two sheds together?

No, you cannot attach two sheds together because of the design of the roof.

Can I wire the shed for electricity?

Lifetime sheds are not designed to be wired for electricity and any alterations to do so will void the warranty.

Can you send me shed blueprints to submit to my city office to get a building permit?

Blueprints are not available for our storage sheds. Our sheds are assembled using the assembly instructions included in the Owner's Manual. A copy of the Owner's Manual is available through the product listing directly on our website! Shoot us a call if you need help finding the manual.

I built my shed on a flat level platform but the doors do not align. What should I do?

Door alignment instructions are included in the assembly instructions.

Can I put a Lifetime shed on a gravel base?

We do not recommend large gravel as a base for lifetime sheds. Concrete or wooden platform are better.

Need help building your shed?

Each product listing has assembly videos associated with the shed. If you're not sure, please reach out to us at support at or call us and we can shoot you the correct youtube video link!

What accessories are available for the Lifetime storage sheds?

Accessories include 2.5 ft extension kits, 32-inch shelves, 8 ft shelves, shed corner shelves, pegboard with tool hooks, and windows.

Will a Lifetime plastic shed fade in the sun?

Though anything left in the sun will eventually fade, polyethylene plastic sheds have inhibitors to help prevent fading and maintain polymer integrity, ensuring years of color.

How should the concrete surface be prepared for anchoring a Lifetime shed?

If using a concrete foundation, drill holes of the appropriate size for your anchors after assembling the storage shed. A hammer drill or concrete drill bit, which can be bought or rented at a hardware store, is required.

What type of foundation is recommended for Lifetime storage sheds?

Lifetime sheds must be built on a flat, level surface, with a concrete or patio-style surface recommended. Other options include a wood platform made of 2x4 boards and plywood, or a wood frame filled with pea gravel.

What is the warranty for a Lifetime storage shed?

Lifetime plastic storage sheds have a ten-year warranty from the date of original retail purchase for the original purchaser, covering defects in material or workmanship.

How do I file a warranty claim on my Lifetime shed?

In the unlikely event of a claim, consult warranty claim instructions in your owner's manual or visit Lifetime's main Warranty page for instructions.

Are Lifetime Sheds Waterproof?

Yes - all sheds are waterproof if assembled correctly. 

Why Are Lifetime Sheds Out of Stock?

Because they are both a seller and manufacturer with distributors inventory is constantly fluctuating depending on orders and when retailers reserve batches.

Do Lifetime Sheds Need A Foundation?

Yes they do - please see recommended foundations in the previous question.

Can You Insulate a Lifetime Shed?

Yes you can but it's not needed. The shed should stay relatively cool with proper vents installed as part of the wall panels.

Can I put another long shelf on my shed?

We do not recommend adding another long shelf to your shed due to the potential risk of the walls caving in, especially during hot summer weather, when additional weight is applied. Our sheds typically come with one 8 ft shelf that can handle a maximum weight of approximately 50 lbs. Exceeding this weight limit could compromise the stability of the shed's walls and roof. Safety is our top priority, so we encourage you to follow the recommended guidelines for shelving to ensure the longevity and integrity of your shed.

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Christine - September 27, 2023

I don’t know why brought me back to this field I just filled it out but I wanna make sure I get an answer thanks I’m very pleased with my shed. It’s the one that is 8 foot 3” square exterior-but a high-quality high security padlock. It was only $38 but had excellent reviews. However the bar that goes through the holes is too fat so I had to return it. Could you please recommend a high security pad log that is a good price point thanks! I live on the Oregon coast in a small town and I don’t want to have to keep ordering things and having to return them so I would appreciate your help- it is an excellent shed. I’m just hoping when the rain comes that it will be airtight and that I’m going to put up a wind resistant fence on one side facing the lake for a security if need be.-

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