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Memorial Day Sale 5/24-5/29 - Free Gifts/Reduced Prices On the Following Brands: Cal Flame, Duramax, Yardistry, Elementi, Modeno, Outdoor Greatroom, Riverside Shed, Outdoor Living Today, Exaco, Napoleon Grills, Blaze Grills, Paragon Outdoor, Gazebo Penguin.

Duramax Sheds FAQ

Why should you choose a Duramax shed?

DuraMax Building Products is a leading manufacturer specializing in durable and low-maintenance vinyl sheds and fences.

Their products are made from robust materials, including rigid vinyl and steel reinforcement, ensuring longevity and backed by a 15 year warranty for sheds. 

Do Duramax products ship to Canada?

No, unfortunately, we do not ship Duramax products to Canada at the moment.

Can the 4x8 shed be set up on either side of my home?

The 4×8 can be used as a stand-alone unit in the back yard if you want. However, the door only fits on one side and accordingly will open in different directions based on which side of your home you install the shed. Make sure you check the opening direction of the door before purchasing this unit.

Does the shed leak?

The shed will not leak, but after installing the roof you will need to apply silicone along the running edges of the roof ridge caps and around the washers on the roof plugs. To avoid seepage around the bottom of the shed, apply silicone to the outside or inside of the “U” channel that runs along the bottom of the shed.

Do windows come with the shed?

Windows are sold separately. The window lets light into the shed and when slid open provides air circulation.

How many windows can I have per shed?

You can fit at least 2 windows in most sheds. For every middle panel you can have 1 window. (windows do not fit on corner panels)

Does the window fit all the sizes of the shed?

The window will fit all sheds. You need to install the window in a middle panel (not a corner panel). The panel is cut using a jigsaw and the window is placed between the columns. Our windows are sliding windows.

How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly varies depending on the size of the shed, whether you have a foundation, and the number of extensions. Here are some estimates for some of our basic sheds: The 10×8 takes two people 4-5 hours, the 5×3 takes 1 hour, the 4×8 takes 3-4 hours; and the 8×6 takes 2 people 3-4 hours. Your choice of foundation and the number of extensions you wish to add to the shed will add to this.

Do you have a warranty? How long?

We have a 15 Year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects. While the shed will not pit, corrode or yellow, the color may shift slightly based on the intensity of the sun in your area. All parts are covered by our warranty, and any defects will be replaced promptly.

What is your foundation kit for? What is it made of?

If you don’t have a concrete pad, a foundation is needed on which a plywood floor can be laid. We offer a galvanized steel foundation kit that elevates the shed off the ground about 2″. It provides a level structure on which the plywood floor can be laid. It’s a quicker and easier solution than building a wood foundation with 2x4s. (our instructions do show how to build a foundation from 2×4 wood)

Can I build the shed on an existing concrete pad?

Yes, you can build the shed on an existing concrete pad provided it's level.

Do any of the sheds come with a complete floor?

Yes, many of the sheds come with a complete floor that can sit on most surfaces including grass or soil. Some of the ones we have on hand include: 6x6 Storemate, 7x7 Storemax, and 5x5/5x3 Yardmate.

What do I build the shed on?

You need a level flat surface on which you can build the shed. The floor can be a level concrete pad or you can build a floor with one of 2 options: 1) build a foundation with 2×4 wood and lay a plywood floor on top or 2) purchase our ready-to-go foundation kit and lay a plywood floor on top. (we do not supply the plywood floor with the foundation kit)

Can I paint the shed?

We do not recommend painting the shed. If you insist, you should use paint made specifically for PVC. However, the paint will require future maintenance and eliminate the advantages of our durable and maintenance-free vinyl.

Can I tear down the shed and build it again?

You can tear down the shed and build it again. You would need additional plugs, pins, and washers. Contact us to purchase the manufacturer to purchase these parts.

Do we assemble the sheds?

No, we do not assemble the sheds. The customers will assemble the shed. It's very straightforward to assemble the shed and does not require any special tools. Any local handyman can also help you assemble the shed.

Where are the sheds delivered to? Can they be sent to my home?

Yep, all of the sheds go directly to your home right on the curbside in front of your house. Liftgate service is already included in delivery. Please note shipping companies are not allowed to go on private property including your driveway or backyard.

If I want to add shelves what is the best approach?

Depending on the weight you want to place on the shelves, you can either place the shelves on screws mounted straight into the metal columns or for heavier loads, you can build the shelves up from the floor of the shed.

Does it come with the shelves or hanging hooks?

DuraMax offers some small shelf kits but they can also be built from the ground up. Items can also be hung from the column supports however care should be taken not to hang too much weight especially in heavy snow areas.

What are the colors available?

The sheds come in a neutral color that is best described as ivory or eggshell. They also can come in brown and white within the woodbridge series.

What are the advantages of vinyl versus metal?

Vinyl is a durable material that will not rust, rot or dent and never needs painting. It lasts for years. Metal rusts and dents while wood needs repainting and will eventually rot. Vinyl requires no maintenance other than an occasional wipe down. For more details check out our guide on different materials.

What is the shed made of?

The shed walls and roof panels are made from rigid PVC which is totally maintenance-free. Additives are added to ensure the panels will not warp, bend, peel, crack, or yellow under the sun. For strength, the roof and wall panels are reinforced by galvanized, metal profiles.

What sizes do the shed come in?

The shed comes in 4 widths with extendable depths:

  • Woodbridge comes as 10’x8′, 10’x10′, 10’x13’… 8′ wide.
  • Duramate comes as 8’x6′, 8’x8′.. 5′ wide.
  • Yardsaver comes as 5’x3′, 5’x5′, 5’x8’… 4′ wide.
  • Sidemate comes only in a 4’x8′.
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James Robert Schafer Jr - May 1, 2024

what is the height of the sidemate door ?

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