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Timber Stoves vs AZ Patio Heaters - A Detailed Comparison

Timber Stoves vs AZ Patio Heaters - A Detailed Comparison

This guide compares the key differences between Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters to help you choose the best outdoor patio heater. By looking at how sustainable, flexible, and easy to use they are, Timber Stoves are the best overall option as they use renewable wood pellets and are easier to move around and maintain. But AZ Patio Heaters may be better if you need a permanent heater or want one powered by propane or natural gas. Read this article to see which brand fits your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Timber Stoves use sustainable wood pellets while AZ Patio Heaters offer propane, natural gas, and electric models.

  • Timber Stoves are more portable with integrated wheels, while AZ Patio Heaters have both portable and permanent installations.

  • For maintenance, Timber Stoves just need occasional cleaning vs. AZ Patio Heaters require annual inspections.

  • Timber Stoves may be harder to find than the widely distributed AZ Patio Heaters brand.

a side by side image of Timber Stoves Lil Timber and AZ Patio Heaters Commercial Patio Heater in Bronze

    Main Differences Between Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters

    To clarify the distinctions between Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters, the following table presents a concise comparison of their key features, providing a quick reference to aid in making an informed decision:

    Feature Timber Stoves AZ Patio Heaters Winner
    Fuel Type Wood pellets (sustainable) Propane, natural gas, electricity (versatile) Timber Stoves
    Portability Highly portable with wheels Portable and permanent options Timber Stoves
    Maintenance Minimal; occasional cleaning Annual inspections recommended Timber Stoves
    Sustainability Renewable wood pellets Non-renewable fossil fuels (but efficient) Timber Stoves
    Innovative Features Secondary combustion chamber Modern design and control enhancements Timber Stoves

    Now, let's explore the differences in detail:

    Fuel Type

    The first major difference between Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters is the type of fuel they require.

    Timber Stoves rely on compressed wood pellets as fuel. The pellets are made of recycled wood material and sawdust. As an eco-friendly, renewable resource, wood pellets are a sustainable fuel choice.

    AZ Patio Heaters, on the other hand, offer models that run on propane, electricity, or natural gas. This versatility allows consumers to choose the fuel option that best suits their needs and availability. Propane and natural gas heaters still require a non-renewable fossil fuel source.

    Winner: Timber Stoves, for their use of sustainable wood pellets.

    Electricity Requirements

    Timber Stoves are unique in that they do not require any electricity to operate. The wood pellet combustion process generates enough heat and airflow to power the stove.

    Some AZ Patio Heater models run solely on electricity. This gives them the advantage of being usable in areas without ready propane or natural gas access. However, it also means having access to an outdoor electrical outlet. Other AZ Patio Heater models use propane or natural gas without electrical needs.

    Winner: Tie. Timber Stoves avoid the need for electricity altogether, but AZ Patio Heater's range of fuel options provides flexibility.


    Timber Stoves are designed to be easily portable. Most models have wheels integrated into the base, so you can move them around your patio, deck, or campsite with ease. Their compact size also adds to the convenience of transportation.

    AZ Patio Heaters offers both portable and permanent/stationary models. The portable propane and outdoor electric heaters have wheels for maneuverability. The larger natural gas and commercial-grade models are intended for permanent outdoor installation.

    Winner: Timber Stoves, for their emphasis on portability across all models.

    Maintenance Requirements

    One benefit of the Timber Stoves is that they require no professional maintenance or service. Owners simply need to occasionally clean out the burn pot and ash bin. The lack of moving parts means minimal potential repairs.

    In the case of AZ Patio Heaters, with multiple fuel types and some models having electric components, at least annual inspections by certified technicians are likely recommended.

    Winner: Timber Stoves, for their straightforward user maintenance.

    Sustainability of Fuel Sources

    As mentioned earlier, the compressed wood pellet fuel source used in Timber Stoves is renewable and sustainable. The pellets predominantly come from recycled sawdust and waste wood materials.

    AZ Patio Heaters offers propane and natural gas models that rely on non-renewable fossil fuels. However, the brand claims its products are energy efficient and provide responsible warmth.

    Winner: Timber Stoves, based on the renewable nature of their primary fuel type.

    Innovative Features

    Timber Stoves incorporate a secondary combustion chamber that burns leftover particulate matter and gases. This helps improve efficiency and reduce unwanted emissions. Owners note the visual appeal of the secondary flickering flame.

    AZ Patio Heaters products feature thoughtful design upgrades like easier-to-use control panels and more clearly marked ignition mechanisms. The brand focuses on convenience and performance.

    Though both offer innovations, Timber Stoves edge out with their secondary combustion chamber for improved efficiency.

    Winner: Timber Stoves

    Customer Reviews

    Reviews for Timber Stoves' wood pellet patio heaters are overwhelmingly positive. Customers highlight their efficient and eco-friendly heating capabilities. They appreciate the sustainable outdoor warming solution from the renewable fuel source.

    AZ Patio Heaters provides a range of well-performing models according to reviews. But some note issues like difficult assembly.

    Ultimately, Timber Stoves is the winner. Their customer satisfaction is exceptional thanks to the convenient eco-design.

    Winner: Timber Stoves

    Safety Features

    Both brands prioritize safety in their patio heater designs.

    Timber Stoves boast cool-touch external surfaces to prevent burns. They also have overheating shutdown capability for added peace of mind.

    AZ Patio Heaters highlights tip-over protection and anti-tilt features on select models. The inclusion of wheels on most portable heaters boosts stability. Their commercial-grade offerings also meet stringent safety certifications.

    When it comes to safety, both brands appear evenly matched in their commitment to secure and reliable operation.

    Winner: Tie

    Pros and Cons of Timber Stoves


    • Portable design with integrated wheels
    • Use sustainable and renewable wood pellets
    • No electricity is required to operate
    • The lack of moving parts simplifies maintenance
    • No professional maintenance needed
    • Cool-touch exteriors help prevent burns
    • A secondary combustion chamber improves efficiency


    • Wood pellets may be harder to source than propane
    • Lower heat output than large AZ Patio Heaters

    Pros and Cons of AZ Patio Heaters


    • Wide range of fuel options - propane, natural gas, electricity
    • Numerous style choices from portable to permanent
    • Powerful heat output, up to 48,000 BTUs
    • Integrated safety features like auto shut-off
    • Leading market position and distribution network
    • Abundant positive customer reviews


    • Propane and natural gas aren't renewable fuel sources
    • Less emphasis on portability than Timber Stoves
    • More long-term maintenance likely needed on certain models

    Final Recommendations

    • For a portable and eco-friendly heater, Timber Stoves is likely the best option, provided you have easy access to wood pellets.

    • If you want a permanent backyard heater or need to heat very large commercial spaces, AZ Patio Heaters reigns supreme for their variety and strength of models.

    • For small to mid-size residential patios, either brand can be a good choice depending on your fuel availability and style preferences.

    • Timber Stoves brings simplicity and sustainability, while AZ Patio Heaters offers convenience and power.


    To recap, factors like sustainability, portability, and customer satisfaction make Timber Stoves the winning choice for many patio heating needs. Their use of renewable wood pellets in a convenient portable design has clear advantages over AZ Patio Heaters' reliance on fossil fuels.

    a side by side image of AZ Patio Heaters Hammered Bronze Glass Tube Patio Heater and Timber Stoves Lil’ Timber® Patio Heater


    What are the different types of patio heaters and which are the best patio heater options for an outdoor space?

    There are several types of patio heaters to consider for your outdoor space, including gas patio heaters, infrared electric patio heaters, and wood pellet patio heaters. Gas patio heaters use propane and deliver a classic fire pit appearance, while infrared heaters provide reliable radiant heat. Wood pellet patio heaters, like big timber stoves, stand out with their exceptional use of alternative fuel, offering an eco-friendly alternative that also delivers impressive heat. The best depends upon your preferences.

    Do patio heaters have a significant environmental impact?

    The environmental impact of patio heaters varies according to the type of fuel they use. Gas patio heaters that use propane emit CO2, contributing to greenhouse gases. On the other hand, infrared patio heaters use electricity, and depending on your local grid, could come from renewable sources. Wood pellet patio heaters like Timber Stoves present an eco-friendly alternative using wood pellets, a renewable source, which also contributes less towards air pollution compared to propane. 

    How can I ensure safety when using outdoor heaters during cooler weather?

    Regardless of whether you're using a radiant gas patio heater or a big timber stove, safety should always be a priority. Keep the outdoor heater positioned on a stable level ground and a safe distance from flammable objects. Periodically inspect the outdoor heater – gas lines, in the case of propane gas heaters, or pellets and ash buildup, in the case of Timber Stove heaters.

    Do Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters come with warranties?

    This varies depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, most patio heaters, including Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters, generally come with a warranty. It’s always a good idea to confirm the warranty conditions with the manufacturer for your specific model, particularly regarding what repairs or replacements the warranty covers.

    Are any additional features or accessories available for Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters?

    Yes, many Timber Stoves and AZ Patio Heaters have optional accessories available, such as protective covers to shield your heater when not in use. Some models also offer additional features like adaptive heat settings, lightweight and compact designs, and thoughtfully crafted stands for easy mobility. Always confirm with the manufacturer for the availability of such features and accessories.

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