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Bromic Heating vs AZ Patio Heaters: Which is the Better Brand for Outdoor Heating?

Bromic Heating vs AZ Patio Heaters: Which is the Better Brand for Outdoor Heating?

Bromic Heating and AZ Patio Heaters are two popular outdoor heater brands. For those seeking a high-end, impressively engineered patio heater, Bromic Heating is the superior brand compared to the more basic designs from AZ Patio Heaters. This comparison examines the key differences between the two brands.

a side by side image of Bromic Heating and AZ Patio Heaters

Key Differences Between the Brands: Bromic Heating and AZ Patio Heaters

Bromic Heating is a globally recognized brand known for its superior design and high-performance patio heaters. Bromic Heating is especially renowned for its versatile mounting options and heaters engineered specifically for marine applications.

AZ Patio Heaters is a top distributor of patio heaters in an extensive range of styles and sizes. AZ Patio Heaters are efficient and well-suited for nearly any outdoor setting.

Product Types

Bromic Heating offers four collections of heaters with distinct designs and features:

  • Eclipse - 7 unique mounting options including portable
  • Platinum - Gas and electric models
  • Tungsten - Gas and electric models
  • Marine - For marine applications

AZ Patio Heaters has a wide selection of heater styles and sizes:

  • Portable space heaters
  • Tall standard patio heaters
  • Commercial grade for outdoor venues

Fuel Options

Both Bromic Heating and AZ Patio Heaters offer patio heaters powered by:

This allows consumers to choose the fuel option most convenient for their setting.


Bromic Heating is renowned globally for its superior modern designs with curved, sleek architecture.

AZ Patio Heaters offers a range of designs from utilitarian and basic to more elegant and stylish.

Mounting Options

Bromic Heating sets itself apart with seven unique mounting options available through the Eclipse collection:

  • Portable
  • Wall mount
  • Ceiling mount
  • Pole mount
  • Table mount
  • Umbrella mount
  • Corner mount

AZ Patio Heaters offers patio heaters in:

Marine Applications

Bromic Heating designed an entire Marine Collection engineered specifically to withstand ocean air and coastal environments.

AZ Patio Heaters does not currently offer products designed explicitly for boat, marine, or coastal use.

Technical Design Services

Bromic Heating provides a complimentary technical design service to help customers determine the optimal heater specifications and layout for their unique outdoor space.

AZ Patio Heaters does not list specialized design services for customized heater placement.


Bromic Heating patio heaters range from $552 to $2171. Their products are recognized as high-end, premium solutions.

AZ Patio Heaters offers more budget-friendly pricing ranging from $99 to $599. This allows consumers to invest less for basic heating needs.

Bromic Heating Pros and Cons


  • Renowned for superior design
  • Extensive mounting options
  • Marine collection for ocean/coastal areas
  • Complimentary design service
  • Quality craftsmanship

Potential Cons

AZ Patio Heaters Pros and Cons


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Wide selection of styles and sizes
  • A good option for basic heating needs

Potential Cons

  • Less robust, premium designs
  • No marine-specific heaters
  • No custom design services

Comparison Table: Bromic Heating Vs AZ Patio Heaters

Let's dive into a detailed comparison table that highlights the distinct features and offerings of Bromic Heating and AZ Patio Heaters, providing a clear perspective on how these two brands stack up against each other.

Feature Bromic Heating AZ Patio Heaters
Product Types Eclipse, Platinum, Tungsten, Marine Portable, Standard Patio, Commercial Grade
Fuel Options Electricity, Natural Gas, Propane Electricity, Natural Gas, Propane
Design Modern, sleek architecture Ranges from utilitarian to elegant
Mounting Options 7 unique options (Portable, Wall, Ceiling, Pole, Table, Umbrella, Corner) Freestanding, Wall/Ceiling-mounted, Tabletop
Marine Applications Specifically designed Marine Collection None
Pricing $552 - $2171 (Premium) $99 - $599 (Budget-friendly)
Pros Superior design, versatile mounting, Marine collection, design service Affordable, wide selection, basic needs
Potential Cons Higher price, limited freestanding models Less premium design, no marine-specific heaters, no custom design services
an image of the Bromic Heating Tungsten ceiling mounted heater with ceiling lights next to it in a commercial setting

Which Brand is Better for You?

For those seeking a high-end, designer patio heater with versatile mounting capabilities, Bromic Heating is likely the superior brand. The combination of exceptional quality, performance, and aesthetics makes this a leading choice if budget allows.

For consumers that simply need basic, affordable patio heating on a budget, AZ Patio Heaters provide a solid option requiring less investment. The range of sizes, styles, and fuels offers flexibility.

Carefully examining the differences allows customers to determine which brand best aligns with their goals, spaces, and budget constraints when shopping for patio heaters.


What are the installation requirements for Bromic Heating USA and AZ Patio Heaters?

The installation of Bromic Heating USA and AZ Patio Heaters will depend on the specific model, but generally, they require ventilation and have specific clearance requirements to ensure safe and efficient operation. Some may also require unique mounting options. Detailed instructions are provided in each product's installation manual.

What is the Smart-Heat™ Electric feature in some Bromic Heating USA heaters?

The Smart-Heat™ Electric is a unique feature that Bromic Heating USA utilizes in their heaters which combines advanced heating technology with design. It is best known for its ultimate comfort and heat output. Specific models such as the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric and the Platinum Electric incorporate this smart-heat feature.

What is a dimmer controller in the product resources of Bromic Heating USA?

A dimmer controller is an accessory used with Bromic Heating USA heaters to regulate the heat output. This feature adds style, comfort, and efficiency to the heating solution. It allows the heat output to be adjusted according to preference.

Is there a wireless or remote feature available for Bromic Heating USA or AZ Patio Heaters models?

Both Bromic Heating USA and AZ Patio Heaters offer models with wireless or remote features. This adds convenience and allows for easy control of the heaters' functions, including dimming and output regulation.

What do clients say about Bromic Heating USA and AZ Patio Heaters?

Clients typically commend Bromic Heating USA for their design-focused heating solutions that seamlessly compliment their outdoor spaces, while AZ Patio Heaters are often praised for their wide range of durable and reliable products. It is recommended to read reviews and know more about the products on their website.

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