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benefits of having a motorcycle storage shed

Benefits of Having A Motorcycle Storage Shed in Your Backyard

As a motorcycle enthusiast, protecting your beloved bike should be a top priority. Garages often lack sufficient space for both cars and bikes. The solution for many riders is investing in a motorcycle storage shed. These sheds provide weather protection, security from thieves, and the dedicated space your bike needs. Read to learn the key benefits of motorcycle sheds over other storage options.

Key Takeaways 

  • motorcycle shed protects your bike from harsh weather like rain, snow, UV rays, and high winds which can cause rust, faded paint, and corrosion over time.

  • Lockable sheds with alarms and cameras increase security and deter theft significantly compared to exposed parking in a driveway or garage. Out-of-sight storage is a strong theft deterrent.

  • Convenience is a major benefit - sheds allow quick, organized access to your motorcycle and gear without shuffling cars in a cluttered garage.

  • Sheds work well for small properties, apartments, and housemates needing designated parking spots. Unlike garages, sheds fit in compact areas.

an image of two motorcycles inside a shed with tools on the wall and drawers

    6 Benefits of a Motorcycle Storage Shed

    A dedicated motorcycle storage shed provides protection, security, convenience, and visual appeal—all for solid value. Let's explore the benefits of having a motorcycle storage shed in detail.

    1. Protect Your Motorcycle from Harsh Weather

    One of the primary benefits of a motorcycle shed is shielding your bike from rain, snow, UV rays, and other harsh weather. Exposure to the elements can lead to rust, faded paint, corroded chrome, and an overall reduction in your motorcycle's lifespan.

    A quality shed like the Lifetime 10 Ft. X 8 Ft. Shed protects your motorcycle year-round from:

    • Rain and moisture which lead to rust and corrosion.
    • UV damage from the sun that can fade paint and damage motorcycle finishes.
    • Snow, ice, and extreme cold that requires proper storage in winter months.
    • High winds which can topple unprotected bikes.

    Storage sheds allow you to easily roll or ride your motorcycle out of sight and away from the damaging effects of weather. Sheds constructed for bike storage are designed with durable, UV-resistant materials to prevent sun damage. They also provide ventilation to prevent moisture build-up and rust during storage.

    Having a dedicated space to stow your motorcycle ensures your investment is protected no matter what mother nature throws its way. 

    2. Increase Security and Deter Theft

    Another top benefit of bike sheds is increased security and theft prevention. Motorcycles parked in driveways are vulnerable targets for thieves looking for an easy steal. Even keeping them in a garage leaves exposure when the garage door is open.

    A lockable motorcycle shed provides a secure storage solution with features like:

    • Solid, lockable doors to prevent access from intruders.
    • Alarms and cameras can also be added for extra security.
    • Out of sight from the street which serves as a deterrent.

    Storing your motorcycle safely in an enclosed shed provides peace of mind that your bike will be where you left it and not on the back of a thief's truck. For those in apartments or neighborhoods with high crime rates, a storage shed is vital protection.

    So, deter theft and protect your beloved motorcycle by incorporating these security upgrades into your shed:

    Security Upgrade Estimated Cost
    Alarm system $50-$150
    Video camera $50-$300
    Motion sensor lights $30-$50 per light
    GPS tracker $100-$300

    3. Gain Convenience and Organization

    One of the handiest benefits of motorcycle sheds is the convenience they provide. Storing bikes in a cluttered garage often means shuffling vehicles around to gain access. This takes time and energy when you just want to get on your bike and go quickly.

    With a motorcycle-specific shed, you can simply:

    • Roll or ride your bike right into the shed without moving other items.
    • Keep gear and accessories neatly organized in the shed rather than taking up room in the garage.
    • Access your bike anytime without having to unpack or rearrange a garage.

    The right storage shed simplifies access to your motorcycle while keeping related gear organized yet close at hand. No more hunting through piled boxes in the garage for your favorite riding jacket or toolkit.

    4. Add Customization and Visual Appeal

    An often overlooked advantage of motorcycle sheds is being able to customize them to your style. Pre-fabricated sheds can be painted to coordinate with home architecture and décor. Or you can build a custom shed design that becomes a beautiful focal point in your yard or next to your house.

    Storage sheds allow creative options like:

    • Adding paint colors or designs that showcase your personality.
    • Installing interior lighting to highlight your bike at night.
    • Designing a luxury shed with heating and audio-visual systems.

    For motorcycle enthusiasts, a storage shed provides a space to not just protect your ride but also customize a structure uniquely your own.

    5. Increase Overall Property Value

    Investing in a motorcycle-specific shed is a way to add value to your overall property. By constructing an attractive, high-quality shed designed for vehicle storage, you enhance the amenities of your home.

    This added value appeals to:

    • Future buyers who own motorcycles and need storage.
    • Makes your property more marketable with versatile storage options.
    • Increases resale value like any wise improvement.

    The cost to build or purchase a pre-made shed is also far less than an expensive garage addition. Yet it provides specialized space for your needs.

    6. Ideal for Small Properties and Shared Parking

    Finding adequate parking can be difficult for city dwellers and those with compact properties. This makes motorcycle sheds a perfect solution when space is limited.

    Unlike garage additions, storage sheds are:

    • Allowed in apartment and condo communities.
    • Can fit in small side and back yards.
    • Don't require pouring new concrete slabs.

    Sheds also create designated parking in shared living situations. Multiple housemates can each store their bikes securely without juggling space inside a cramped garage.

    When sizing your shed, factor in proper clearances for easy access. Here are the estimated dimensions:

    Motorcycle Type Width Depth
    Cruiser 8 ft 6 ft
    Sportbike 6 ft 6 ft
    Dirt bike 6 ft 8 ft
    3+ motorbikes 10 ft 10 ft
    two motorcycles inside an anthracite colored shed

    Conclusion - Buy A Motorcycle Shed 

    Motorcycle sheds are available in many styles and sizes to fit your space. Take time to find the perfect shed solution for your motorbikes. With the right choice, the bike will be protected from the weather, securely locked, and possibly add property value to your house! Invest in a shed and experience the peace of mind it brings!


    What are the different types of motorcycle storage solutions available to choose from?

    There are many types of motorcycle storage solutions available on the market. The right motorcycle shed for you will largely depend on your personal needs in relation to size, security, and location. Whether you’re looking for a simple motorcycle cover or a more robust and permanent motorcycle storage solution, options can be found to suit every need and budget.

    What is a motorcycle shelter and how does it differ from other types of motorcycle storage options?

    A motorcycle shelter is typically an open structure designed to cover and protect a motorcycle, rather than a fully enclosed space like a garage or motorcycle storage unit. This makes them easy to install and move, but potentially less secure than more permanent motorcycle storage options. 

    What should I consider when choosing the right motorcycle shed for my bike?

    Choosing the right motorcycle shed depends on several factors like the size shed needed to store your motorcycle properly, the weather conditions in your region, your budget, and the level of access you desire. A good storage solution should be designed to accommodate your specific bike model, should provide a sufficient level of protection, and be in line with your budget.

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