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2MamaBees vs Gorilla Playsets: A Detailed Comparison

2MamaBees vs Gorilla Playsets: A Detailed Comparison

Choosing between 2MamaBees and Gorilla Playsets requires weighing key factors. Gorilla offers more options, lower prices, and durability. But 2MamaBees can be worth the premium investment due to their handcrafted sets. However, the right pick depends on your priorities. This comparison details the brands' differences so you can determine which truly fits your family best.

Key Takeaways

  • Gorilla Playsets offers a wider variety of playsets at more affordable prices compared to 2MamaBees.

  • 2MamaBees playsets stand out for their handcrafted, customized details while Gorilla prioritizes safety and durability.

  • Gorilla has achieved stronger mainstream brand awareness while 2MamaBees appeals to a niche audience.

  • For most buyers, Gorilla is the better choice thanks to their selection, prices, quality, and brand reputation. But 2MamaBees offers rare artisanal charm.

a product image of the 2MamaBees Reign Two Story Playhouse on a garden space with trees in the background

    2MamaBees vs Gorilla Playsets

    2MamaBees is a small business founded by two mothers who handcraft playhouses and furniture with a farmhouse appeal. The products are made with a lot of love and are valued for their unique, quality craftsmanship.

    Gorilla Playsets, on the other hand, is an established company that has been in the playset business since 1993. They offer a wide range of products including swing sets, playsets, and accessories that are designed to be safe, innovative, and sturdy.

    Both brands aim to create high-quality outdoor playsets that bring joy to families but cater to different market segments.

    For a clearer understanding of how 2MamaBees and Gorilla Playsets stack up against each other, here's a comprehensive comparison table highlighting their key differences.

    Feature 2MamaBees Gorilla Playsets Winner
    Founding Story Small business, handcrafted charm Established company; since 1993, industry experience Tie
    Product Variety Limited to playhouses and furniture Extensive range including over 90 designs Gorilla Playsets
    Quality & Construction Handcrafted, unique Safety-focused, durable Tie
    Value Proposition Unique, charming handcraft High-quality, easy assembly, affordability Tie
    Pricing High (e.g., $4,000 for a playset) More affordable (from $300 to $5,000+) Gorilla Playsets
    Customer Feedback Praised for craftsmanship and charm Known for durability and safety Tie
    Market Positioning Appeals to a niche market for handcrafted charm Broad appeal, well-known in the mainstream market Gorilla Playsets

    Now let's explore the brands' differences in detail:

    The Roots of Each Brand

    • 2MamaBees was started more recently in the founders' own backyards, keeping with the small business origins story.
    • Having been around since 1993, Gorilla Playsets has over 25 years of experience in the playset industry.

    Winner: Tie - Both brands have their own unique founding stories that appeal in different ways. For 2MamaBees, the small business startup origins help reinforce their handcrafted image. Gorilla Playsets' long history provides credibility as an established company.

    Playset Offerings and Variety

    • 2MamaBees focuses specifically on playhouses and complementary furniture. They offer cottage-style and larger two-story playhouses.

    • Gorilla Playsets has extensive variety with over 90 playset designs including swing sets, space-saver sets, all-in-one combo sets, and accessories—far more size and design options.

    Winner: Gorilla Playsets - Gorilla Playsets dominates when it comes to the range of playset selections available. 2MamaBees has a narrower product line focused on their signature playhouses.

    Quality and Construction

    • 2MamaBees playsets stand out for their handcrafted detail, uniqueness, and charm. Made carefully with love.

    • Gorilla Playsets are designed for safety, durability, and longevity. Sturdy and well-constructed from quality materials.

    Winner: Tie - Both brands prioritize quality construction but in different ways. 2MamaBees via custom handiwork and Gorilla through innovative safety-focused designs.

    Value Propositions

    • The key value proposition of 2MamaBees is providing unique, handcrafted playsets and furniture full of charm.

    • Gorilla Playsets differentiates itself by offering high-quality components, clear easy assembly, and affordability considering the products offered.

    Winner: Tie - Again, both brands deliver value in different ways. 2MamaBees is ideal for customers focused on unique charm, while Gorilla appeals to buyers wanting convenience, ease of assembly, and price for quality.

    Pricing and Affordability

    • 2MamaBees' Reign Two-Story Playset costs around $3,899 and the Reign Swing set attachment costs $675.

    • Gorilla Playsets range from $300 for a basic swing set up to around $5,000+ for large deluxe playset packages.

    Winner: Gorilla Playsets - When comparing prices for similar-sized playsets, Gorilla Playsets generally offers more affordable pricing. 2MamaBees commands higher pricing for their handcrafted products. 

    Customer Feedback and Reviews

    • Reviews for 2MamaBees constantly praise their products for their high-quality craftsmanship and charming details. Customers love the handmade touches.

    • Gorilla Playsets earn consistent positive feedback for being sturdy and durable, providing safety and longevity. Customers say they are worth the investment.

    Winner: Tie - Both brands receive stellar reviews that highlight their respective strengths. 2MamaBees for charm and Gorilla for safety. This again depends on the priorities of each customer.

    Market Positioning

    • 2MamaBees appeals to a smaller niche of parents focused on rare handcrafted charm and customization.

    • Gorilla Playsets has greater mass market appeal with their wide selection of playsets at various price points. They are a household name.

    Winner: Gorilla - While both aim to foster fun and family memories, Gorilla Playsets has achieved a strong market position and broad awareness that 2MamaBees has yet to match. Gorilla's variety and affordability allow them to appeal to the mainstream audience looking for playsets. Their market positioning is a competitive advantage.

    Gorilla Pioneer Peak Swing Set in an outdoor setting with kids

    Strengths of Each Brand

    • For 2MamaBees, their custom handcrafted products made with care are a definite strength. Each playset or furniture piece is unique.

    • Gorilla Playsets shines when it comes to their safety features, sturdy quality construction, and extensive product selection.

    Both companies excel in differing areas. 2MamaBees offers artisanal charm, while Gorilla provides safety and an abundance of options.

    Weaknesses of Each Brand

    • 2MamaBees offers a limited number of products being a small business.

    • For Gorilla Playsets, a potential weakness could be the use of chemically treated wood in their construction. While this treatment enhances the durability of the playsets, it might not appeal to customers who prefer playsets made from all-natural, untreated wood. 


    While Gorilla Playsets is likely the best fit for most buyers, parents seeking handcrafted uniqueness should give 2MamaBees thoughtful consideration. Their playsets offer a level of quality and customization difficult to match, created with care by two loving mothers.

    So for families where craftsmanship is a priority over affordability, 2MamaBees creates playsets that become treasured backyard fixtures for years to come. In the end, if your goal is to wow your children with a playset as special as they are, 2MamaBees is the right brand for you.

    front and side angle of Reign Two Story Playhouse in white background


    Which backyard swing set brand is right for my child?

    It depends on factors like age, height, and play preferences of your child, and the size of your backyard. Both 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets offer swing sets and playsets ideal for children of varying ages. It is recommended to check the specifications of each model online before making a purchase.

    Do all 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets swing sets include monkey bars?

    Not all outdoor swing sets from these brands include monkey bars. The features of the swing set can vary depending on the model. It's best to check the product description or to contact customer service online for specific details about individual playground sets.

    Can I assemble the swing sets from 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets myself?

    Yes, both 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets are designed for DIY assembly. They come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary hardware. However, keep in mind that building a playground set is time-consuming and usually requires at least two people.

    What safety features do backyard swing sets from 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets have?

    Both brands prioritize safety in their designs. Most sets include safety handles, non-slip steps, sturdy swing chains, and sandbox covers. Moreover, their wooden components are typically made of cedar, which is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. However, an adult should always supervise children during playtime to ensure safety.

    Do the 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets swing sets come with a clubhouse?

    Some, but not all, of the playground sets from these brands include a clubhouse. This feature creates a social space for children during playtime. If your little ones like having a private space to create their imaginary world, choose a model that includes a clubhouse.

    Is there a warranty on 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets swing sets?

    Yes, both 2mamabees and Gorilla Playsets offer warranties on their sets. The warranty period and what's covered can vary, so it's best to check the specifics with the supplier for the model you are interested in.

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