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7 Best Garage Heaters of 2023

7 Best Garage Heaters of 2023 - Find the best heater for a detached garage

Keeping your garage warm during cold weather is crucial to being able to use the space year-round. The right garage heater can go a long way in making your garage cozy and comfortable. When shopping for a garage heater, it's important to consider the size of your garage, available power sources, and the types of heaters that will best suit your needs.

This article reviews the top garage heaters on the market in 2023 based on power, performance, and features. It covers different types of garage heaters like forced air, infrared, propane, natural gas, and electric to help you find the perfect heater for your garage. Models reviewed include:

  • Bronze Tall Outdoor Patio Heater - Best Overall Patio Heater
  • Stainless Steel Quartz Tube Propane Patio Heater - Best for Large Outdoor Spaces
  • Bromic Heating Eclipse Smart-Heat Heater - Most Premium
  • Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Gas Patio Heater - Best Mid-Range Gas Patio Heater
  • Atomi Smart 1500W WiFi Portable Electric Space Heater - Best Smart Heater
  • Big Timber Elite® Patio Heater - The Ultimate Heating Solution
  • Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage - Best for Large Spaces

Whether you need to heat a small single-car garage or a large three-car garage, this review includes top-rated garage heaters to consider this year. Read on for an in-depth look at each heater's standout features, pros, and cons to help you keep your garage warm.

1. Big Timber Elite® Patio Heater - The Ultimate Heating Solution

Timber Stoves Big Timber Elite® Patio Heater

The Big Timber Elite® Patio Heater is an excellent option for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience with powerful and stylish heating. Utilizing real wood fire, this patio heater generates up to 90,000 BTUs of heat and can warm areas up to 450 sq ft, outperforming typical propane heaters.

The sleek all-stainless steel exterior not only looks elegant but also ensures durability. It comes with a 20 lb hopper capacity and a temperature control dial to easily adjust heat output. This environmentally-friendly pellet heater produces virtually no smoke, making it safer and healthier to use.

Key Features

  • 90,000 BTU output for heating areas up to 450 sq ft
  • 100% stainless steel construction for elegance and durability
  • Large 20 lb pellet hopper for longer burn times up to 2 hours
  • Temperature control dial allows easy adjustment of heat
  • Enclosed flame design for safety
  • Made in the USA with a 2-year warranty


  • Powerful heating that outperforms propane heaters
  • Large heating coverage up to 450 sq ft
  • Cost-effective as pellets are cheaper than propane
  • Temperature control for adjusting heat as needed
  • Virtually smoke-free for cleaner operation
  • Elegant and durable stainless steel design


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Safety cage can block some heat



Final Verdict

With its excellent heating power, wide-coverage, elegant design, and eco-friendly operation, the Big Timber Elite® Pellet Patio Heater is a top-notch option for enhancing any outdoor space. It provides cozy warmth for gathering with family and friends, even on chilly nights. The real wood fire ambiance is far superior to traditional propane models. Despite some minor drawbacks like tricky assembly, the overall quality and performance make this an excellent value purchase. For anyone seeking a powerful and stylish pellet patio heater, the Big Timber Elite is a great choice.

2. Bronze Tall Outdoor Patio Heater with Table - Best Overall Patio Heater

AZ Patio Heaters 87 Inch 48000 Btu Hammerhead Bronze Tall Outdoor Patio Heater with Table HLDS01-CG - Backyard Oasis

This dark brown patio heater is an excellent option for heating outdoor spaces up to 15 feet in diameter. It has a sturdy steel construction with an attractive resin wicker base that matches any decor. The heavy-duty build ensures it will last for years.

The 48,000 BTU burner provides powerful heat output. It runs on a standard 20 lb propane tank that tucks away neatly in the base.

Key Features

  • 87” tall with a hammered bronze finish
  • Convenient tabletop
  • 48,000 BTU heat output
  • 15’ heating diameter
  • Variable temperature control
  • Thermocouple and anti-tilt safety devices
  • Heavy-duty wheels for mobility
  • CSA approved


  • Powerful enough for large patios
  • Attractive design fits any style
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Mobility for moving around the patio


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Needs propane tank (not included)



Final Verdict

This patio heater is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, high-powered option to comfortably heat their outdoor living space. The stylish design and adjustable features make it a great value.

3. Stainless Steel Quartz Tube Propane Patio Heater - Best for Large Outdoor Spaces

Patio Heaters Commercial Stainless Steel Quartz Tube Propane Patio Heater HLDS01-CGTSS - Backyard Oasis

The Stainless Steel Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater is perfect for keeping large outdoor areas warm during cold weather. With its tall and slim design, this propane patio heater can heat spaces up to 10 feet in diameter.

This heater stands an impressive 94 inches tall and features a single-piece quartz glass tube that houses the flame. It has a maximum heat output of 38,000 BTUs that helps warm up even the coldest patios. The contemporary style with glass and metal accents gives this patio heater a stylish look.

Key Features:

  • 38,000 BTU heat output
  • 94-inch tall design
  • Wheels for mobility
  • Quartz glass flame tube
  • Stainless steel body
  • 10-foot heating diameter
  • Propane fuel


  • Heats large outdoor spaces
  • High heat output
  • Attractive contemporary design
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Portable with wheels


  • Very tall and may tip in the wind
  • Not enough warmth near the bottom



Final Verdict:

The Stainless Steel Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater is an excellent choice for heating expansive outdoor areas like restaurants and bars. With its powerful 38,000 BTU output, this visually appealing heater can make a chilly patio or deck comfortable even on cold winter nights. Just be aware that most of the heat is concentrated near the top.

4. Bromic Heating Eclipse Smart-Heat Heater - Most Premium

Bromic Heating - BH0820001-1 - Eclipse Smart-Heat - 2900 Watt Electric Portable Freestanding Heater and Light With Dimmer Control

For homeowners looking to heat their garage space effectively, the Bromic Heating Eclipse Smart-Heat Heater stands out as one of the most premium garage heaters available. With its intelligent design and infrared heating technology, this electric garage heater provides customized warmth right where you need it.

The freestanding Eclipse heater utilizes infrared heat to directly warm people and objects. This type of radiant heater doesn't just heat the air like a forced air heater but instead delivers targeted heat. The 2900W power provides efficient electric heating capacity to keep a garage comfortably warm.

Built with durability in mind, the corrosion-resistant steel construction and safety features like tip-over auto shutoff allow this portable garage heater to withstand the demands of workshop settings. The smart controls and dimmable LED lighting make this an ideal heater for both DIY projects and garage gatherings.

Key Features

  • Infrared radiant heating directly warms people and objects
  • 2900W power for efficient electric heat output
  • Durable steel construction built for garage use
  • Portable design with wheels to move around
  • Smart controls to customize heat and lighting
  • Safety features like auto shutoff prevent accidents


  • Provides targeted warmth right where needed
  • Doesn't just heat the air but objects too
  • Sturdy construction for garage environments
  • Powerful electric heating capacity
  • Portable and flexible around the garage
  • Prevents hazards with auto shutoff


  • Cord length may require an outdoor outlet
  • Higher price than more basic forced-air heaters



Final Verdict

For DIYers and hobbyists needing to comfortably heat their garage workshop, the Bromic Heating Eclipse Smart-Heat Heater is a top choice. This infrared electric garage heater delivers radiant warmth exactly where required to keep your space usable year-round. The smart controls allow customized heating while the durable construction can withstand garage use. Despite the higher cost, the radiant heating technology and robust quality make this one of the best garage heaters available today.

5. Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Gas Patio Heater - Best Mid-Range Gas Patio Heater

Bromic Heating - BH0110003-1 - Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Gas Patio Heater - Backyard Oasis

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Gas Patio Heater is an efficient and modern-looking gas heater to extend your outdoor living. Its distinct brushed stainless steel accents and translucent ceramic glass medium drive heat efficiently while protecting from wind and rain.

Operating on propane or natural gas, it generates more warmth than electric heaters. The ceramic glass emits a soft glow to enhance ambiance without overpowering outdoor lighting. An optional wireless on/off remote allows controlling power output and timer.

Key Features:

  • 39,800 BTUs of heating power
  • Wind resistant up to 11 mph
  • Splash-resistant tempered ceramic glass
  • Floor or ceiling adjustable mount
  • Optional wireless on/off remote
  • Liquid propane or natural gas-compatible


  • Powerful mid-range heating capacity
  • Attractive modern design
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Remote on/off control capabilities


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Ceramic glass is prone to cracking



Final Verdict:

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Gas Patio Heater is an excellent mid-range capacity propane/natural gas heater with a stylish look. Its ceramic glass enhances ambiance while protecting from wind and rain. The wireless remote and adjustable mount add convenience. Though expensive upfront, it's a durable and efficient option to comfortably extend outdoor time in cool weather. The ceramic glass requires care to prevent cracking. Overall, it's a top-choice gas patio heater with the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, and heating power.

6. Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage - Best for Large Spaces

The Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater is an ideal choice for heating large, drafty spaces like garages and warehouses. With 5000 watts of heating power, this electric heater can easily warm spaces up to 400 square feet.

The FUH heater has adjustable louvers so you can direct heat where you need it most. It also includes a ceiling mounting bracket for convenient installation. The built-in thermostat allows you to customize the temperature from 45 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

This garage heater is compatible with both 240 and 208-volt electrical systems. It's designed for longevity with its durable steel construction. Overall, the Fahrenheat FUH heater delivers powerful, customizable heating for large spaces.

Key Features

  • Coverage area up to 400 sq ft
  • Built-in thermostat adjusts from 45°F to 135°F
  • Compatible with 240V and 208V electrical systems
  • Ceiling mounting bracket for vertical/horizontal installation
  • Adjustable louvers to direct heat
  • 5000W heating power
  • Durable steel construction


  • Heats up large spaces effectively
  • Fully customizable heat direction and temperature
  • Easy to install on ceiling
  • Good value for a powerful 5000W heater
  • Sturdy and durable for long-term use


  • Can be noisy when running
  • Temperature dial lacks specific degree markings
  • Some users received units with missing hardware



Final Verdict

The Fahrenheat FUH Electric Garage Heater is a great option for heating large spaces like garages and warehouses. It delivers an impressive 5000 watts of heating power and includes handy adjustability features. The thermostat and louvers allow you to fully customize where and how much heat is produced. Despite some quality control issues reported by users, the FUH heater provides excellent performance for the price. Just make sure to inspect your unit thoroughly upon arrival. Overall, it's a worthwhile investment for conveniently heating large drafty spaces.

7. Atomi Smart 1500W WiFi Portable Electric Space Heater - Best Smart Heater

The Atomi Smart 1500W WiFi Portable Electric Space Heater is a smart, voice-activated portable heater that allows you to control the temperature from anywhere through the Atomi Smart app or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. With WiFi and voice control capabilities, this heater aims to make indoor heating efficient, customized, and hassle-free.

It uses efficient ceramic heating technology to quickly heat up medium-sized rooms up to 216 sq. ft. The smart functionality allows you to turn the heater on and off, customize schedules, and adjust temperature settings remotely. Safety features like tip-over protection, overheat protection, and cool-touch exterior ensure safe operation.

Key Features

  • WiFi enabled and works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Oscillating base for wide-angle heat distribution
  • Eco mode adjusts power for energy efficiency
  • Remote access and scheduling through an app
  • Built-in safety features like tip-over shut-off


  • Easy setup and connectivity
  • Quiet operation
  • Effective at heating small to medium rooms
  • Energy-saving Eco mode
  • Customizable scheduling for convenience
  • Tip-over auto shut-off improves safety


  • Doesn't work with 5GHz WiFi
  • Thermostat readings may be inaccurate
  • Struggles to heat large rooms



Final Verdict

The Atomi Smart 1500W Portable Electric Space Heater is a high-quality smart heater ideal for heating small to medium-sized rooms. The WiFi connectivity and voice control offer convenience and customization. Safety features like tip-over auto shut-off and overheat protection give peace of mind. While it may not be suitable for large spaces, overall this is an excellent option if you want a portable, energy-efficient, smart space heater.


Having the proper garage heater can make a cold, drafty garage much more comfortable to work in during winter. Carefully consider the size of your garage, available power sources, and the type of heating needed when purchasing a garage heater. Propane and natural gas garage heaters are popular choices that don't require running new electrical lines. Any of the high-quality garage heaters reviewed here will go a long way in keeping your garage warm and usable year-round.


How does an infrared garage heater work?

An infrared garage heater works by using a heating element to emit infrared light. This light isn't visible because it's beyond the spectrum we can see. This unseen light gets absorbed by our skin, clothes, and other objects, which warms up the entire place instead of heating the air. It's a much more efficient way to warm an entire garage.

Are natural gas garage heaters a better choice than electric heaters?

It depends on your specific needs and setup. Natural gas heaters are an excellent choice for larger, well-insulated garages, as they can warm an entire garage efficiently. However, they require professional installation. Electric heaters, on the other hand, are easier to install and perfect for smaller garages or those who use their garage infrequently.

How do I ensure my garage is warm during the winter?

Good insulation is the most effective way to ensure your garage is warm during the winter. No matter how good your garage heater is, without proper insulation, the heat will quickly escape. The second most important factor is owning a top-quality heater that fits the specifications of your garage closely.

How do I choose the best garage heater?

When shopping for a garage heater, consider your garage's size, whether your garage is insulated, your budget, and the type of heater that suits your preferences (natural gas, electric, infrared). Also, look for a heater that has safety features and positive reviews.

What is a Heat Storm?

Heat Storm is a well-known brand in garage heating systems. They are known for their reliable, efficient, and high-quality infrared portable space heaters which keep garages warm and toasty throughout the year.

Are kerosene garage heaters safe?

Kerosene heaters are safe if used properly. They must be used in well-ventilated areas to prevent the build-up of harmful fumes. It's always necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using them.

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