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Best Fire Bowl and Water Features for Your Backyard Pool

Best Fire Bowl and Water Features for Your Backyard Pool

Fire and water features make charming additions for evening backyard gatherings. For poolside areas, integrating tranquil water features with fire takes the design even further. Water and fire bowl combos become elegant focal points for entertaining. They add beauty while upgrading the space for more memorable nights poolside.

This article compares several top-rated fire and water bowls for poolside areas. We'll be looking at:

  • Square Maya Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl - Best Overall
  • Slick Rock Concrete 29" Square Cascade Water & Fire Bowl - Most Elegant
  • Round Sedona Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl - Most Durable
  • TOP FIRES AVALON Concrete Water and Fire Bowl - Best Modern Style

These stylish yet functional fire bowls can instantly upgrade any poolscape with cozy flames and tranquil water features. Read to discover which option might best suit your poolside.

Square Maya Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl - Best Overall

Square Maya fire bowl in hammered copper with water spill feature and glowing flames, ideal for contemporary outdoor decor.

The Outdoor Plus Square Maya Hammered Copper Water & Fire Bowl stands as the best overall pool fire bowl. Its hand-hammered copper exterior develops a beautiful patina over time. Moreover, the sturdy 304 stainless steel fire pan and burner offer durability for long-lasting use.

This fire bowl features versatile ignition options to suit different preferences, from match-lit to electronic ignition. It can be used commercially or residentially to elevate any outdoor space with flames flickering over water.

Key Features:

  • Hand Hammered Copper Exterior develops a natural patina over time
  • Includes 304 Stainless Steel Pan & Burner 
  • It can withstand high heat and resists corrosion
  • Match Lit or Electronic Ignition options included
  • 3 Size Options allows customizable for any space


  • Durable stainless steel materials resist weathering and corrosion
  • Natural patina develops rich hues over time, adding character
  • Flexible ignition options from match lighting to electronic
  • Low-voltage electronic ignition is CSA-certified for safety


  • Copper requires more regular maintenance to retain the shine
  • Natural patina results can vary



Final Verdict:

The Outdoor Plus Square Maya Hammered Copper Water and Fire Bowl makes a stunning addition to any poolside area with its handcrafted elegance and durable materials built to last. If the premium price fits your budget, this is an excellent fire bowl that develops a stunning natural patina over time. The safety and versatility of its ignition system combined with a choice of sizes make it a worthy investment to enhance your outdoor living space for years to come.

Slick Rock Concrete 29" Square Cascade Water & Fire Bowl - Most Elegant

product image of Slick Rock Concrete 29" Square Cascade Water & Fire Bowl

The Slick Rock Concrete 29" Square Cascade Water & Fire Bowl takes poolside fire features to a luxurious new level with its creative combination of flickering flames and cascading water. This gorgeous centerpiece boasts durable concrete construction paired with copper or stainless steel metal scupper accents for optimal longevity. As an elegant testament to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, the Slick Rock Cascade Water & Fire Bowl instantly elevates any poolscape.

Key Features:

  • The fire and water display creates a mesmerizing focal point
  • Clever plumbing keeps the interior dry for electric or match-lit fires
  • Durable concrete bowl with copper/stainless steel scupper accent
  • Enhances ambiance and upgrades outdoor aesthetics
  • available in custom shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes


  • Captivating fire and water display
  • Smart plumbing allows for safe fire pit functionality
  • High-end concrete construction promises longevity
  • A statement piece that instantly elevates poolside style


  • Very high price tag
  • Limited sizing and color options



Final Verdict:

The Slick Rock Concrete 29" Square Fire and Water Bowl brings showstopping elegance and luxury to any poolside setting with its creative merging of fire and water. While the nearly $5,000 price tag is quite steep, the unmatched artistry and quality of this statement piece help justify costs for buyers seeking a striking focal point. As long as your budget allows, it's an unforgettable way to instantly upgrade backyard aesthetics.

Round Sedona Hammered Copper Water & Fire Bowl - Most Durable

27" Round Sedona Hammered Copper Fire & Water Bowl, with fire and water, in white background

As the most durable option for fire bowls, the Round Sedona Hammered Copper Water & Fire Bowl makes a striking and long-lasting backyard upgrade. The weather-resistant copper body develops a unique patina over time instead of corroding.

Integrating fires and water features, this innovatively designed fire bowl delivers lasting performance and appeal. The hammered copper finish stands out while resisting rain, sun exposure, and temperature fluctuations. Match lit or electronic ignition provides flexible LP or NG fueling.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted in the USA for quality and uniqueness
  • Solid copper body built for durability outdoors
  • 45,000 BTU stainless steel burners, amplify flames
  • 8” copper spillway for tranquil water flows
  • Match lit or electronic ignition, NG or LP


  • Handmade copper design built to last
  • Forms distinctive patina over time
  • Withstands sun, rain, temps without corrosion
  • Innovative fire and water bowl combo


  • Plain hammered finish lacks style varieties



Final Verdict:

The Round Sedona Water and Fire Bowl is the most durable option for a backyard centerpiece. Handcrafted from solid copper, the bowl withstands outdoor conditions for years without corrosion. Combined with ample 45,000 BTU heat output and tranquil water flows, this innovative bowl delivers lasting performance despite the premium investment. Choose this made-in-USA showpiece when longevity is the priority.

TOP FIRES AVALON Concrete Water and Fire Bowl - Best Modern Style

With its gorgeous tapered square design and variety of color options, the TOP FIRES Avalon Concrete Fire Bowl brings a sleek modern style perfect for contemporary poolside settings. Handcrafted from durable GFRC concrete, this fire bowl makes a stunning statement without compromising on quality.

Designed for outdoor use, the Avalon fire bowl includes a burner, lava rock, pipe fittings, and mounting hardware so you have everything needed to create an inviting fire feature. The dancing flames across the stone reflect against the custom-colored concrete for eye-catching fires day or night.

Key Features;

  • Handmade from durable GFRC concrete in the USA
  • Curved contemporary design available in 16 color options
  • Includes fire bowl, burner, lava rock, gas hose, mounting bracket
  • For outdoor use only
  • Works with natural gas or liquid propane
  • Available in 24", 30", and 36" sizes


  • Thick durable concrete construction
  • Gorgeous modern design
  • Multiple color choices to match décor
  • Includes all components needed


  • Heavy for moving far distances
  • Drainage hole prone to clogging
  • Requires professional installation



Final Verdict:

The TOP FIRES Avalon Concrete Fire Bowl stands out as a stunning modern design piece for contemporary poolside settings. With its sleek curved shape, artistic concrete construction, and vibrant colors, this fire bowl makes a gorgeous impression without equal. For those wanting a bold, modular style customizable to your space, the Avalon Fire Bowl is a perfect option. 

Key Considerations When Choosing Pool Fire Bowls

When selecting propane fire bowls for pools, keep these top considerations in mind:


Safety should be your top priority when using fire bowls around your pool. Ensure any pool fire bowls you choose are rated for outdoor, poolside use with proper drainage. Consult professionals on recommended clearance from the water, decking, seating areas, and structures.


Copper fire bowls and steel fire bowls are typically made from durable, weather-resistant materials ideal for poolside placement. Other popular options include reinforced concrete or composite materials reinforced for longevity outdoors.

Fuel Source

Many pool fire bowls require a gas supply, either propane or natural gas. This allows control over adjusting the flame height with the flip of a switch. If you don’t have an existing gas line, installation costs apply.


From sleek modern square styles to elegant hammered copper, fire bowls are available in many designs to match your pool’s look. Consider the shape and size needed to complement your deck or patio layout.


With the right fire bowl matching your style and budget, you can instantly enhance backyard gatherings after sunset. Just be sure to have a professional handle installation for safe operation. We hope our overview gave you some inspiration to upgrade your poolscape with the perfect focal point.


What types of fire are generally used in pool fire bowls?

Most often pool fire bowls utilize a gas fire or liquid propane for the fire pit. The advantage of using gas or propane is that these types of fires are generally safe to use, easy to control, and require less maintenance than a conventional wood fire.

Are pool fire bowls safe to use around my pool area?

Yes, generally pool fire bowls are safe to use around your pool if installed correctly by a professional installer and if the safety standards are followed. However, safety should always be the top priority. It is crucial to ensure that they are not placed near any combustible materials and that proper maintenance is carried out to ensure safety.

What material is usually used for pool fire bowls and why?

The most commonly used material for pool fire bowls is concrete. A concrete fire bowl is durable and long-lasting. They can withstand the elements and develop a lustrous patina over time. Also, they can be treated with a sealer to make them even more durable.

Can I put fire glass in my pool fire bowls?

Yes, fire glass can be a wonderful addition to your pool fire bowls. Fire glass can withstand high temperatures without melting, cracking, or discoloring, making it a safe and long-lasting option. Moreover, it reflects light from the fire in a truly mesmerizing way, contributing to a relaxing atmosphere.

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Andy Wu - Resident Expert

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