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5 Best Chicken Coops of 2023 for Your Flock

5 Best Chicken Coops of 2023 for Your Flock

Finding the best chicken coop kit for your flock is an important decision. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to find the right coop that will keep your chickens safe and comfortable.

In this review, we'll cover some of the best chicken coops of 2023 ranging from large walk-in coops to portable tractor coops to help you make the best choice.

The top picks covered are:

  • EZ-Fit Sheds 4x6 Portable Chicken Coop Kit - Best Overall
  • Absco Chicken Coop 5' x 5' - Most Sturdy
  • OverEZ Chicken Coop XL - Best for Large Flocks
  • Multi-Level Wooden Chicken Coop - Best Budget Coop
  • Little Cottage Company Value A-Frame Coop - Best for Backyards

By understanding what each coop provides in terms of durability, space, affordability, and convenience, you can make an informed decision to find the best home for your chickens.

1. EZ-Fit Sheds 4x6 Portable Chicken Coop Kit - Best Overall

an actual photo of the EZ-Fit Sheds 4x6 Portable Chicken Coop Kit

The EZ-Fit Sheds 4x6 Portable Chicken Coop Kit stands out as the best overall chicken coop. This premium wood coop comes with all the essential features like nesting boxes, roosting bars, windows, and doors while still being easy to assemble and highly portable.

The EZ-Fit coop's sturdy Amish construction and Smartside siding ensure it will stand up to the elements while keeping your chickens safe and comfortable inside. The inclusion of an egg collection box, predator-resistant wire mesh, shingled roof, and runners for portability really help this coop stand out. Overall, if you're looking for a high-quality portable coop for a small flock that's built to last, the EZ-Fit 4x6 hits all the right notes.

Key Features:

  • Highest-quality Amish construction with durable long-lasting materials
  • Primed SmartsideTM siding ready to be painted
  • Integrated egg collection box for easy gathering
  • Chicken door, ramp & inside roost for safety and comfort
  • Predator-resistant wire mesh to deter foxes, raccoons, etc.
  • Spacious man door for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Windows to let in sunshine and ventilation
  • A 25-year 3-tab asphalt shingle roof in dark brown
  • EZ-Fit skid runners allow easy repositioning around the yard


  • Well-constructed with premium materials for longevity
  • Very secure against predators with wire mesh and predator-proof latches
  • The portable design allows the coop to be moved around the property
  • The roomy interior provides comfort for small flocks of up to 14 chickens
  • Nesting boxes and egg collection systems make gathering eggs simple
  • Windows provide ventilation and additional light inside the coop


  • Only suitable for small backyard flocks, not for large-scale production
  • Setup takes time and may require 2+ people for assembly



Final Verdict:

For small backyard flocks of up to 14 chickens, the EZ-Fit Sheds 4x6 Portable Chicken Coop Kit is a top choice if you want a premium pre-built coop. While expensive, it's very well constructed from quality materials and has all the essential elements like nesting boxes, roosts, doors, windows, and an egg collection system. The inclusion of skid runners also makes repositioning the coop around your yard a breeze. Overall, it's built to last and provides comfort, safety, and ease of use. If you want a durable portable coop and don't mind paying more for premium construction, the EZ-Fit 4x6 is an excellent option.

2. Absco Chicken Coop 5' x 5' - Most Sturdy

an actual photo of the Absco Chicken Coop 5' x 5'

The Absco Chicken Coop 5' x 5' provides a sturdy and spacious habitat for small backyard chicken flocks. With its durable aluminum frame, galvanized steel panels, and generous 147.92 cubic feet of interior space, this coop is designed to withstand the elements while giving chickens room to roam comfortably.

The 5' x 5' dimensions offer ample interior floor space for 4-6 chickens. Visibility and airflow are enhanced by welded wire mesh panels. Keeping predators out is easy with the locking door and secure enclosure. Convenient access, a roosting bar, and slide trays make care and cleaning simple. Overall, it's ideal for small flocks thanks to its sturdy build, weather resistance, and practical features focused on chicken health and safety.

Key Features:

  • Durable aluminum frame and galvanized steel panels
  • 5' x 5' footprint provides ample interior floor space
  • Welded wire mesh panels allow visibility and airflow
  • Locking doors and secure panels keep predators out
  • Convenient access door, roosting bar, and slide trays
  • 147.92 cubic feet of interior space
  • Snap-together assembly for quick setup
  • Built to withstand weather elements


  • Spacious, durable, and weatherproof construction
  • Allows visibility and ventilation
  • Easy to access and clean
  • Generous interior space for a small flock
  • Keeps predators out while chickens roam freely
  • Straightforward snap-together assembly
  • 12-year warranty for peace of mind


  • Complex assembly with unclear instructions
  • Not modular/expandable like some coops



Final Verdict:

With its sturdy build, spacious interior, and practical design focused on chicken health and safety, the Absco 5x5 Chicken Coop is an excellent option for small backyard flocks of 4-6 chickens. The ample interior space, weatherproof construction, predator protection, and easy access make this a secure and low-maintenance home for your chickens. Just be prepared for tricky assembly. Overall, it provides a sturdy and roomy habitat for a small backyard flock.

3. OverEZ Chicken Coop XL Chicken Coop - Best Large Size Coop

a product image of the OverEZ Chicken Coop XL Chicken Coop

The OverEZ XL Coop sets itself apart with its generous interior size and robust construction. At over 10 feet wide, it gives chickens more than enough room to spread their wings. The coop is crafted by Amish-trained builders using quality materials like treated wood panels and durable roofing. Key features like 6 nesting boxes, ample ventilation, and an elevated design demonstrate this coop's premium quality. Convenient access doors and pre-assembly allow you to easily set up and maintain the coop. Overall, the XL Coop provides a secure and comfortable habitat suited to the needs of mid to large-sized backyard flocks.

Key Features:

  • Spacious 10' x 12' interior with room for 20 chickens
  • 6 wooden nesting boxes for egg-laying
  • 3 large screened windows for ventilation
  • 2 perches and treated, moisture-resistant flooring
  • Raised design protects chickens from predators
  • Pre-assembled for quick, easy setup


  • The very spacious interior comfortably houses 15-20 chickens
  • Sturdy Amish craftsmanship built from quality materials
  • Good ventilation from windows, vents, and roof design
  • Convenient access doors make caring for chickens easy
  • Elevated design keeps chickens safe from predators


  • Windows can't be opened from outside, requiring you to enter coop
  • Screens on windows could be more durable or reinforced



Final Verdict:

With its ample space, secure construction, and convenient features, the OverEZ XL Chicken Coop provides an ideal habitat for medium to large flocks. Its spacious design minimizes crowding, while quality materials and workmanship ensure durability. Convenient access and assembly make setup simple. The coop's few drawbacks like window screens are minor and can be easily remedied. Overall, the XL Coop delivers premium quality and is highly recommended for chicken keepers ready to invest in a secure, long-lasting haven their flock will love.

4. Multi-Level Wooden Chicken Coop - Best Budget Coop

a product image of the Multi-Level Wooden Chicken Coop - 80in

The Multi-Level Wooden Coop is a great affordable option for housing a small flock of 3-5 chickens. With its multi-tier design, wire walls, and series of locks, this budget-friendly coop provides secure and comfortable housing for your chickens.

This coop offers a roomy interior with ramp access to the second level. The wire mesh walls allow ventilation while deterring predators. Multiple access points and a removable tray simplify cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Comfortably fits 3-5 chickens
  • Ramp to access upper-level
  • Wire walls for ventilation and security
  • Locks on all entry points to deter predators
  • Sliding tray for easy cleaning
  • Nesting box with lid


  • Easy 1-hour assembly
  • Great size for small starter flocks
  • Good airflow for flock health
  • Customizable to suit needs


  • Thin wood prone to weather damage
  • May need extra sealing and weatherproofing



Final Verdict:

The Multi-Level Wooden Coop is a stellar budget-friendly coop for small backyard flocks. The design enables easy cleaning while keeping chickens safe and comfortable. With minor upgrades to weatherproofing the wood, it can provide a great temporary home for 3-5 chickens. While an upgrade will eventually be needed as your flock grows, this coop is an ideal starter option for beginners on a budget.

5. Little Cottage Company Value A-Frame Coop - Best for Backyard Chickens

an actual photo of the Little Cottage Company Value A-Frame Coop – Precut Kit product image

The Value A-Frame Coop from Little Cottage Company is designed to make raising backyard chickens easy and enjoyable. This pre-cut chicken coop kit comes with everything you need to get started, allowing you to avoid the hassle of extra cutting and complicated assembly.

The coop is crafted in the USA with high-quality LP Smartside siding that is treated to resist rot and termite damage. It includes a convenient chicken door with a ramp for the hens to access the coop. Ventilation is provided through two large 14x21" working windows with tempered glass and half screens. Inside, there are four nesting bins for egg collection and a roosting bar where the chickens can comfortably rest.

Key Features:

  • Pre-cut kit with all parts precisely cut and labeled for easy assembly
  • Durable LP Smartside siding resistant to rot and termites
  • Chicken door with a ramp for easy access
  • Two 14x21" windows with tempered glass and half screens
  • Four nesting bins for egg collection
  • Roosting bar for hen comfort


  • The pre-cut design allows for quick and easy assembly
  • Quality materials built to last
  • Good ventilation from large windows
  • Nesting bins and roosting bar for chicken comfort
  • Made in the USA with Amish craftsmanship


  • Shingles, drip edge, and paint not included
  • Floor kit sold separately



Final Verdict:

With its pre-cut design for easy assembly, durable and rot-resistant siding, and features to keep chickens comfortable, the Little Cottage Company Value A-Frame Coop is an excellent choice for starting or expanding your backyard flock. While shingles, paint, and the floor kit must be purchased separately, the high-quality materials and craftsmanship make this coop a great value investment. For a convenient, quality chicken coop kit made in the USA, the Value A-Frame Coop has everything the backyard chicken keeper needs.

Key Considerations to Look For in a Chicken Coop

When searching for the perfect chicken coop, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Size - Make sure to choose a coop that provides at least 4-5 square feet of interior space per chicken. Consider the number of chickens you plan to house and size up accordingly. Larger breeds may need more space.
  • Materials and Durability - Opt for coops made from weather-resistant materials like treated wood, galvanized steel, and sturdy wire mesh. This will ensure the coop lasts for years while keeping your flock safe.
  • Ventilation - Proper airflow is essential in a coop, so look for wire mesh walls, windows, doors, and vents to allow good ventilation. This keeps the coop cool in summer and reduces moisture buildup.
  • Easy Access - Doors and access points should make it simple to reach food, water, nesting boxes, and collect eggs. Elevated coops with ramps are ideal. Sliding trays also simplify cleaning.
  • Security - Predator-proof latches, locks, wire mesh, and an elevated design can help deter foxes, raccoons, and other predators. This keeps your flock safely secured.

Following these guidelines when shopping for a coop will help ensure you find the best home for your flock - one that keeps them healthy, safe, and comfortable as they roost!


With an array of options to choose from, finding the ideal chicken coop comes down to your flock size, budget, and needs. This review covers top coops ranging from portable to extra-large to help chicken keepers make the right choice.

By understanding the unique qualities of the products mentioned above, you can select a coop tailored to your goals. The perfect coop brings simplicity to raising chickens, keeps your flock safe and comfortable, and provides them a place to happily and healthily thrive.


What is the best design of a chicken coop for a small flock of hens?

For small flocks, a compact coop like the Best Choice Products Wooden Coop would be a great pick. Despite its size, it is designed to make sure your chickens are comfortable and safe, with a large run, a cozy hen house, and a sliding door for easy access. This coop can comfortably house up to four chickens.

How much space should I consider in my chicken run for my hens?

It's best to provide at least 10 square feet of space per chicken in the chicken run. This ensures that the hens have enough room to roam around, which impacts their overall health and egg production.

What is the advantage of having a walk-in chicken coop?

A walk-in chicken coop, like a Walk-In Metal Chicken Coop, provides easy access for cleaning, feeding, and other tasks. These coops are easy to maintain since you can simply walk in and do what's necessary. Plus, large prefab chicken coops can house a larger flock of chickens.

Does the coop I'm looking at need to have a specific feature for the chicken's safety?

Yes, it's important to make sure your chickens are safe from predators. Coop features like sturdy wooden or metal walls, chicken wire for the run, and a predator-proof sliding door on the side can keep your hens safe. The coop's ventilation is also a crucial factor for the chickens' health.

What is the benefit of having a mobile wood chicken coop tractor?

A mobile wood chicken coop tractor can make it easy to move your chicken coop to various locations. This practice can help distribute the manure, ensure that your hens always have fresh grass to forage, and decrease the risk of disease.

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