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Outdoor Living Today vs Little Cottage Company

Outdoor Living Today vs Little Cottage Company

This comparison of Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Company will go over the key differences of each brand to help you decide. Overall, Outdoor Living Today is the preferable choice for most homeowners because of its durable cedar construction and greater affordability. But which one is better suited for your needs? Let's find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Outdoor Living Today offers a wider range of functional structures like sheds and greenhouses and their cedar construction ensures durability.

  • Little Cottage Company provides more decorative, leisure buildings like playhouses with excellent craftsmanship.

  • Outdoor Living Today is preferable if you want classic sheds on a budget. Little Cottage Company is better for creative playhouses and specialty buildings at a premium price.

a side by side image of the Little Cottage Company Cape Cod Playhouse and Outdoor Living Today Cozy Cabin Playhouse Kit

    Key Differences: Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Company

    Outdoor Living Today is a Canada-based company that offers a wide range of outdoor structures like sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, and pergolas. Their products are focused on providing high-quality, functional, and durable structures made from premium Western Red Cedar lumber.

    On the other hand, Little Cottage Company is a US-based company founded in 1999 that offers a variety of outdoor structures like playhouses, sheds, chicken coops, and more. Their focus is on structures that facilitate memorable moments for families.

    Now let's do a detailed comparison of these two brands across various parameters to understand their key differences:

    Product Range

    Outdoor Living Today offers an assortment of products catering to different outdoor needs:

    • Sheds: A variety of utility sheds, garden sheds, gable sheds, contemporary sheds, etc. in different size options. Their largest shed is 12x16 ft.

    • Gazebos: They offer gazebos like the famous Bayside Octagon Gazebo, Screened gazebos, etc., in different shapes. 

    • Greenhouses: They offer a variety of greenhouse kits, including the Sunshed Garden Shed and the Cedar Greenhouse Kit.

    • Pergolas: They offer custom pergolas and canopies made to order.

    Little Cottage Company provides:

    • Playhouses: Cottage-style, Victorian, Colonial playhouses, etc. in sizes like 4x6 ft, 6x8 ft. Their largest playhouse is 10x18 ft.

    • Sheds & Barns: They offer a diverse range of sheds and barns, from budget-friendly options to high-end selections. Their largest shed is the Classic Gambrel Large Barn, which measures 16x34 ft.

    • Specialty Buildings: Gazebos, pool houses, greenhouses, garden houses, and more, up to 14x20 ft.

    So in terms of product range, Outdoor Living Today has more utilitarian structures suited for storage, gardening, etc., while Little Cottage Company focuses more on decorative, leisure-focused structures and furniture.

    Materials and Build Quality

    When it comes to construction materials and build quality:

    • Outdoor Living Today uses premium Western Red Cedar lumber which is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. This ensures durability and weather resistance. They pre-cut the lumber for easy assembly.

    • Little Cottage Company uses a variety of good-quality woods like pine, cypress, cedar, etc., and other materials with a focus on Amish craftsmanship for excellent construction. They offer DIY kits or pre-assembled structures.

    Both brands offer sturdy and well-constructed outdoor structures made from quality materials. However, Outdoor Living Today emphasizes premium Western Red Cedar specifically for its longevity.

    Customization and Assembly

    For customization and assembly:

    • Outdoor Living Today offers custom pergolas and canopies made to order. Their products are designed for easy assembly by homeowners.

    • Little Cottage Company provides customizable DIY kits for sheds, playhouses, etc. They also offer pre-cut and pre-assembled structures for convenience.

    So Outdoor Living Today edges ahead if you want fully customized structures, while Little Cottage Company offers flexible customization through DIY assembly.


    When it comes to pricing:

    • Outdoor Living Today's storage shed price range starts from $749 for small sheds to $10,199 for a 12×16 Sunshed Garden Shed.

    • Little Cottage Company's structures start from smaller sheds costing $1,423 to larger buildings like the Grand Portico Mansion for $14,279.

    Outdoor Living Today provides greater choice at lower price points, while Little Cottage Company caters to higher budgets with its premium, specialized structures.

    Exploring the distinctive features and offerings of Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Company, this table provides a comprehensive comparison to guide your choice for the ideal outdoor structure:

    Feature Outdoor Living Today Little Cottage Company
    Founded In Canada In the USA (1999)
    Product Focus Functional structures like sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, pergolas Decorative, leisure structures like playhouses, sheds, chicken coops
    Materials Premium Western Red Cedar lumber, known for durability and resistance to rot and insects Variety of quality woods like pine, cypress, and cedar, focusing on Amish craftsmanship
    Product Range Wide range including utility and garden sheds, contemporary sheds, gazebos, greenhouse kits, custom pergolas Playhouses, sheds & barns, specialty buildings like gazebos, pool houses, greenhouses; focus on decorative and leisure spaces
    Ideal For Classic outdoor storage sheds or gazebos, budget-friendly or mid-range priced structures, customizable pergolas Creative, high-quality playhouses, specialty buildings, Amish-crafted buildings, upscale luxury structures

    a side by side image of the Little Cottage Company Workshop Value Shed and Outdoor Living Today Sunshed Garden Shed


    Both Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Company offer quality outdoor structures with excellent customer service. So choose the brand that aligns better with your specific requirements for an outdoor sanctuary. With the help of this detailed comparison, you can now make an informed choice between Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Company!


    Are there any options for a kids' cottage playhouse in these companies?

    Yes, both Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Co offer options for children's cottage playhouses. Most playhouses from Little Cottage Co provide a new, fun space for your child, with features such as functional doors and windows. Whereas, Outdoor Living Today also produces safe and fantastic playhouses that your child will absolutely love.

    How is the construction of the sheds and cottage playhouse with these companies?

    Both companies take pride in their construction. Outdoor Living Today uses cedar wood for most of its sheds and playhouses, providing longevity and resistance to weather. Little Cottage Co uses quality materials too, often including everything needed for construction such as the hardware, windows, and doors in their kits.

    Are the playhouses safe for children?

    Absolutely. Both Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Co use safety-rated materials and build their playhouses with children in mind. The windows, doors, and other openings are designed to prevent accidental injuries, making these cottages a safe choice for growing kids.

    Who has more variety in playhouse designs, Outdoor Living Today or Little Cottage Company?

    Both companies offer a wide range of designs; however, Little Cottage Company is well-known for its unique and custom design options, especially for its playhouses. They offer numerous possibilities for window placements, door styles, and wall configurations, to create the perfect structure for your backyard.

    Are there customizable options when shopping for sheds or playhouses online with these companies?

    Yes, both Outdoor Living Today and Little Cottage Co offer customizable options for their sheds and playhouses online. Some of these include paint color, hardware style, window sizes, and roof types allowing customers to create structures that perfectly suit their needs and preferences.

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