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EZ Fit Sheds vs Outdoor Living Today Shed Kits: Which Brand Offers Better Value?

EZ Fit Sheds vs Outdoor Living Today Shed Kits: Which Brand Offers Better Value?

This article provides a detailed comparison of EZ Fit Sheds and Outdoor Living Today Sheds across crucial factors to determine which offers better overall value. With durable cedar sheds and excellent service, Outdoor Living Today Shed Kits are the best choice for quality and affordability. However, EZ Fit Sheds also have strengths that may appeal to some buyers. Let's explore their differences.

Key Takeaways

  • When comparing shed kits, Outdoor Living Today beats EZ Fit on pricing and quality while both brands offer good quality.

  • Outdoor Living Today wins for materials thanks to durable and weather-resistant Western Red Cedar construction.

  • Both EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today earn positive customer reviews for their shed kits.

a side by side image of outdoor living today sunshed and ez-fit shed riverside shed kit

    Product Types

    When looking at garden sheds, one of the first things to evaluate is the range of product sizes and styles available. This allows you to find an option that fits your space and other preferences.

    EZ Fit Sheds offers shed kits, including:

    • Riverside Shed Kits
    • Homestead Shed Kits
    • Heritage Shed Kits
    • Craftsman Shed Kits

    Outdoor Living Today specializes in cedar shed kits, with options like:

    • Garden Chalet
    • Grand Garden Chalet
    • GardenSaver Sheds
    • SpaceMaster Sheds
    • Sunshed

    Winner: Tie - Both EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today offer an ample range of shed sizes and styles. EZ Fit focuses on smaller mini sheds, while Outdoor Living Today has some larger options, but both brands have something for most needs.


    Of course, cost is another significant factor when choosing a shed kit. Here is how EZ Fit and Outdoor Living stack up in terms of pricing:

    When it comes to affordability, Outdoor Living Today pulls ahead. Their cedar shed kits range from $700 to $5000, making them the more budget-friendly choice compared to EZ Fit.

    EZ Fit Shed prices are higher, spanning $3000 to $6000. For shoppers seeking good value for money, Outdoor Living Today sheds provide quality at a more accessible price point.

    Winner: Outdoor Living Today - Outdoor Living Today provides greater variability in pricing, accommodating buyers looking for smaller, more affordable sheds along with higher-end sheds.


    One of the advantages of a shed kit is being able to assemble it yourself and avoid the hassle of contracting installation. But this only holds true if the shed comes with easy-to-follow instructions!

    EZ Fit provides detailed step-by-step assembly instructions. Their pre-cut kits are designed for intuitive, rapid assembly.

    Outdoor Living Today also furnishes complete assembly manuals with 3D interactive instructions. Their kits include pre-cut lumber and all necessary hardware.

    With ample guidance provided, first-time shed builders can assemble Outdoor Living Today's sheds and EZ Fit Shed kits with confidence. When it comes to assembly, EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today are evenly matched.

    Winner: Tie - Both EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today offer excellent assembly instructions and guides to make constructing their shed kits as straightforward as possible. Their easy-to-follow directions are a major plus.

    Materials Used

    The materials used to construct a shed are important for structural integrity, weather resistance, and durability over time. Here is how the material quality compares:

    EZ Fit Sheds uses tested, durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Strength and stability are top priorities.

    Outdoor Living Today constructs its sheds from premium Western Red Cedar lumber. This moisture-resistant wood stands up well to weather and heavy use.

    Winner: Outdoor Living Today - The use of all Western Red Cedar lumber gives Outdoor Living Today an edge when it comes to long-lasting, rot-resistant, rugged materials.

    Customer Reviews

    Positive customer feedback indicates a brand meets buyer expectations. Both EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today earn praise in shed kit reviews.

    EZ Fit Sheds garners rave reviews for their easy assembly process. The tongue-and-groove sections fit together intuitively.

    Outdoor Living Today also has glowing feedback about straightforward construction. Buyers highlight the quality of craftsmanship.

    Winner: Tie - With ample satisfied customers, EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today deliver satisfactory shed kit experiences.

    Customization Options

    Some buyers like to personalize their sheds. Here are the customization options provided:

    EZ Fit Sheds lets you tailor certain elements like decorative trim, flower boxes, windows, doors, and colors to match your style. But custom sizing or layouts aren't available.

    Outdoor Living Today offers additional custom upgrades such as ramps, ventilation, and gates. You can also change the roof type and modify dimensions or elements for an extra fee.

    For those who want to customize their shed beyond the décor, Outdoor Living Today provides more flexibility thanks to their modification services and wider accessories.

    Winner: Outdoor Living Today - Outdoor Living Today offers more ways to personalize your shed, from add-ons to sizing tweaks. EZ Fit has simpler decorative options.

    Location of Manufacturing

    Some buyers may factor in where a shed kit is produced. In this regard, EZ Fit and Outdoor Living Today are evenly matched.

    EZ Fit Sheds manufactures its kits in Dundee, Ohio. Their operations are US-based.

    Outdoor Living Today's production takes place in Canada. They also source lumber from US providers.

    Winner: Tie - Both brands oversee manufacturing in North America. When it comes to production locality, neither gains a strong advantage.

    Comparison Table: EZ Fit Sheds vs Outdoor Living Today Shed Kits

    Criteria EZ Fit Sheds Outdoor Living Today Winner
    Product Range Riverside, Homestead, Heritage, Craftsman Shed Kits Garden Chalet, Grand Garden Chalet, GardenSaver, SpaceMaster, Sunshed Tie
    Pricing $3000 - $6000 $700 - $5000 Outdoor Living Today
    Assembly Detailed instructions, pre-cut kits 3D interactive instructions, pre-cut lumber Tie
    Materials Durable materials for longevity Western Red Cedar for durability and weather resistance Outdoor Living Today
    Customer Reviews Positive reviews for easy assembly Positive feedback on construction quality Tie
    Customization Options Limited to decorative elements Additional upgrades, dimension changes Outdoor Living Today

    Final Verdict: Which Brand Offers Best Sheds?

    Based on this detailed comparison, Outdoor Living Today emerges as the overall winner when it comes to value and quality. Key advantages include:

    • More budget-friendly pricing
    • Commitment to sustainability
    • Expanded customer service options

    Both provide sturdy shed kit construction and easy assembly. But the combination of quality, affordability, and service makes Outdoor Living Today Sheds the best choice for most buyers. Their dedication to sustainability further sets them apart.

    Sunshed Garden Shed 12 x16 on a backyard


    Is there a ramp option for Outdoor Living Today and EZ-Fit Sheds wood shed kits?

    Yes, there is a ramp option with both companies. Having a ramp will help you move items with ease, and make less frequent trips since you can transport more items at once. Inspect your ramp carefully and always ensure it's securely attached.

    Does the Outdoor Living Today wood shed kit include a shelf option?

    Yes. Outdoor Living Today offers a convenient shelf option to maximize the interior space of your wood shed. The shelf allows for more organized storage and easy access to fresh air and gardening tools.

    What are the weight specifications of the individual pieces in Outdoor Living Today and EZ-Fit Sheds wood shed kits?

    The weight of individual pieces varies depending on the kit's size and the materials used for its construction. It is important to know how much the individual pieces weigh, so then you can plan your project accordingly and ensure a sturdy construction.

    How does the sturdy construction of Outdoor Living Today shed kits save money?

    The sturdy construction of these outdoor shed kits is designed to stand up to the elements and resist wear and tear. This longevity can produce savings in the long run as you're not frequently replacing or repairing your shed.

    What is the purpose of using western red cedar for the roof and siding of Outdoor Living Today's wood shed kits?

    Outdoor Living Today uses sustainably sourced western red cedar for its superior quality and workmanship. The red cedar's reputation for durability and resistance to the elements makes it an excellent choice for outdoor structures, enhancing the longevity and reliability of your wood shed.

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