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Comparing Outdoor Living Today Sunshed and Cedarshed Sunhouse

Comparing Outdoor Living Today Sunshed and Cedarshed Sunhouse

The Sunshed from Outdoor Living Today and the Sunhouse from Cedarshed are two premium backyard sheds worth comparing. With its wider size range and high quality, the Sunshed takes a slight lead as the best overall option. This article will compare the two models across a variety of factors, to help determine the right choice for your needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • The Sunshed and Sunhouse are both premium cedar sheds from top brands; Outdoor Living Today and Cedarshed.

  • For easy assembly, they both feature pre-built, modular wall panels to connect together.

  • Reviews for the Sunshed and Sunhouse are overwhelmingly positive for quality construction.

a side by side image of the cedarshed sunhouse and the outdoor living today sunshed garden shed

    Outdoor Living Today Sunshed vs Cedarshed Sunhouse

    The Outdoor Living Today Sunshed and Cedarshed Sunhouse models share many similarities, as they are both constructed from western red cedar and aim to provide an attractive yet functional backyard storage solution. However, there are some notable differences between the two sheds as well.

    Here's the comparison table for a quick overview:

    Category Outdoor Living Today Sunshed Cedarshed Sunhouse Winner
    Size Options Offers 8'x8', 8'x12', 12'x12', 12'x16' Offers 8'x8', 8'x12', 12'x12', 8'x16' Sunshed
    Construction and Materials Western red cedar, PEFC, and WRCA-certified Western red cedar Sunshed
    Windows and Roofing Functional aluminum windows, 6mm thick polygal roof panels High-performance thermoplastic windows, thermoclear roof panels Sunhouse
    Pricing and Value Ranges from $4,175 to $8,625 depending on size Ranges from $4,409 to $7,739 depending on size Varies
    Customer Reviews and Feedback Positive feedback on quality and ease of assembly Positive feedback on quality and features Tie

    For a clearer understanding, let's dive into a detailed comparison of Outdoor Living Today's Sunshed and Cedarshed's Sunhouse, highlighting their key differences across various categories.

    Size Options

    The Sunshed and Sunhouse offer nearly identical size options, making this first category a tie.

    The four available Sunshed sizes are:

    • 8' x 8'
    • 8' x 12'
    • 12' x 12'
    • 12' x 16'

    The Sunhouse can be purchased in these four dimensions:

    • 8' x 8'
    • 8' x 12'
    • 8' x 16'
    • 12' x 12'

    Winner: Sunshed - The Sunshed offers a 12' x 16' option that the Sunhouse does not. This extra large size provides more flexibility to find a Sunshed that fits your space. With an additional size configuration, the Sunshed wins this category.

    Construction and Materials

    The Sunshed and Sunhouse make use of the same high-quality wood for their construction.

    Both sheds are built from western red cedar, which is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. This is a lightweight, attractive, and durable wood perfect for outdoor structures.

    When it comes to sustainability certifications, the Outdoor Living Today Sunshed comes out ahead. It is PEFC and WRCA-certified, meaning the wood is sourced from responsible forest management.

    Winner: Sunshed - With its sustainability certifications, Outdoor Living Today Sunshed wins this category for using the most eco-friendly construction materials. However, both models use durable, high-quality cedar.

    Windows and Roofing Options

    The Sunshed is equipped with functional aluminum windows, which offer natural light and ventilation. The Sunhouse features high-performance thermoplastic windows that provide superior insulation, durability, and UV protection.

    For the roof, the Sunshed has 6mm thick polygal panels while the Sunhouse uses thermoclear panels. Both are twin-wall plastic materials chosen for insulation, strength, and light transmittance. However, independent tests show thermoclear panels provide slightly better thermal efficiency.

    Winner: Sunhouse - If energy efficiency and brightness are top priorities, the Sunhouse's windows and roof may be ideal. But the Sunshed still offers ample natural light and heat retention as well.

    Pricing and Value Comparison

    Here are the prices for each model and size:

    • Sunshed

      • 8' x 8' - $4,175
      • 8' x 12' - $4,781
      • 12' x 12' - $5,625
      • 12' x 16' - $8,625
    • Sunhouse

      • 8' x 8' - $4,409
      • 8' x 12' - $5,479
      • 12' x 12' - $6,529
      • 8' x 16' - $7,739

    The Sunhouse costs a little more across comparable sizes. However, keep in mind these prices are with cedar roofs.

    Winner: Varies - When it comes to cost, there is no universally superior option. The pricing and value winner will depend on your specific budget and needs.

    Reviews and Feedback

    After scouring online reviews, it is clear both the Sunshed and Sunhouse receive stellar feedback. 

    However, for the Sunshed, customers frequently mention its ease of assembly and practicality as key highlights. 

    In contrast, the Sunhouse is often praised for the style it brings to backyard spaces.

    Winner: Tie - Both Outdoor Living Today and Cedarshed products earn high marks and praise from customers.


    Choosing between the two sheds depends on your priorities. However, for budget-focused buyers wanting flexible sizing, the Sunshed is the better option.

    Whichever model you select, you can expect outstanding craftsmanship and customer service from two top brands in the backyard storage industry. Just be sure to accurately measure your space, factor in any extras you may want, and choose the shed that aligns with your needs and budget.

    Fully-equipped Outdoor Living Today Sunshed Garden Shed, 8x12, featuring a wooden exterior with functional windows and exterior lighting, surrounded by greenery.


    What is included in the shed kit for Red Cedar Shed Sunhouse?

    They come with everything you need for the project. From pre-cut Western Red Cedar panels for walls and roof to a Dutch door and multiple functional windows that allow plenty of light inside. All necessary hardware is also included. Plus, they come with a detailed manual to guide you through the assembly process.

    Can I purchase the Outdoor Living Today Sunshed kits at a store?

    The Outdoor Living Today Sunshed kits are available for online purchase. To get yours, you'll need to order directly through our website where you can easily place your order. Buying from us ensures you're getting the best price on these top-quality sheds.

    Can I manually install these shed kits by hand?

    Yes, these shed kits are designed for DIY enthusiasts. You can manually install them at your convenience. Everything you need for assembly is included in the kit - from the Western Red Cedar panels to the hardware. Plus, a detailed manual to guide you through the process.

    How can I secure the shed to my garden area?

    The kits come with thorough instructions on how to secure the shed in your garden area. Usually, they need to be placed on a solid, flat foundation that ensures their stability. This could be a concrete slab, wood deck, or even a leveled area of compacted gravel.

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