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Outdoor Living Today vs Cedarshed: Detailed Comparison

Outdoor Living Today vs Cedarshed: Detailed Comparison

This in-depth brand showdown reveals how Outdoor Living Today and Cedarshed brands compare across critical factors like product range, pricing, and design focus. While Outdoor Living Today edges out as the winner for most buyers, due to a wider range of affordable products and focus on functionality with visual appeal, the right choice ultimately depends on your budget and priorities.

Key Takeaways

  • Cedarshed and Outdoor Living Today both offer a wide range of backyard sheds, gazebos, and other structures, but Outdoor Living Today offers better pricing for the same square footage.

  • For full custom builds of pergolas and canopies, Outdoor Living Today is the winner due to their specialized custom capabilities.

  • Both brands construct high-quality products overall, but Cedarshed emphasizes more stylish, luxurious designs while Outdoor Living Today focuses on utility.
a side by side image of the cedarshed beach house shed kit and the outdoor living today sunshed garden shed

    Cedarshed vs Outdoor Living Today

    Cedarshed and Outdoor Living Today have each gained popularity as leading brands for wooden backyard sheds and outdoor structures.

    Operating since 1980, Cedarshed has expanded over the years to become a major provider of specialty cedar products across the United States and globally.

    Outdoor Living Today has made a name for itself by offering kits constructed from high-quality Western Red Cedar lumber. These kits aim to strike a balance between practicality, resilience, visual appeal, and reasonable pricing.

    Exploring the distinctions between Cedarshed and Outdoor Living Today, we uncover what sets these backyard shed providers apart.

    Criteria Cedarshed Outdoor Living Today Winner
    Product Range Diverse selection Includes custom sizing Tie
    Customization Options allows minor customization options specializes in kit modifications Outdoor Living Today
    Pricing luxury products better pricing for the same square footage Outdoor Living Today
    Quality High-quality, some assembly issues Sturdy, easy instructions Tie
    Design Style Luxurious and detailed Functional yet stylish Tie

    1. Product Range and Customization

    Cedarshed's main product categories include:

    • Sheds
    • Little Storage
    • Playhouses
    • Shed Options
    • Garden Products
    • Pergolas

    Outdoor Living Today provides:

    • Sheds
    • Gardening Products
    • Gazebos
    • Playhouses
    • Pergolas
    • Custom Products

    Winner: Tie - Both Cedarshed and Outdoor Living Today offer a wide selection of backyard sheds, gazebos, playhouses, and pergolas.

    2. Customization Options

    When it comes to customization, Cedarshed enables buyers to modify their prefab wood shed kits and pergolas with unique options like doors, windows, wood shingles, screens, benches, and more.

    Outdoor Living Today specializes in building custom pergolas and canopies to match customers' exact specifications.

    Winner: Outdoor Living Today. While Cedarshed provides great customizability for its kits, Outdoor Living Today offers custom sizing for its products tailored to the customer's needs and preferences. Outdoor Living Today's specialized custom capabilities give them the edge.

    3. Pricing and Affordability

    Cedarshed offers a wide range of products at different prices. Their products range from $2,029 for a Bayside Lean To Shed up to $9,149 for a Modern Farmhouse Shed Kit.

    Outdoor Living Today provides products in a broader price range with prices starting at $149 for a Self Watering Planter and up to $2,869 for a Maximizer 6x6 shed.

    When comparing similar 4x2 garden chalets from each brand, Outdoor Living Today's design costs $749 while Cedarshed's costs nearly double at $1,429. Across comparable items, Outdoor Living Today consistently offers better pricing for the same square footage.

    Winner: Outdoor Living Today - For buyers on a tight budget, Outdoor Living Today provides greater overall value and affordability. Their product selection includes more lower-cost options compared to Cedarshed's primarily high-end offerings.

    4. Product Quality and Reviews

    Both Cedarshed and Outdoor Living Today boast excellent reviews and feedback for their products.

    Cedarshed is praised for its high-quality Western Red Cedar lumber and clear, detailed assembly instructions. However, some customers have reported minor issues with certain components and the assembly process.

    Outdoor Living Today earns consistent rave reviews for its sturdy construction, quality materials, and easy-to-follow instructions. The main complaints relate to delivery timeframes and packaging.

    Winner: Tie - When it comes to materials, construction, and ease of use, both brands offer excellent quality and satisfaction overall.

    5. Convenience of Installation

    Cedarshed offers sheds that can be put together in under a day and has representatives available to answer any installation questions.

    However, Outdoor Living Today also prides itself on products that the average person can assemble a shed without any difficulty. Where OLT stands out is in its exceptional customer service. They make a point to directly communicate with customers and respond promptly to any issues. 

    Winner: Outdoor Living Today - Even though both brands aim to provide convenient DIY assembly, OLT seems to come out on top thanks to the commitment to helpful and responsive customer service.

    6. Design Styles

    Cedarshed sheds and structures emphasize luxury, visual appeal, and architectural details. Their products integrate natural wood elements and follow popular home design trends.

    Outdoor Living Today focuses on creating products that are not only functional but also enhance the elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space. Their products are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

    Winner: Tie - Both OLT and Cedarshed offer a variety of design styles to suit different tastes and needs. However, the choice between the two would depend on your specific requirements and preferences.

    Which Brand is Better Overall?

    While both Cedarshed and Outdoor Living Today provide quality backyard structures, Outdoor Living Today emerges as the winner overall. Their wider range of affordable products and focus on quality with a beautiful customized exterior make them a better choice for most buyers.

    However, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you're seeking premium artisan craftsmanship and upscale cedar designs to enhance your backyard's visual appeal, then Cedarshed is likely the better option, albeit at a higher cost.

    So weigh your budget, design tastes, and functional requirements carefully to find the best fit.

    The Outdoor Living Today Space Master 12x12 Storage Shed painted red and white with a ramp on a cement foundation


    Is the quality of the wall construction comparable in Cedar Shed and Outdoor Living Today's shed kits?

    Both companies use cedar in their wall construction, offering natural resistance to decay and insect damage. However, Cedar Shed's walls might be slightly thicker and heavier, reflecting their standing as a premium brand. Outdoor Living Today's walls, meanwhile, are still sturdy and provide good insulation for the shed interior.

    I want a bigger interior space - should I consider the Slider 12×8 from Outdoor Living Today or the Cabana Garden Shed from Cedar Shed?

    If you’re seeking a shed with more interior space, the Slider 12×8 from Outdoor Living Today would be a better option compared to the Cabana Garden Shed from Cedar Shed, specifically the 9x6 model. The Slider 12×8 offers an interior space of 648 cubic feet. The Cabana Garden Shed 9x6 model from Cedar Shed offers an interior space of 354 cubic feet.

    What about additional product options like a ramp or a master door?

    Both Outdoor Living Today and Cedar Shed offer numerous options for customization. You can check with the company for the availability of a ramp, a master door, or anything else that you desire. However, these additional features may not be included in the basic kit price.

    Where can I buy Cedar shed and Outdoor Living Today shed kits?

    Both Outdoor Living Today and Cedar Shed can be found at various online retailers, or you can buy directly from the company’s websites. Always remember to check the product availability beforehand.

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