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Memorial Day Sale 5/24-5/29 - Free Gifts/Reduced Prices On the Following Brands: Cal Flame, Duramax, Yardistry, Elementi, Modeno, Outdoor Greatroom, Riverside Shed, Outdoor Living Today, Exaco, Napoleon Grills, Blaze Grills, Paragon Outdoor, Gazebo Penguin.
EZ Fit Sheds vs Little Cottage Company: Which Is The Best Place To Buy A Shed?

EZ Fit Sheds vs Little Cottage Company: Which Is The Best Place To Buy A Shed?

EZ Fit Sheds and Little Cottage Company are two popular shed brands. By comparing them in this article, EZ Fit Sheds emerges as the best place to buy a high-quality shed, while Little Cottage Company offers more flexibility in design and size options. This overview explores the key considerations without bias, so you can evaluate which wood shed company is the right fit based on your preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • When comparing shed brands EZ Fit Sheds and Little Cottage Company, Little Cottage is the clear winner for quality and value.

  • Little Cottage Company offers far more size options and design flexibility than EZ Fit, from 8x8 up to 16x34 feet.

  • EZ Fit's panelized assembly is faster but Little Cottage wins on reputation and customer satisfaction.

  • Little Cottage delivers superior overall value considering quality, service, and longevity.

a side by side image of little cottage co and ez-fit sheds

    Shed Sizes and Designs Offered

    EZ Fit Sheds offers shed sizes ranging from 8x8 feet up to 12x24 feet. Their most popular sizes are 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 10x14, and 10x16

    Little Cottage Company provides a wider range of shed sizes, from 8x8 feet all the way up to 16x34 feet. Their Value Gambrel Barn Shed Kit comes in sizes from 8x8 up to 10x12 feet. Some of their larger Premier Gambrel Barn Sheds include sizes like 12x16, 12x20, and 12x24.

    Winner: Little Cottage Company- For size range and design flexibility, Little Cottage Company is the winner. However, EZ Fit Sheds also provides sufficient choices for storage.

    Shed Materials and Durability

    EZ Fit Sheds constructs their sheds from high-quality materials. The walls consist of LP SmartSide paneling. This engineered wood is treated to resist fungal decay and termite damage. The company states their materials are tested for durability.

    Little Cottage Company also uses quality construction materials. Their sheds feature LP SmartSide siding with thick, 7/16” panels with 4” grooved spacing. This provides rigidity and strength. Little Cottage Company also uses asphalt roof shingles and heavy-duty floor framing.

    Both EZ Fit Sheds and Little Cottage Company use LP SmartSide products, which are designed to endure outdoor exposure. Ultimately, both seem to offer good durability from weather-resistant materials.

    Winner: Tie - When it comes to shed materials and longevity, this category results in a tie. Both EZ Fit Sheds and Little Cottage Company build their sheds from proven, high-quality materials designed to last.

    Ease of Assembly and Installation

    Figuring out how to assemble and install a shed on your property is an important consideration.

    EZ Fit Sheds are designed for simplicity. Their sheds utilize a panelized system so the walls, floor, and roof come in large assembled sections. This makes the installation process easier. You just have to join the panels together. The only tools needed are a rubber mallet and drill. 

    Little Cottage Company provides three options when it comes to shed assembly:

    • Pre-cut kits: Individual pieces cut to size but require full assembly

    • Panelized kits: Partially assembled into sections to make building easier

    • Pre-assembled kits: Sheds come fully assembled, just needing placement on your site

    For DIY installation, the panelized kits offer the best balance of being affordable but easier to put together than loose pieces. 

    Winner: EZ Fit Sheds - Both brands make it feasible for homeowners to assemble sheds themselves without prior experience. However, EZ Fit Sheds has a slight advantage with their faster assembly panelized system.

    Customer Reviews and Reputation

    It’s always a good idea to read customer reviews before purchasing a shed to learn from real-life experiences.

    Overall, EZ Fit Sheds receives positive customer feedback. Many reviewers on their website and third-party sites mention the sheds are high-quality and look nice once installed. There are some complaints about unclear instructions, but most say the shed wasn’t too difficult to assemble.

    Little Cottage Company has earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and mostly there are positive reviews given to the company's sheds. However, some customers report issues with missing or incorrect parts and the assembly being tedious.

    Winner: Tie - When it comes to customer satisfaction, this category is a draw. Both brands receive mostly good feedback from customers.

    Shed Costs and Value Comparison

    A major factor for most buyers is the cost of the shed and getting good value for what you pay.

    EZ Fit Sheds pricing ranges from:

    • 8x8 shed starting at $2,960
    • 10x12 shed starting at $3,599
    • 10x16 shed starting at $5,000

    Little Cottage Company’s pricing is also reasonable for the quality:

    • 8x8 Value Gambrel Barn Shed from $1,773
    • 10x16 Classic Gambrel Barn 6' Sidewall $4,029
    • 12x24  Classic Gambrel Barn 6' Sidewall $5,549

    Winner: EZ Fit Sheds - Across comparable sizes, EZ Fit generally has a bit higher base pricing. However, their larger shed sizes provide cost-efficient options for more spacious buildings.

    Comparison Table: EZ Fit Sheds vs. Little Cottage Company

    To further illustrate the distinctions and help you make an informed decision, here's a comparison of EZ Fit Sheds and Little Cottage Company across various key aspects:

    Feature EZ Fit Sheds Little Cottage Company
    Shed Sizes Available 8x8 to 12x24 feet 8x8 to 16x34 feet
    Popular Shed Sizes 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 10x14, 10x16 8x8 to 10x12 (Value Gambrel Barn), 12x16, 12x20, 12x24 (Premier Gambrel Barn)
    Materials LP SmartSide paneling LP SmartSide siding with 7/16” panels
    Durability Features Treated for fungal decay and termite resistance Thick panels, asphalt roof shingles, heavy-duty framing
    Cost for 8x8 Shed Starts at $2,960 (a bit higher base pricing) From $1,773
    Cost for 10x16 Shed Starts at $5,000 $5,549 (Classic Gambrel Barn)
    Additional Offerings Basic storage needs More variety in sizes and styles, customization options

    Final Verdict: Which is the Best?

    When weighing all the important factors for a backyard shed, EZ Fit Sheds emerges as the winner:

    • More practical sizing options for average homeowners
    • Significantly easier and faster assembly with pre-assembled panels
    • More affordable pricing across all common shed sizes
    • Delivers better overall value considering cost, quality, and ease of installation

    For these reasons, EZ Fit Sheds is highly recommended as the best place to buy your new shed if you want quality combined with simplicity and cost savings.

    outdoor ez fit riverside shed painted brown on a concrete foundation with ramp and sidewalk


    Are there any accessory options for wood storage sheds?

    Yes, both Little Cottage Co. and EZ Fit Sheds offer accessory upgrade options for their wood shed kits. These may include windows, doors, and interior hardware, among others. 

    How can these shop shed accessories benefit me?

    Shop shed accessories are essentially additional features you might want to consider when purchasing your wood storage shed kit. They can optimize the functionality of your shed, turning it into an ideal space for storing tools, and toys, and for enjoying crafts and hobbies.

    Can I find suitable wood storage shed kits for my 10x10 craftsman shop?

    Certainly! Both Little Cottage Co. and EZ Fit Sheds provide storage buildings that range in size including 10X10 wood sheds. You can choose based on the required storage space and design preference.

    Can I find sales or discounts typically on the wood storage shed kits?

    Yes, both Little Cottage Co. and EZ Fit Sheds do run occasional sales or discounts on their wood shed kits and accessories. It's advisable to periodically check our website or sign up for updates.

    Do these brands offer any other structures apart from shed kits?

    Yes, both brands also manufacture other outdoor structures beyond sheds. These may include playhouses, chicken coops, and more. 

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