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OFYR vs JAG Grill: How Do These Backyard Fire Pit Grills Compare?

OFYR vs JAG Grill: How Do These Backyard Fire Pit Grills Compare?

If you’re considering investing in a high-end backyard grill, OFYR and JAG Grill are two of the top brands to evaluate closely. OFYR is undoubtedly the more famous brand, JAG Grill offers compelling features that could be a better fit depending on your needs and priorities. This guide covers the critical factors so you can confidently choose between these brands for your dream outdoor cooking.

Key Takeaways

  • OFYR highlights advanced circular heating and insulation. JAG focuses on durable heavy-duty steel construction.
  • OFYR's rotating grill plate enables precision cooking. JAG's 3-in-1 design is a grill, fire pit, and table in one.
  • OFYR brands itself as high-end open-fire cooking. JAG Grill is about facilitating a backyard lifestyle.
  • OFYR costs $2,500-$6,800. JAG Grills are $1,250-$2,500, more affordable.

a side by side image of Jag Eight Grill and OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO

    OFYR vs JAG Grill - 5 Key Diferences

    OFYR was founded in the Netherlands with a vision of reinventing open-fire cooking using contemporary design. JAG Grill was launched by grilling enthusiasts seeking to enhance backyard lifestyle through better gathering-centric products.

    Both companies were born from entrepreneurial founders seeking to transform backyard cooking, just with different cultural perspectives. OFYR brings Dutch open-fire traditions into the modern era, while JAG embodies American social gathering values.

    Here's a quick overview to guide your decision:

    Feature OFYR JAG Grill Winner
    Main Product Lines Classic, Island, Pro models; 85cm-100cm cooking plates; grilling accessories JAG Eight and JAG Six models; integrated seating and tables OFYR
    Design Factors Circular shape; dual airflow control; ceramic insulation for heat retention Heavy-duty steel; integrated tables and seating for comfort OFYR
    Standout Features Rotating circular cooking surface; communal open-flame experience 3-in-1 design: grill, fire pit, and dining table Tie
    Brand Positioning Gourmet open-fire cooking Backyard lifestyle product; community-focused Tie
    Price $2,499 - $6,800 (customization varies) $1,249 - $2,499 (two models) JAG Grill

    Main Product Lines

    The OFYR lineup includes their Classic, Island, and Pro models ranging from 85cm – 100cm diameter cooking plates. They also sell grilling accessories like Horizontal skewer rings.

    JAG Grill focuses on two main products: the larger JAG Eight and the smaller JAG Six models. Both include integrated seating and tables.

    Winner: OFYR for more flexibility and customization options.

    Design Factors

    OFYR highlights their circular shape for even heating, dual airflow control, and ceramic insulation for heat retention.

    JAG Grill focuses on heavy-duty steel construction for durability and stability. Their integrated tables and seating also allow for comfortable design-centric gatherings.

    Winner: OFYR for more advanced heating and engineering.

    Standout Features

    For OFYR, the rotating circular cooking surface for precision temperature control is a unique advantage. Their communal open-flame experience is also a selling point.

    JAG Grill’s 3-in-1 design as a grill, fire pit, and dining table all in one unit sets them apart. You don’t need any additional purchases.

    Winner: Tie, as both provide special features.

    Brand Positioning

    OFYR positions itself as embodying the art of gourmet open-fire cooking. JAG Grill aims to be the peak backyard lifestyle product focused on community and gatherings.

    Winner: Tie, as both brands deliver on their promises.

    Price Considerations

    OFYR grills range from $2,499 to $6,800 depending on customization. JAG Grills cost $1,249 to $2,499 for their two set models.

    Winner: JAG for having more inclusive pricing.


    For those focused on cooking performance and versatility, OFYR is likely the better investment. If facilitating backyard gatherings is more important, then JAG Grill is ideal.

    Both are incredible choices. Focus on your priorities to decide on the best premium grill for your needs and budget.

    a side by side of OFYR Classic 100 and Jag Grill Eight Fire Pit Grill with people cooking on both grills


    How do the specifications of the Jag Grill enhance my BBQ experience?

    The Jag Grill is powered with several features that make it an impeccable choice for BBQ lovers. It comes equipped with adjustable and removable stainless steel grilling racks, a grill dome for access to coals, and a fire pit grill 3-in-1 BBQ arrangement. These functionalities allow for versatile cooking of steak, meat, seafood, and other dishes, taking your BBQ experience to a new level.

    Is the fire pit grill safe and convenient for home usage?

    Absolutely, the fire pit grills from OFYR and Jag are both designed with safety and convenience in mind for home usage. They are robust, durable, and made from quality materials. The adjustable and removable stainless steel grilling racks and dome access offer control and ease of usage. They don't just create an unforgettable grilling experience but also play an attractive decor role in your backyard oasis.

    How can I enjoy the Jag Grill or OFYR to its fullest with friends and family?

    The Jag Grill and the OFYR are designed to be at the center of a gathering. Just arrange them in your backyard oasis, let your family and friends engage in the grilling process, and everyone gets to grill their dish to their liking. This unique feature makes your time together enjoyable and unforgettable.

    Is the grill dome necessary for the Jag Grill and the OFYR fire pit grill?

    The grill dome plays a crucial role for both the OFYR and Jag Grill. You can take off the grill dome for easy access to coals, or adjust it to control the heat. When you aren't grilling, simply put the dome back on, it serves as a stylish centerpiece in your outdoor decor. It makes the fire pit grill versatile while adding to the visual appeal of your backyard oasis.

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