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Memorial Day Sale 5/24-5/29 - Free Gifts/Reduced Prices On the Following Brands: Cal Flame, Duramax, Yardistry, Elementi, Modeno, Outdoor Greatroom, Riverside Shed, Outdoor Living Today, Exaco, Napoleon Grills, Blaze Grills, Paragon Outdoor, Gazebo Penguin.
Cal Flame vs NewAge Products: Which Brand is Better for Your Outdoor Space?

Cal Flame vs NewAge Products: Which Brand is Better for Your Outdoor Space?

This comparison highlights key differences between Cal Flame and NewAge. Cal Flame boasts decades of experience outfitting backyards. NewAge has quickly become a go-to for storage solutions inside and out. Read to discover which brand is the best fit for you based on your priorities.

Key Takeaways

  • When upgrading your outdoor space, Cal Flame excels at premium grills, kitchen, and entertainment  like fireplaces and bars.

  • For whole-home organization and storage needs, inside and out, NewAge is the go-to.

  • Cal Flame uses top-tier materials and rigorous safety certifications on their durable outdoor products.

  • Both brands offer positive customer reviews and a wide range of budget options.

a side by side image of Cal Flame Grill and NewAge Island

    Comparing the Product Range

    Cal Flame specializes in outdoor cooking and entertainment products. Their range includes:

    • BBQ islands
    • Built-in grills
    • Carts
    • Fireplaces
    • Fire pits
    • Outdoor kitchen accessories

    NewAge focuses on storage and organization for the entire home. Their range covers:

    • Garage cabinets and shelving
    • Outdoor kitchen cabinets
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Grills and appliances
    • Bar cabinets
    • Kitchen and laundry storage
    • Flooring

    Winner: Tie

    Both companies offer diverse product lines tailored to their specialties. Cal Flame is better for outdoor cooking and entertainment needs, while NewAge is ideal for full home organization.

    Material Quality and Construction

    Cal Flame uses 304 stainless steel and cast stainless steel burners to construct their grills and BBQ islands. This high-grade steel ensures durability, weather resistance, and longevity.

    NewAge has expertise in engineering high-end storage solutions from various quality materials like wood, metal, and engineered composites. Their focus is craftsmanship and functionality.

    Winner: Cal Flame

    Cal Flame's grills and products are built to withstand the elements using industry-leading materials.

    Meeting Safety Standards

    All Cal Flame grills and products are ETL and CE-certified for safety and compliance with North American and European standards. This gives customers peace of mind.

    NewAge emphasizes simplicity and ease of purchase. Their online ordering system allows customers to efficiently buy storage solutions. However, specific safety certification is not a highlighted feature.

    Winner: Cal Flame

    Cal Flame's safety certifications provide an important assurance for customers.

    Brand Reputation and Experience

    With over 30 years in the outdoor cooking industry, Cal Flame has established itself as an experienced, award-winning manufacturer known for high-quality products.

    Since 2008, NewAge has built a reputation as a trusted brand for home organization and storage solutions.

    Winner: Cal Flame

    Cal Flame's proven longevity in outdoor cooking gives them the edge regarding brand reputation.

    Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

    Customer reviews praise Cal Flame for affordability, durability, and performance. Their products are known to deliver high value.

    NewAge is recognized as a trusted, recommended brand amongst homeowners. Customers appreciate their quality and service.

    Winner: Tie

    Both brands receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers.

    Pricing and Affordability

    Cal Flame products range from $100 for accessories up to $4000+ for high-end grill. Their products span a wide range of budget options.

    NewAge pricing varies greatly based on the type, size, material, and features. Their storage solutions cost anywhere from $50 up to $3000+.

    Winner: Tie

    Both Cal Flame and NewAge offer products at varying price points to suit all budgets.

    Availability and Purchase Options

    Cal Flame products are sold through an authorized dealer network and major online retailers.

    NewAge products are available directly through their website and third-party online retailers. Local showrooms are limited.

    Winner: Cal Flame

    Cal Flame's wider dealer network makes purchasing more convenient.

    Key Differences in Market Focus

    Cal Flame dominates the outdoor cooking and entertainment market with its grills, kitchens, and accessories.

    NewAge rules the home organization segment with its storage and garage solutions.

    Winner: Tie

    The brands differentiate with their specialization in complementary outdoor and indoor markets.

    To choose between Cal Flame and NewAge Products for your outdoor space, consider these key differences.

    Aspect Cal Flame NewAge Products Winner
    Product Focus Outdoor cooking Home organization Tie
    Material Quality High-grade steel Various materials Cal Flame
    Safety Standards Certified Not highlighted Cal Flame
    Brand Experience Over 30 years Since 2008 Cal Flame
    Customer Feedback Positive Positive Tie
    Pricing Range $100 to $4000+ $50 to $3000+ Tie
    Availability Wide network Online focus Cal Flame
    Market Speciality Outdoor cooking Storage solutions Tie

    Conclusion: Evaluating Your Needs

    In summary, when choosing between Cal Flame and NewAge , consider your specific needs:

    • For premium outdoor cooking essentials like grills, islands, and kitchens, Cal Flame is the leader.

    • If you need indoor and outdoor organization and storage, NewAge has you covered.

    • For outdoor living and entertainment like fireplaces, bars, and furniture, Cal Flame excels.

    Both companies make high-quality products with excellent warranties and service. Cal Flame edges ahead for outdoor cooking while NewAge leads in the organization. By evaluating your needs, you can determine which brand is the ideal choice for your home.


    What should I be aware of when choosing a model of BBQ grill for my outdoor kitchen project?

    When choosing a model of BBQ grill, you should keep in mind the size of your patio area, the amount and the type of food you plan to barbecue. Comparing different Cal Flame and Newage models may result in finding the perfect grill for your needs.

    Which model of outdoor kitchen island is more durable, Cal Flame or Newage?

    Both Cal Flame and Newage have different models that are made with robust and durable materials. The durability of each model may vary depending on its exposure to various weather conditions. 

    How can I be sure of the product quality of Cal Flame and Newage models?

    Both Cal Flame and Newage are renowned brands known for their quality. The products go through stringent testing to ensure durability and performance. Verify product details, customer reviews, and guarantees when you shop for the model that fits your project.

    What are the necessary tools I need to set up a Cal Flame or Newage model?

    The necessary tools depend on the specific model and the setup instructions. Generally, you may need common household tools such as a screwdriver and wrench. Each Cal Flame and Newage model comes with a manual that provides detailed instructions.

    How to maintain a Cal Flame or Newage model BBQ grill for an extended time?

    Proper maintenance will definitely extend the lifespan of your Cal Flame or Newage model BBQ grill. Regular cleaning, proper covering when not in use, and timely check-up and repair are some measures that can help your grill last longer. Check the specific model's manual for in-depth maintenance guidelines.

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