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Arteflame vs OFYR Grills: A Detailed Comparison

Arteflame vs OFYR Grills: A Detailed Comparison

When investing in a premium grill, two top options emerge - Arteflame and OFYR. For contemporary style and unmatched temperature control, Arteflame is the winner. If flexibility is a priority, OFYR comes out on top. This guide compares every aspect of these leading grill brands. Read to discover which premium grill brand is best for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Arteflame grills are American-made items with sleek, contemporary designs and excellent temperature control. They excel as high-end statement pieces.

  • Dutch brand OFYR offers portable, flexible grills in classic styles. Their full product ecosystem targets comprehensive outdoor living.

  • Both brands construct grills with premium materials like stainless steel and corten steel. They deliver outstanding performance.

a side by side image of the Artleflame Classic 40 Grill and OFYR Classic Storage Black 85

    OFYR Vs Arteflame Grills: Key Differences

    Arteflame is an American brand, known for its high-end, standalone flat-top grills and carbon steel grill inserts. With a unique visual appeal and a focus on creating a centerpiece for outdoor gatherings, Arteflame grills offer a diverse temperature range for a versatile cooking experience.

    OFYR is a Dutch brand that offers a wide range of products, including various models of grills, outdoor furniture, and kitchen accessories. With a three-piece design that is portable and suitable for various locations, OFYR grills are designed for outdoor grilling anytime, providing quality and flexibility.

    Let's dive into a comprehensive comparison table that highlights the key differences between Arteflame and OFYR grills, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

    Criteria Arteflame OFYR Winner
    Country of Origin American company, manufacturing in the USA. Dutch brand, established in 2015, designed in Europe. Tie
    Product Range Focuses on grills and accessories; luxury statement pieces. Over 130 products including grills, furniture, and utensils. OFYR
    Design Minimalist, contemporary, resembling functional sculpture. Portable, rustic style with corten steel patina. OFYR
    Cooking Experience Even heating with temperature zones; grease management. Corten steel for heat retention; good in inclement weather. Tie
    Materials 304 stainless steel, porcelain enamel coatings. Rugged 3mm corten steel, develops a protective patina. Arteflame
    Market Positioning Niche for luxury design-focused buyers. A broad appeal in outdoor living, accessible luxury. Tie
    Customer Reviews Praised for quality and heating; high prices as a downside. Acclaimed for durability, and portability; issues with rust. Tie
    Price Range $700 to $3000. Example: Classic 40” Grill ~$2540. $2000 to $7000. Example: Classic 100 Corten ~$4990. Arteflame

    Country of Origin

    • Arteflame is an American company that designs and manufactures grills in the USA.
    • OFYR is a Dutch brand established in 2015. OFYR products are designed in Europe.

    For buyers who prefer American-made goods, Arteflame is the choice. Those wanting European styling may prefer OFYR.

    Winner: Tie

    Product Range

    • Arteflame focuses solely on grills and accessories like inserts, cabinets, and shelves. They aim for luxury statement pieces.

    • OFYR offers over 130 products spanning grills, furniture for other types of grills, and accessories. Their broader ecosystem targets full outdoor living.

    Arteflame appeals specifically to grill enthusiasts, while OFYR suits those wanting comprehensive outdoor solutions.

    Winner: OFYR


    • Arteflame features a minimalist, contemporary appeal with clean lines and integrated features. The sleek look resembles a functional sculpture.

    • OFYR takes a more portable, utilitarian approach. The grills have a classic, rustic style when the corten steel develops a patina.

    Those wanting a polished, architectural statement prefer Arteflame. OFYR suits buyers wanting timeless, rugged charm.

    Winner: OFYR

    Cooking Experience

    • Arteflame's flat-top griddles allow even heating with defined temperature zones. Their grease management prevents flare-ups.

    • OFYR's corten steel retains heat extremely well for flexible grilling. Owners praise the grills' abilities in inclement weather.

    Arteflame excels in temperature control. OFYR wins for all-weather performance. Both offer excellent heating power.

    Winner: Tie


    • Arteflame uses commercial-grade 304 stainless steel and thick steel cores for unmatched conductivity. Porcelain enamel coatings prevent corrosion.

    • OFYR constructs grills entirely from rugged 3mm corten steel. It develops a protective patina over time.

    Arteflame provides the most durable construction. But OFYR's corten steel is ideal for long-term outdoor use.

    Winner: Arteflame

    Visual Appeal

    • With minimalist lines and balanced proportions, Arteflame grills make striking, contemporary statements. They resemble freestanding outdoor kitchens.

    • As part of the Fyron Group, OFYR adopts a more mainstream look prioritizing utility over flair. The grills still have rugged charm.

    Those wanting refined, architectural appeal prefer Arteflame. OFYR suits buyers valuing flexibility.

    Winner: Arteflame

    Customer Reviews

    • Reviews praise Arteflame's construction quality, performance over time, and impressive heating distribution. Complaints focus on the high prices.

    • OFYR earns acclaim for durability over 10 years, portability when assembling and moving, and value by providing the same cooking area and material at lower prices. Some cite rust on corten steel as a downside.

    Both brands earn outstanding owner satisfaction for engineering, performance, and quality.

    Winner: Tie

    Price Range

    Pricing represents a major difference between the two brand options.

    • Arteflame grills range from around $700 to $3000, depending on the model and included accessories. For instance, their Classic 40” Grill with High Round Base costs around $2540.

    • OFYR grills have an even wider price spectrum, spanning approximately $2000 to $7000. Their Classic 100 Corten is priced at $4990.

    Winner: Arteflame

    Similarities Between Arteflame and OFYR

    • High-end construction with innovative materials
    • Ability to sear and grill at extremely high heat
    • Statement-piece designs built to last decades
    • Supportive customer service post-purchase

    Which Grill Is Right For You?

    Choosing the better brand depends on your needs:

    Consider Arteflame If:

    • You want a visually striking statement piece. The grills resemble art.

    • A large stationary grilling station suits your space. Arteflame's substantial griddles dominate patios.

    • Precise temperature control matters to you. Arteflame's zoning enables fine-tuned grilling.

    • Contemporary, architectural visuals appeal to you. Arteflame has distinct sleek styling.

    Consider OFYR If:

    • You want the flexibility to easily move and grill in different locations. OFYR's modular design travels anywhere.

    • You want a full outdoor living ecosystem. OFYR's range creates cohesive spaces.

    • All-weather grilling is important. OFYR retains heat in wind and rain.

    • You like a rugged, rustic style. OFYR's corten patina provides character.


    Both Arteflame and OFYR provide top-tier grills. For stationary flat-top grilling and contemporary style, Arteflame wins. For portable convenience, OFYR is the winner.

    With this detailed comparison, you can determine the best brand for your grilling needs. Arteflame and OFYR both produce outstanding outdoor cooking equipment sure to last a lifetime.

    an image of the OFYR Island Corten 85 Teak Wood with logs in its storage space with cooking essentials on top


    Where can I purchase OFYR and arteflame grills?

    Both Ofyr and Arteflame grills can be found on various platforms, including their official websites and popular online marketplaces. Prices may vary so it's wise to compare to get the best deal.

    What should I consider when choosing between an OFYR and an arteflame grill?

    Consider factors like your grilling needs, the grill's features, the type of food you will often cook, how you plan on using the grill, its maintenance needs, and the pros and cons of each option.

    The arteflame grill has the option to use charcoal, does OFYR grill offer the same?

    Yes, both Ofyr and Arteflame grills offer the option to grill using charcoal. However, they are predominantly wood burning grills, which many users prefer for the traditional grilling flavor it imparts to the food.

    Can I cook a pizza in either the OFYR or the arteflame grill?

    While it's not common practice, it is possible to cook a pizza on both the Ofyr and Arteflame grills, provided you're using a pizza stone or a pizza oven attachment if available. The high heat of the grill can give the pizza a nice crust and smoky flavor.

    How easy is cleaning and maintaining OFYR and arteflame grills?

    Both grills are relatively easy to clean as the heat from the grill helps to burn off most residue. Regular cleaning after each use is encouraged. It's also recommended to season the grill to prevent rusting and improve cooking performance over time.

    Can both OFYR and arteflame grills be left outside for quite some time without damage?

    Yes, both grills are designed to withstand the elements and can be left outside. However, it's essential to season them regularly for longevity. A cover is also a good investment for added protection.

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