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cedar summit vs gorilla playset - which is best for your kids

Cedar Summit vs Gorilla Playsets: Which Backyard Swing Set is Best for Your Kids?

With swings, slides, climbing walls, and more, outdoor playsets for kids provide hours of adventure for children right at home. But with so many playset brands in the market, how do parents choose the right one?

This guide will compare two top brands—Cedar Summit and Gorilla Playsets—to help you decide which is best for your family. We'll explore the quality, safety, customization, and price of both brands so you can confidently select the perfect playset!

Key Takeaways 

  • Both Gorilla and Cedar Summit make quality swing sets from durable wood, but Gorilla offers more customization options.

  • Gorilla playsets have more attachments like bridges, multi-level decks, and activity centers to keep kids engaged.

  • For those on a budget, Cedar Summit provides greater value for a basic swing set.

cedar summit playset by kidkraft

    Overview of Cedar Summit Playsets

    Cedar Summit is a smaller range of playsets produced under the larger KidKraft brand. KidKraft has been in the market for over 50 years and is known for its commitment to safety, quality, and value.

    The Cedar Summit line focuses on wooden outdoor playsets for backyards. Here are some key facts about Cedar Summit playsets:

    • Types of Playsets: Cedar Summit offers a variety of playsets including swing sets, multi-play systems, forts, and playset accessories. Most sets have features like swings, slides, climbing walls, and more.

    • Materials: The playsets are constructed from 100% cedar wood which is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. The hardware and accessories are made of durable metals.

    • Safety: All Cedar Summit playsets are designed with safety in mind. The wood is carefully selected to prevent cracking or breaking which could cause injuries. The playsets meet ASTM safety standards.

    • Warranty: Cedar Summit playsets come with an impressive 10-year warranty, which covers manufacturing defects, wood rot, and insect damage.

    • Price Range: On average, Cedar Summit playsets cost about $1,000 but can range from $100 up to $4,000 depending on size and design. They tend to be cheaper than comparable Gorilla playsets.

    adventure wave gorilla playset with children playing

      Overview of Gorilla Playsets

      Gorilla Playsets is one of the original backyard playset manufacturers, founded in 1993. Here are some Standout features of Gorilla playsets:

      • Types of Playsets: Gorilla offers a wide selection of playsets including swing sets, multi-play systems, forts, and accessories. There are sets for all ages from toddlers to teens.

      • Materials: Gorilla playsets are constructed from high-quality wood that is hand-selected for durability. The hardware and accessories are made from heavy-duty metals.

      • Safety: All playsets comply with ASTM safety standards. The lumber is carefully chosen and assemblies are rigorously tested for safety.

      • Warranty: Gorilla provides a 10-year warranty covering wood rot, termite damage, and manufacturing defects.

      • Price Range: Gorilla playsets range from $300 for a basic swing set up to $4,000 for an elaborate multi-level play system. The average cost is around $1,500.

      Now that you have an overview of both brands, let's compare them in detail across some key factors:

      Playset Design and Layout Comparison

      • Both Gorilla and Cedar Summit playsets offer swings, rock walls, slides, and lookout towers as attachments.

      • Gorilla playsets have more attachment options overall, including clatter bridges, multiple decks, tire swings, and customizable components like slides, swings, tic-tac-toe games, and activity centers.

      • Cedar Summit playsets have fewer attachment options and less customizability compared to Gorilla playsets.

      • Gorilla's wide range of attachments and customizability allows you to build a more unique playset tailored to your kids' interests.

      • If having lots of attachment options to keep kids entertained and the ability to customize the playset is important, Gorilla playsets are the better choice over Cedar Summit.

      two kids playing with a telescope on the kidkraft timberlake playset

        Backyard Fun: Play Activities for Every Kid

        The most fun playsets have something to keep children of all ages entertained. Here's how the activity options compare between the brands:

        For Toddlers

        • Cedar Summit: Slide, ground-level playhouse, swings
        • Gorilla: Safe toddler swings, crawl tunnels, mini playhouse, steering wheel

        For ages 5-8

        • Cedar Summit: Basic rock climbing wall, standard slide
        • Gorilla: Wave slides, climbing rock walls, monkey bars, sandbox

        For ages 9-12

        • Cedar Summit: Swings, elevated fort area
        • Gorilla: Giant swings, zip line kits, elevated clubs, challenging climbing walls


        • Cedar Summit: Swings
        • Gorilla: Trapeze swing, rope and cargo nets, hammock

        Gorilla playsets edge out Cedar Summit again when it comes to providing exciting age-appropriate activities for children of all ages from toddlers to teens. The variety keeps them engaged for years.

        Quality and Construction Comparison

        How safely and sturdily a playset is constructed is critical for your child's safety. Let's examine the quality and construction of Cedar Summit vs Gorilla playsets:

        • Materials: Both use quality wood. The hardware is heavy-duty as well. Gorilla offers more customization in wood types.

        • Assembly: Gorilla playsets come with detailed manuals and instructional videos making home assembly easier. Cedar Summit sets typically require professional installation which adds to costs.

        • Weather Resistance: Cedar naturally withstands outdoor exposure. Gorilla lumber is pre-treated but may need re-staining or sealing yearly. Both offer protection from wood rot in their warranty.

        • Warranty: The warranty coverage is identical at 10 years for both Cedar Summit and Gorilla. This covers manufacturing defects and wood rot.

        For quality and construction, it's a tie between Cedar Summit and Gorilla. Both build safe and sturdy playsets from quality wood. Gorilla sets are easier to assemble at home while Cedar Summit provides naturally weather-resistant cedar.

        Pricing Comparison

        The final factors to consider are availability and pricing. Here is how the two brands compare:

        • Price range: Basic Cedar Summit swing sets start around $999. Deluxe sets can cost up to $4,000. Gorilla playsets range from $500 for a basic swing set to $4,000 for an elaborate multi-play system. The average cost is $1,500.

        • Value for money: Both offer 10-year warranties and meet safety standards. Overall, Cedar Summit provides greater value, especially for basic swing sets. Gorilla offers more premium features for a higher cost.

        For availability and price, the advantage goes to Cedar Summit for wider online availability and greater value, especially for budget buyers.

        Key differences between cedar summit and gorilla playsets

        Factor Cedar Summit Gorilla Playsets
        Playset Design Fewer attachments less customizable More attachments and highly customizable
        Activities by Age Less variety More age-appropriate activities
        Quality Durable cedar wood, Treated wood
        Installation Pro installation needed Easier home assembly
        Price $100 - $4,000, better value for basic sets $500 - $4,000, more premium features
        Best For  budget buyers premium features
        gorilla playset vs cedar summit playset with children playing


        The Verdict: Which Playset is Best for Your Backyard?

        Now for the big decision - Which of these two popular playset brands is the right choice for your backyard? It is believed that Gorilla is the superior brand. With more activities to engage older kids, larger footprint capability, and customizable designs, Gorilla playsets are ideal for bigger yards and families. Though Cedar Summit offers quality construction, its playsets lack expandability and diversity. So, Gorilla Playsets is mostly a top pick. 

        However, the best playset for you depends on your budget, yard size, child’s age, and preferences. Gorilla is ideal for larger yards and keeping older kids engaged with more activities. Cedar Summit offers safety and affordability for compact areas and younger kids. 

        Still can't choose between the two? Brands like Backyard Discovery, Step2, and Rainbow Play Systems offer comparable playsets too.

        Final Words

        Whichever playset brand you ultimately choose, the most important thing is that it brings your family joy for years to come. With endless memories to be made climbing, sliding, and swinging a backyard playset is a worthwhile investment in your child's imagination and healthy development.

        Beyond comparing brands and features, focus on how the playset will create a space for your kids to play pretend, burn energy, and bond as a family. The playset itself simply provides the tools - you and your children will build the memories.

        children playing on the kidkraft brookridge fort


        What is the availability of Cedar Summit vs Gorilla Playsets swing sets?

        Availability may vary depending on the specific model and retailer. It is recommended to check with the retailer or visit their website to see which outdoor swingset is currently in stock.

        Are these swing sets suitable for outdoor use?

        Yes, both Cedar Summit and Gorilla Playsets swing sets are designed for outdoor use. They are constructed with materials that are weather-resistant and can withstand various outdoor conditions.

        Can I order a natural cedar swing set?

        Yes, Cedar Summit offers swing sets made from natural cedar wood. The natural cedar not only provides a beautiful aesthetic but also naturally resists rot, decay, and insect damage.

        What is the shipping time for these swing sets?

        The shipping time for Cedar Summit and Gorilla Playsets swing sets may vary depending on the specific model and the retailer. It is recommended to check with the retailer or visit their website for estimated shipping times.

        Are there any specific tools required for assembly?

        Both Cedar Summit and Gorilla Playsets swing sets come with all the necessary tools required for assembly. However, it is always a good idea to have basic tools such as a screwdriver and a wrench on hand.

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