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how to measure for a fire pit wind guard

How to Measure for a Fire Pit Wind Guard

Fire pit kits with a wind guard is an essential accessory that helps protect the flames from disruptive winds. Even a gentle breeze can blow the fire off-center or even extinguish it completely. A quality wind guard surrounds the burner pan and blocks wind to keep the flames burning beautifully.

This heat-resistant glass barrier is designed to complement your outdoor fire feature and allow for an enjoyable firepit experience regardless of weather conditions. Investing in a custom-fit wind guard helps ensure proper airflow and safety.

Key Takeaways

  • Measure fire pit opening width and length for rectangular fire pit designs or diameter for round pits to size wind guard. Account for any raised edges.

  • Capture depth from outer to inner fire pit edge. Impacts necessary wind guard height.

  • Note the exact height from the ground to the top opening when ordering a custom wind guard.

  • Take pictures from multiple angles. Useful visual references for custom fabrication.

a comparison of a fire pit with a wind guard and without

    Determine Fire Pit Shape: Round vs Rectangular

    The first step is identifying whether you have a round or rectangular fire pit.

    Round fire pits are the most popular style and use a single measurement. You’ll simply measure across the center to calculate the diameter.

    Rectangular fire pits require both a length and width measurement to determine the proper wind guard size.

    Knowing the shape of your fire pit ensures you take accurate measurements for the opening. This prevents ordering the wrong-sized wind guard.

    Account for Any Raised Edges or Lips

    Some gas fire pits and fire tables feature a raised edge or lip around the inner burner pan.

    This extra edge changes the depth that needs to be accounted for when measuring. If an edge is present, be sure to measure from the outer raised lip rather than the burner pan itself.

    Taking note of any raised sections ensures your wind guard will have proper clearance. The glass barrier should clear any edges and sit flush with the top opening.

    Measure Depth from Outer to Inner Edge

    The depth of your square outdoor fire pit impacts wind resistance. Deeper fire pits block more wind naturally while shallow models need taller wind guards.

    Use your tape measure to determine the depth from the top outer edge down to the inner edge where the burner pan sits.

    This measurement greatly impacts the necessary wind guard dimensions, so precision here is vital. Record the depth to ensure the glass barrier will allow for proper ventilation.

    an illustration of measuring a fire pit to fit a wind guard

    Measure Height from Ground to Top of Opening

    Determining the total height is also important for selecting the ideal wind guard size.

    Use your tape measure to note the exact height from the ground up to the top of the fire pit opening.

    Standard wind guard sizes range from 6 inches to 18 inches tall in most cases. Having the height measurement ensures you order a guard that meets the minimum height requirements to protect your fire pit flame.

    Take Pictures from Multiple Angles

    Snapshot images provide useful visual references when ordering a custom wind guard. Capture pictures of your fired pit opening from various angles.

    Make sure to photograph any relevant measurements or standout features. These images give manufacturers a clearer sense of your dimensions and fire pit style.

    Double Check Precise Measurements

    It’s vital to double and even triple-check your tape measurements for accuracy. When ordering a custom piece, wind guards have no returns and cannot be easily adjusted.

    Wrong fire pit measurements mean an ill-fitting wind guard that either leaves gaps, doesn’t sit flush or completely misses the opening. Checking exact sizes helps prevent these issues.

    Provide Exact Dimensions When Ordering

    Only by providing precise measurements can manufacturers properly cut tempered glass panels for wind guards. The opening dimensions inform the sizing and shape of the glass barrier.

    When ready to order, supply the exact measurements including:

    • Shape (round vs rectangular)
    • Diameter or length x width
    • Depth
    • Height
    • Pictures

    With these fire pit specifics, vendors can fabricate a custom glass wind guard sized to fit your space perfectly. Moreover, note that your fire pit wind guard should be at least 2.5 inches larger than the fire pit opening. Measure the distance carefully to ensure the guard works with your fire pit. 

    a lit round fire pit with a wind guard and fire glass inside


    This article provided tips to capture precise dimensions whether you have a round or rectangular shaped pit. Getting size specifics right means receiving a wind guard that fits your space perfectly.

    With custom measurements ready, you can confidently order a wind guard for optimal performance to divert wind, maintain airflow, and boost your enjoyment of backyard fire pit gatherings. For additional pit selection guidance, see our comprehensive fire pit buying guide.


    What are fire pit wind guards and why might I need one?

    Fire pit wind guards, sometimes referred to as fire pit glass wind guards or screens, are devices that keep the wind from disturbing the flames of your gas fire pit. They protect the flames from getting too close to people or objects, enhance the appearance of your fire pit or outdoor firepit table, and ensure high-quality, stable flames.

    My fire pit doesn’t fit conventional shapes of wind guards, can I get a custom glass wind guard?

    Yes, certain some retailers offer custom fire pit glass guards. Whether your fire pit is round, rectangular, square, or has different dimensions, a custom glass windscreen can be made to meet your specific needs.

    Are all wind guards made of glass?

    Most fire pit wind guards are made from tempered glass due to its durability and heat resistance capabilities. The tempered glass panels also provide a clear view of the flames, enhancing the appearance of your fire pit or fire table.

    Can wind guards also serve a protective function?

    Absolutely. In addition to protecting the flames from the wind, fire pit wind guards are also designed to deter people and objects from getting too close to the fire. This can prevent accidental burns and fire-related incidents.

    Are wind guards easy to install?

    Yes, wind guards are generally easy to install. Many wind guards come with a bracket system to connect the tempered glass panels securely around your fire pit. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

    Can I use a round wind guard on a rectangular fire pit?

    It's generally not advisable to use a round wind guard on a rectangular fire pit or vice versa. Misfit wind guards won't protect the flames adequately and can create safety hazards. Make sure to use a wind guard designed to fit the specific shape of your fire pit.

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