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Elementi FAQ

How do you convert a fire pit from Liquid Propane (LPG) to Natural Gas?

You can convert most Elementi fire pits or fire tables easily to natural (mains) gas. An additional propane to natural gas conversion kit can be purchased at checkout. For any installations involving mains(natural) gas a registered gas engineer should be used.

How long is the hose supplied?

The hose provided with the Gas Fire Pit, is approximately 2.5 meters in length and 15mm in width.

Can I increase the length of the LPG hose?

It is advised not to increase the length of the hose. A longer hose can result in less pressure to the fire pit which then affects the flame. Also, if you have tampered with the original hose supplied this may void your warranty.

Can I hide the hose underground?

If you choose to bury the pipe underground, it is advised to cover it with a plastic or copper sleeve to protect the pipe from corrosion.

How do I conceal the Liquid Propane Gas Bottle?

There are tank covers available, up to 24 inches, which will conceal a 13kg Liquid Propane Gas Bottle. As the tank covers are very sturdy, they can also be used as a side table for drinks.

What size Liquid Propane Gas bottle should I use?

Liquid Propane Gas bottles, also known as Patio Gas, come in 5kg and 13kg canisters. If you require a tank cover, please check the dimensions of the canister to ensure it fits.

Why is there a blue flame when I first start the fire?

The blue flames usually indicate there is a high oxygen ratio mix. When you first start your fire pit, there is a lot of oxygen in the gas line, and the fire will burn a blue color until all of the air is purged from the gas line.

Do you need specialist knowledge to set up the fire pit?

No special expertise is required for the setup. However, since the fire pits are very heavy, we advise you to have one or more people help you set them up.

What material are the fire pits made of?

Fiber concrete and eco-stone are used to manufacture our fire pits. These materials are particularly robust and ensure durability. Fiber concrete is concrete whose properties are optimized by adding fibers, for example to prevent the formation of cracks.

Eco-Stone is made from natural inorganic mineral powder with the addition of high-quality plastics. Attractive appearance, high stability, and low weight are the characteristics of this material. For product properties of the various fire pits, please refer to the information on the respective item.

Can this fire pit use a direct line from a propane source? Not a small tank?

This fire pit comes ready and equipped to connect to a 20 lb. LP gas tank. You will need a certified gas supplier or a local gas professional to come and reconfigure the gas connection in order to connect this to a plumbed propane line. Changing to the connection would void the warranty.

The igniter says electric. Does it have to be plugged in to an electrical outlet or is it battery operated?

It is AAA battery operated. The battery is located inside of the igniter.

Is the connection valve to the propane tank standard connection?

Yes, the propane tank connection is a standard connection. Inlet connection: QCC (1.312”-5ACME)

Is this item winter proof / weatherproof?

Yes, this item is made to be used outdoors. However, it should be covered during the winter months. And be sure to keep the bottom of the stove ventilated when in use.

Is the fire pit waterproof or do you need a separate cover when it rains?

The rain does not damage the fire pit much as it is designed for outdoor use. However, we recommend using either a protective hood or a cover for general protection.

Can the fire pit be placed on a wooden base?

It's not a problem, the fire pit can be placed on a wooden base. To protect your Elementi fire pit on a wood deck, you can use a fire pit pad or heat-resistant mat underneath it. This will help prevent any heat damage to the deck.

What is the overhead clearance minimum? Can it be used under an umbrella?

The overhead clearance requirement is 72" above the height of the table top. The umbrella would need to be 6' taller than the table.

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