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are duramax sheds any good - review

Are Duramax Sheds Any Good? An In-depth Review

Duramax sheds are a popular brand of outdoor storage sheds for sale made from weather-resistant plastic panels supported by a pressed metal frame. With a range of sizes and designs to choose from, Duramax aims to provide an attractive yet sturdy storage solution for your garden tools, equipment, and other outdoor items.

But are these sheds worth investing in? In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the key features and benefits of the brand, overview some of their most popular models, highlight the pros and cons based on customer feedback, and provide our final verdict on whether Duramax storage is a solid choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Duramax sheds offer durable plastic and metal construction that is weather and rust-resistant, though some owners report issues in extreme weather.

  • Assembly is straightforward with pre-cut parts, but quality control seems inconsistent based on reviews citing missing hardware or uneven panels.

  • The range of shed sizes from 4x8 ft up to 10.5x13 ft allows flexible storage capacity for equipment, tools, and other items.

  • Duramax provides good value as a budget-friendly shed option, though higher-end brands may offer superior longevity for buyers wanting robust performance.

duramax storage shed with double doors and shelves inside

    Key Features and Benefits of Duramax Sheds

    There are several notable features and advantages offered by the brand that make them a promising option for many homeowners.

    Durable and Weather-Resistant Construction

    Duramax sheds are designed to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather conditions. The vinyl panels are UV-protected and won't warp, dent, peel, or rust over time. The pressed metal frame provides added sturdiness and prevents sagging.

    Customers note that the sheds seem durable enough to hold up well against rain, snow, wind, and sun over multiple seasons. However, a few have experienced issues with leaks during heavy storms or high winds, so additional weatherproofing may be needed in very wet or windy regions (usually Florida of the Maine).

    Easy and Quick Assembly

    A major plus for many customers is the easy assembly process. The pre-drilled panels and frames fit together with minimal cutting or complex tools required. The sheds can usually be constructed in less than a day with 2 people.

    Clear instructions are provided for each step. Some customers even managed to assemble their Duramax outbuilding solo thanks to the straightforward process.

    Lots of Size and Design Options

    With different shed sizes from 4 ft x 8 ft up to 10.5 ft x 13 ft, Duramax provides flexible storage capacity for various needs. Larger sheds like the 10.5 ft x 8 ft double door model can fit ride-on mowers, bikes, and other bulky items. Smaller sheds work well for organizing garden tools.

    Different stylish designs like A-frame or barn-shaped rooflines allow you to select an attractive look for your yard. The neutral wood-like finish blends into most outdoor environments.

    Low-Maintenance Exteriors

    A major advantage over wooden sheds is that vinyl sheds don't require ongoing staining, painting, or waterproofing to maintain their appearance and weather resistance. The molded panels keep their color for years without fading.

    However, some owners do recommend occasional washing with a garden hose to keep the panels looking their best. Debris and dirt buildup should also be cleared from the metal frame to prevent corrosion issues.

    Overview of Top Duramax Shed Models

    Duramax offers an array of storage shed sizes, but a few models stand out as particularly popular and well-reviewed choices.

    duramax 10x8 plastic storage shed

    Duramax 10 ft x 8 ft Plastic Shed

    With 80 square feet of storage space, this shed provides ample room for larger equipment like lawnmowers while still fitting in most backyard settings. The shed features a pent-roof style with shingle-textured roof panels that match many homes. An 8 ft wide double door provides easy access.

    Owners praise the sturdy construction and spacious interiors. Some report fitting shelving units and workbenches easily within the shed for customized storage.

    Duramax 6x6 StoreMate Plus Vinyl Shed with floor - 30425

    Duramax 6 ft x 6 ft Vinyl Shed

    For those with smaller storage needs, this slim-profile shed provides ample organization room for pool supplies, gardening tools, and more without dominating the yard.

    The lack of windows provides added security. The neutral ivory walls and grey shingled roof blend in with most outdoor décor styles. Owners note the accuracy of its construction and the tight seal of the doors for weather resistance.

    Duramax StoreMax Plus 10.5 X 8 - 30225

    Duramax StoreMax Plus 10.5 X 8 Shed with Double Doors

    Featuring tall 10.5 ft walls and wide double doors, this shed provides walk-in access and ample room for larger storage items. The A-frame roof and neutral wood-like finish make it an attractive backyard addition.

    The molded floor helps keep the interior clear of moisture and debris. The solid metal frame construction provides exceptional stability according to customer reviews. If you need lots of secure outdoor storage, this spacious model is a great choice.

    The Good and Bad of Duramax Sheds

    Based on the reviews, there are a few key pros and cons to weigh when considering these storage buildings.

    Durability and Sturdy Construction

    The primary advantage noted by many owners of Duramax sheds is their sturdy, durable construction. The thick molded panels stacked onto the strong metal frame make them very stable and rigid.

    Owners say the sheds seem like they will hold up well to weather and general wear and tear for many years. The materials used don't easily dent, peel, or warp.

    However, a few customers have experienced issues with leaks, blown-off roof panels, or walls bowing in extreme winds (usually 70+ mph). This happens mainly during hurricanes and extreme storms and if the shed is not properly anchored to its foundation.

    Security and Weatherproofing Concerns

    Most Duramax shed models lack windows, which improves security by removing an easy point of entry for intruders. Owners can add their own locks to the doors for optimal security.

    But the lack of windows also limits air circulation and ventilation, causing humidity and condensation troubles for some owners (they usually only have 1 small vent). Additionally, the doors may have small gaps that allow rain, debris, and insects inside.

    Easy Assembly But Potential Quality Issues

    Assembling the Duramax sheds is straightforward for most customers, with clear instructions and precision pre-cut parts. All necessary hardware and components are included.

    However, some owners report inconsistencies in delivery. Issues like uneven roof panels, warped doors, or missing screws are common complaints when the package is not delivered correctly or the carrier damages the item. Quality control seems to quote more shipping issues then actual shed issues.

    Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of Duramax storage: 

    Pros Cons
    Durable construction Durability issues in extreme weather
    Easy assembly Inconsistent quality control
    Range of sizes Limited ventilation
    Low maintenance Leaks possible
    Good value Not as robust as premium brands

    duramax woodbridge and duramax apex storage shed

    Final Verdict: Are Duramax Sheds Worth Buying?

    Overall, Duramax sheds provide reasonable quality and good value in an affordable prefabricated outdoor storage building. They offer ample interior space, low-maintenance exteriors, and straightforward assembly.

    However, durability issues reported by some owners in extreme weather may make them less than ideal in certain climates. And inconsistent shipping quality can lead to hardware problems or leaky roofs.

    As long as you don't require heavy-duty construction and anticipate mostly mild weather conditions, Duramax can be a solid choice for extra storage space in your yard. They provide good features for the price. However, evaluating your specific storage needs and climate is recommended before purchasing.

    For even sturdier performance, you may want to compare Duramax sheds to leading brands like Suncast, Lifetime, and Best Barns sheds as well. While Duramax is a decent budget-friendly option, investing a bit more can provide better reliability and longevity in a storage shed built to last.

    Here is a brief comparison of Duramax and the other two top shed brands:

    Brand Weather Resistance Ease of Assembly Price
    Duramax Good Excellent Budget
    Suncast Better Fair Mid-range
    Lifetime Best Good Premium


    Weigh the benefits and downsides carefully before deciding if this shed is right for your home. With reasonable expectations, they can be a good value purchase to help declutter your garage or organize your garden equipment. However, reinforced weather protection and careful assembly may be needed in some cases to get the best performance.


    Can I use a Duramax shed as a garden storage shed?

    Absolutely, Duramax sheds are designed to serve as garden storage sheds and provide ample space for garden essentials. They are made of vinyl, have double doors, come in various sizes such as 10 x 8 ft, and offer low maintenance.

    Are there any customer reviews available for Duramax sheds?

    Yes, you can find customer reviews on our review page for this brand. According to many product reviews, the overall quality of Duramax is exceptional and they also offer value for money to their customers.

    Is a Duramax plastic shed better than wood?

    Duramax plastic sheds are more durable, weather-resistant, and lower maintenance than wooden sheds. The molded panels won't rot, warp, or need repainting like wood. However, wood may provide better insulation in extreme climates. The Duramax Woodbridge Plus Vinyl Shed is a popular plastic shed known for its quality construction.

    How can I add ventilation to a Duramax storage shed with double doors?

    Add screened vents up high on the back wall. You can also install a louvered vent above the doors. Cracking the doors open can also improve airflow on breezy days.

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