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Amish Gazebos vs Outdoor Living Today Gazebos

Amish Gazebos vs Outdoor Living Today Gazebos

Amish Gazebos and Outdoor Living Today are two top gazebo brands. Amish Gazebos offers stunning customized options, while Outdoor Living Today provides excellent durability with western red cedar. This comparison examines the key differences between the two brands to help determine which garden gazebo is best for your backyard.

Key Takeaways

  • Amish Gazebos are completely customizable, handcrafted gazebos made from durable Southern Yellow Pine wood by skilled Amish craftsmen in the USA. 

  • Outdoor Living Today gazebos are pre-designed kits made from weather-resistant Western Red Cedar that is sustainably sourced. 

  • The average price of Amish Country Gazebos is about $8,000. They have a lifetime structural warranty.

  • Outdoor Living Today gazebo kits start around $6,000. They come with a 1-year limited warranty.

a side by side image of Amish Country Gazebo vs Outdoor Living Today Gazebo

Origins and Manufacturing

When it comes to gazebo origins and manufacturing, there are some clear differences between Amish Country Gazebos and Outdoor Living Today:

  • Amish Country Gazebos are handcrafted by skilled Amish craftsmen in the United States. 

  • Outdoor Living Today gazebos are manufactured in Canada from quality Western Red Cedar lumber. 

The Amish are renowned for their high-quality woodworking skills and attention to detail. So you can expect an Amish Country Gazebo to showcase superb craftsmanship.

Outdoor Living Today utilizes sustainable harvesting and production methods for their American and Canadian-sourced cedar.

Materials Used

The type of wood used is an important factor affecting gazebo quality and durability over the long term.

  • Amish Gazebos handpick Southern Yellow Pine wood for its strength, natural beauty, and resistance to rot and decay. It's a dense wood that can withstand extreme weather.

  • Outdoor Living Today constructs its gazebos from Western Red Cedar, which is naturally resistant to water damage, rot, and insects. Red Cedar ages gracefully to a silvery patina.

Both wood types are excellent choices. Southern Yellow Pine offers tremendous strength and durability. Western Red Cedar provides natural decay resistance without the use of chemical treatments.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Sturdy construction and weather resistance are crucial for gazebos to hold up over years of use. Here's how the brands compare:

  • Amish Country Gazebos are built from thick, dense Southern Yellow Pine wood optimized for strength. Their joinery and roof anchoring can withstand high winds, blizzards, and earthquakes.

  • Gazebos from Outdoor Living Today also offer robust durability through the natural resilience of Western Red Cedar. The wood is naturally resistant to decay. Outdoor Living Today’s gazebos are PEFC & WRCA certified.

Costs and Warranty

There are significant cost differences between Amish Country Gazebos and Outdoor Living Today:

  • Amish Country Gazebo prices typically range from $3,000 up to $40,000 for large or customized models. Their lifetime structural warranty demonstrates the quality.

  • A 10' Outdoor Living Today Octagon Gazebo costs $5,899 with a 1-year limited warranty. Their gazebos are cheaper than Amish options.

The price gap shows the higher cost of Amish hand-craftsmanship compared to Outdoor Living's manufacturing model. But the Lifetime Warranty highlights Amish's quality.

Customization Options

Both Amish Country Gazebos and Outdoor Living Today allow clients to customize their gazebo orders:

  • Amish Country Gazebos are made completely bespoke and customized to your specifications. You choose the size, shape, layout, decorative elements, accessories like screens and benches, and more during your order.

  • Outdoor Living Today enables you to upgrade your gazebo kit with decorative trim pieces, extra windows or doors, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, and various color stains. But core design options are limited compared to full customization from the Amish.

The Amish approach allows for a fully tailored gazebo, whereas Outdoor Living Today offers preset models with some modification flexibility.

Pros and Cons of Amish Country Gazebos


  • Handcrafted in the USA by skilled Amish woodworkers
  • Total customization available for your dream gazebo
  • Extremely durable construction with lifetime structural warranty
  • Ability to customize decorative woodworking details
  • Withstands extreme weather and resists decay

Potential Cons:

  • Complex installation
  • Less consistent availability

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Living Today Gazebos


  • Sustainably harvested Western Red Cedar resists decay
  • Professional design with sturdy craftsmanship
  • Optional upgrades available like extra windows

Potential Cons:

  • Minimal customization beyond add-ons to preset models
  • DIY gazebo kit installation can be challenging

For a clearer understanding of how Amish Gazebos and Outdoor Living Today Gazebos stack up against each other, here's a detailed comparison table outlining their key differences:

Feature Amish Gazebos Outdoor Living Today Gazebos
Origin & Manufacturing Handcrafted by Amish craftsmen in the USA. Manufactured in Canada using Western Red Cedar lumber.
Materials Used Southern Yellow Pine for strength and weather resistance. Western Red Cedar, naturally resistant to rot and insects.
Durability High durability; withstands extreme weather conditions. Robust durability; naturally decay-resistant.
Weather Resistance Optimized for high wind, blizzards, and earthquakes. Naturally resistant to decay. PEFC & WRCA certified.
Cost Average about $8,000 Starts around $6,000
Warranty Lifetime structural warranty. 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Design Options Customizable designs with a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. Pre-designed kits with limited customization options.


Think about your priorities in terms of budget, design customization needs, and expected lifespan when choosing between these brands. An Amish Country Gazebo is the ultimate lifetime investment while Outdoor Living Today serves most buyers with their quality cedar gazebo kits and flexibility. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding which brand suits your backyard best.

a garden space with the Outdoor Living Today Bayside Gazebo with a couple sitting inside it and with trees in the background


Can an Amish gazebo be a free-standing structure in my outdoor area?

Absolutely, Amish gazebos can be a free-standing structure, set up in a variety of locations including your garden, pool area, or patio. The beauty of these structures is that they integrate perfectly into your outdoor space, adding a stunning feature and enhancing the overall look and feel of your home.

How do I decide which is the right gazebo for my home?

Deciding on the right gazebo depends on multiple factors such as the size and layout of your outdoor space, your specific requirements, and your budget. You may want to consider the materials, whether you prefer the natural look of Amish wooden gazebo kits or the maintenance-free aspects of vinyl designs. If you’re unsure, you may also want to consult a professional to guide you in this decision.

How can having a gazebo be a unique touch to my outdoor space?

Outdoor Gazebos not only provide a practical outdoor structure for your space but also add a unique aesthetic. Amish gazebos, with their meticulous handcrafted details, or the distinctly styled Outdoor Living Today gazebo, can become an impressive focal point that enhances the overall visual appeal of your outdoor area.

Could I install either an Amish or Outdoor Living Today gazebo by myself?

It's possible to install either type of gazebo yourself depending on your skill level and the complexity of the model. Outdoor Living Today gazebos are often sold as kits specifically for self-installation. However, bear in mind that a professional setup may be necessary for more complex setups, especially when considering an Amish gazebo.

Are vinyl gazebos maintenance-free?

Vinyl gazebos are typically more maintenance-free compared to their wooden counterparts. They aren't vulnerable to rot, warping, or insect damage, which makes them a durable choice. However, like any outdoor structure, occasional cleaning may be necessary to keep it looking its best.

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