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We Help Homeowners Make A Neighbor Jealous With ✓ FREE Shipping ✓ Lowest Prices ✓ Exceptional Reviews
The 5 Best Gas Fire Bowls: Detailed Product Reviews

The 5 Best Gas Fire Bowls: Detailed Product Reviews

Modern pool fire bowls have become increasingly popular additions to backyards, patios, and decks. Their flickering flames create an inviting ambiance while providing warmth to extend the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces.

This article provides reviews of the top gas fire bowls to consider for your outdoor space:

  • Slick Rock Concrete Ridgeline Fire Bowl - Best Overall
  • Modeno York Fire Bowl - Best Modern Style
  • Riverside Propane Fire Bowl - Best for Outdoor Gatherings
  • Slick Rock Concrete 60” Oasis Fire Bowl - Best Premium
  • Mondavi 36” Round Gas Fire Bowl - Most Durable

These gas fire bowls offer durable construction, ample heating power, and eye-catching style to take your outdoor living area to the next level. Read on to learn which option might suit your needs and budget.

1. Slick Rock Concrete Ridgeline Fire Bowl - Best Overall 

product image of Slick Rock Concrete 34" Conical Ridgeline Fire Bowl with a dark background

The Slick Rock Concrete Ridgeline Fire Bowl stands out as the best overall gas fire bowl. It is designed for use with either propane or natural gas, offering exceptional functionality and safety. Moreover, the Fire Bowl offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match different outdoor décor styles. Customers can even order 100% customized fire bowls tailored to their exact specifications.

Key Features:

  • Stunning variety of shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Customization options for one-of-a-kind fire bowls
  • Precision-crafted from durable, high-quality cast concrete
  • Proprietary concrete blend for strength and aesthetics
  • Integrally colored through and through
  • Water-based semi-transparent stain
  • Semi-gloss sealer for protection and beauty
  • Optional elastomeric sealer for interior waterproofing
  • Made in the USA with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship


  • Extremely durable cast concrete construction
  • Integral concrete coloring won't fade or peel
  • Custom options create a unique, designer look
  • Made in the USA with premium materials
  • Adds warmth and ambiance to outdoor space


  • Concrete can develop cracks over time
  • Integral coloring limits color change options



Final Verdict:

The Slick Rock Concrete Ridgeline Fire Bowl is the best overall gas fire bowl if you want a superbly crafted, customized backyard focal point. Made in America from industrial-grade concrete, this fire bowl is built to last for decades with proper care. With endless customization potential, you can create your fire feature to elevate your outdoor living space. The Slick Rock Ridgeline Fire Bowl comes highly recommended for anyone seeking the highest quality gas fire bowl on the market today.

Modeno York Fire Bowl - Best Modern Style

Modeno York Fire Bowl product image

The Modeno York Fire Bowl stands out with its sleek, minimalist design and premium craftsmanship, making it a gorgeous addition to any area. This contemporary gas fire bowl features a smooth concrete construction punctuated by embedded faux rocks for subtle texture. It puts out 40,000 BTUs of heating power, ensuring ample warmth during backyard gatherings. Despite its compact size, the York Fire Bowl makes an impact with its clean, modern appeal.

Key Features:

  • Sleek, minimalist styling with textured rock detail
  • Premium handcrafted construction from glass fiber-reinforced concrete
  • 40,000 BTUs from stainless steel burner
  • Push button spark ignition for easy startups
  • 10-foot hose included for flexible placement


  • Gorgeous contemporary design
  • High-end craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Powerful heat output for its size


  • On the heavy side at 72 pound
  • Concrete bowl susceptible to cracking if mishandled



Final Verdict:

With sophisticated appeal belying its durability and power, the Modeno York Fire Bowl makes an exceptional addition to modern backyard spaces. It delivers on style and performance but requires some assembly and doesn't include a cover. If the premium price tag fits your budget, this eye-catching fire bowl is a worthy investment for small outdoor areas needing a heat source.

3. Riverside Propane Fire Bowl - Best for Outdoor Gatherings

product image of Real Flame Riverside 48" Oval Propane Fire Pit Bowl - 590LP with white background

The Riverside Oval Propane Fire Bowl - 590LP from Real Flame is crafted for style and functionality. Made of durable MGO concrete-like material and steel, it brings an inviting warmth to backyards.

With its 50,000 BTUs of heat output, this propane fire bowl delivers enough warmth for gatherings on cool evenings. The quality materials ensure it withstands weathering and lasts for years. Starting the fire bowl is easy with the push-button ignition.

Key Features:

  • 50,000 BTUs of efficient heating
  • Durable MGO and steel construction
  • Push-button ignition for easy start
  • Includes burner, filler, tank seat, and 9’ LP hose
  • Adaptable for 20 lb tank or natural gas
  • Adjustable flame heights
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Weather and rust resistant
  • Safe for wooden decks
  • Accessories available separately


  • Very durable thanks to quality materials
  • Delivers plenty of heat for its size
  • Easy-start push button ignition
  • Filler and accessories included
  • Flame height adjusts for ambiance
  • Shut-off for safety


  • The lighting mechanism is not totally reliable
  • Lava rocks are a bit cheaper 



Final Verdict:

The Riverside Oval Propane Fire Bowl makes an excellent addition for outdoor gatherings needing an inviting warmth and glow. The high-quality MGO and steel construction allows this fire bowl to withstand weathering and last for years of use. Overall this propane fire bowl enhances outdoor living spaces for gatherings at fair value given its durability.

4. Slick Rock Concrete 60" Oasis Fire Bowl -  Best Premium

product image of Slick Rock Concrete 60" Oasis Fire Bowl with dark background

If you're looking to add a luxurious ambiance and a stunning focal point to your outdoor living space, the Slick Rock Concrete 60" Oasis Fire Bowl is an exceptional choice. This premium fire bowl features an eye-catching oval shape that sets it apart, along with durable, high-quality concrete construction designed to withstand the elements.

With its generous 60" diameter and comfortable heat output of up to 83,000 BTUs, this Fire Bowl is built to impress. Its overall dimensions of 60" diameter, 15" height, and 28.5" length ensure plenty of warmth and an ample blaze for gatherings or soaking up by yourself.

Key Features:

  • Unique oval shape: Sets this fire bowl apart with a contemporary design
  • Durable concrete construction: Built to last by Slick Rock, a trusted brand
  • 83,000 BTUs: Provides plenty of heat output for comfort and ambiance
  • Generous 60” diameter: Big enough to be an impressive focal point
  • 15” height and 28.5” length: Provides an ample blaze
  • Residential and commercial use: Versatile to use in any outdoor space
  • Electronic ignition system: Allows for easy startups
  • Natural gas and propane options: For flexibility in fuel choice
  • Remote control capability: Optionally control flames remotely


  • Striking, unique oval shape
  • High-end concrete craftsmanship and construction
  • Powerful 83,000 BTU heat output
  • Impressive 60” diameter size
  • Ideal for both homes and businesses


  • Heavy concrete construction
  • Limited color/finish options



Final Verdict:

With its premium oval shape and concrete build, the Slick Rock 60” Oasis Fire Bowl makes a gorgeous addition to elevate any outdoor space. It demands attention with sleek aesthetics while also providing a toasty 83,000 BTUs of heating power. Just be ready to make a sizable investment for the quality construction. If your budget allows though, this Fire Bowl is a perfect option for you.

Mondavi 36" Round Gas Fire Bowl - Most Durable

The Mondavi 36" Round Gas Fire Bowl is one of the most durable and well-constructed gas fire bowls on the market. Made from a lightweight yet robust alloy steel with a weather-resistant concrete finish, this fire bowl can withstand all manner of outdoor conditions.

Weighing 81 pounds, the Mondavi fire bowl has a stable base so you can place it securely on any patio or deck. The included lava rock, cover, 10-foot regulator hose, and tank seat make the setup smooth and convenient.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction - Made from alloy steel with a concrete finish that resists UV light, extreme temperatures, salt, cracking, fading, and chipping

  • Powerful 65,000 BTU Heat Output - Provides plenty of warmth and ambiance

  • Pulse Ignition - Allows for easy lighting and adjusting of the smoke-free flame

  • Faux Concrete Finish - Beautifully complements any outdoor space

  • Lava Rock & Stainless Steel Burner Included - Creates pleasant flaming effect

  • Weather-Resistant - Withstands all types of outdoor conditions

  • 10 ft Regulator Hose & Tank Seat Included - Allows flexibility in setup

  • Protective Cover Included - Preserves the unit when not in use


  • Very durable construction can withstand outdoor elements
  • Provides ample heat to keep you warm
  • Easy to light and adjust flames
  • Creates great ambiance for gathering areas
  • Flame is smoke-free


  • Buyers need to order extra lava rocks for better effect
  • Paint finish chips relatively easily



Final Verdict:

The Mondavi 36" Round Gas Fire Bowl is one of the best-constructed and most durable fire bowls in its class. While it may take some extra effort to set up properly with extra lava rocks, once in place it provides excellent heating capabilities and eye-catching flames perfect for creating an inviting outdoor atmosphere. Just take care when placing it to avoid any paint chips. Overall, the durable build and ample heating make this an excellent value gas fire bowl.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Gas Fire Bowl

When shopping for an outdoor gas fire bowl to enhance your exterior living area, there are several key factors to evaluate:

Heat Output

Consider the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, which indicates the heat output. Optimal BTU levels range from 40,000 to 65,000 for adequately heating small to medium gathering areas in cool weather. Larger fire bowls with 80,000+ BTUs can warm bigger spaces.


The diameter of your fire bowl should suit the area needing ambiance and warmth. Standard sizes range from 30 inches to 60 inches across. Measure your space to visualize the right proportions. Also, confirm measurements of the overall unit including the base to fit the installation area.

Design and Materials

Sturdy concrete and durable steel stand up well to outdoor elements. Look for quality construction, with thicker materials being more resilient. Also choose a style that aligns with your space, from modern smoothed concrete to faux rock textures.

Ease of Use

Check that the fire bowl you select includes key components to enable operation soon after delivery, like a burner, regulator hose, and push-button ignitor. This ensures quick and easy lighting. Some options also include lava rock filler, tank storage space, protective covers, wheels for mobility, and remote controls.

Safety Features

Select a gas fire bowl incorporating safety technology like anti-tilt switches that automatically turn off gas flow preventing accidents if tilted or tipped over. Also, ensure the model has proper ventilation and was safety-tested before leaving the manufacturer.

Prioritizing these key factors will lead you to pick the best quality and style outdoor gas fire bowl for your budget and needs! Let the coziness and warmth begin.

A concrete fire bowl with flames, placed on a patio surrounded by cacti and succulents.


The fire bowls reviewed provide exceptional durability, ample heating power, and gorgeous styling to take any outdoor area to the next level. Carefully weigh which size, design features, price point, and overall value matter most for your needs. Any of these thoughtfully constructed gas fire bowls makes for a sound investment to enhance your exterior living space for years to come.


What type of fuel do gas fire bowls need?

Gas fire bowls generally use either propane or natural gas as a fuel source. You'll need to decide which is best for your specific needs and surroundings. If you are passionate about the natural smell of wood burning, you can also find wood-burning fire pit bowls in the market.

How quickly can I expect my propane fire bowl to ship?

That varies according to the seller. Some sellers offer quick shipment within the country, sometimes even free shipping. It’s best to ask the seller directly for their shipping details. Customer service can provide you with a more accurate time frame.

Do gas fire bowls come with a spark ignition system?

Yes, most of the top picks of gas or propane fire bowls for pools feature an electronic ignition system. This is not only convenient but also one of the safest methods of lighting your fire bowl.

What kind of cart do I need to ship my fire bowl?

Usually, you don’t need to worry about this. The seller will manage the cart and shipment process for you so that you’ll receive your fire bowl at your doorstep without any issues.

Can I find a fire bowl that matches the beauty of my surroundings?

Absolutely. With the wide range of fire bowls available, you can choose from a variety of styles that suit your home's styles. Some of the best fire bowls are not just functional but also serve as beautiful pieces that elevate your décor.

What type of fire bowl is best for my backyard, propane or natural gas?

The main difference is the source of fuel. Propane tanks are portable and easy to install, you just need to place it in your fire bowl and light it. Natural gas fire bowls need a supply line from the house, these are typically installed by professionals. Both will provide a beautiful and warm fire to your backyard.

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