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Duraflame vs Solo Stove Fire Pits: Which Smokeless Fire Pit is Better?

Duraflame vs Solo Stove Fire Pits: Which Smokeless Fire Pit is Better?

Smokeless fire pits have become hugely popular backyard and camping accessories thanks to their ability to contain fires safely without excessive smoke. Two of the top brands in smokeless fire pits are Duraflame and Solo Stove. But with some key differences, is one better than the other?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the features of these two brands. After weighing all the pros and cons, Solo Stove emerges as the winner for its innovative design and smoke-free experience. However, Duraflame has its own advantages. So, continue reading to learn in detail about these two top smokeless fire pit brands!

an illustrated comparison between duraflame and solo stove fire pits

Key Differences: Duraflame vs Solo Stove

Fire Pit Construction

Duraflame constructs its smokeless fire pits from steel walls coated in a porcelain enamel finish for temperature resistance and rust prevention. Models range from 19-inch portable to 35-inch extra large.

Inside there is a removable heavy-duty steel cooking grate allowing you to grill food over the fire. The grated bottom and side air vents supply oxygen to fuel the burn.

Solo Stove uses premium grade stainless steel shaped into a double-wall design with precision laser-cut ventilation holes both at the top and bottom to feed the fire oxygen.

This creates their patented 360° Airflow Signature system to maximize airflow efficiency and temperatures for the hottest, cleanest burn.

Winner: Solo Stove - Solo Stove edges out Duraflame with the smart innovation of their proprietary airflow technology in durable, lightweight stainless steel.

Ease of Use

Duraflame’s operation couldn’t be much easier. Built to safely burn Duraflame’s densified composite wood, just stack the logs on the grate, light with a match, and enjoy up to 3-5 hours of smokeless flames.

Once coals die down, an included poker tool lets you easily shift logs as needed and manage ashes after they are completely cool.

Solo Stove necessitates sourcing your own firewood, however, the precision airflow design enables an easy light with just small sticks and tinder to start before building up larger fuel logs. More learning curve estimating best wood size.

Solo Stove’s color-changing temperatures help monitor the burn. The stainless steel conducts less heat letting you safely rearrange logs. The included ash pan removes debris.

Winner: Duraflame – Hard to beat Duraflame’s instant fire starter logs for fuss-free flames. The Solo Stove needs more fuel prep but is still simple to use.


Duraflame’s enclosed steel fire bowl with a grated floor contains the fire safely on a nonflammable surface while the cooking grate facilitates making camp food.

Included prepper log helps big logs catch instantly. Accessory options: poker, cover, carry bag and roasting sticks help get the most functionality.

Solo Stove focuses features on best-in-class portable capability. At just 9-16 pounds you can bring the fire anywhere easily. Their own accessories like stands, shields, and carry cases customize your setup.

The Bonfire model’s unique airflow results in a visually impressive flame comparable to a small campfire.

Winner: Solo Stove – For transportability and accessory expandability, Solo Stove just outshines Duraflame, offering the versatility to customize your perfect portable fire pit configuration.

An outdoor seating area with a sofa and cushions, a lit duraflame fire pit, decorative lights above, and a cat resting on the couch.

Emissions & Smoke

Duraflame’s strategically engineered interior dual-flow air channels keep the enclosed chamber ventilated for the most efficient, low-emission burn of their densified logs, producing far less smoke than an open campfire.

Without airflow obstruction, Solo Stove’s precision ventilation system maintains secondary combustion resulting in little excess smoke production, meeting EPA guidelines for nominal particulate emissions at just 11.30 grams per hour (less than a candle).

Winner: Solo Stove –Solo Stove’s patented technology wins out when it comes to the cleanest, most smoke-free pit design.

Fuel & Burn Time

Duraflame’s proprietary densified composite wood fire logs burn for 4 hours, specifically made to safely work in their fire pits.

The burn time of a Solo Stove can vary depending on the size and type of the stove, as well as the fuel used. One review noted that a Solo Stove filled to capacity burned for around 2.5 hours without needing to add more wood.

Winner: Duraflame - For the longest hassle-free burn times, Duraflame’s engineered logs take the trophy.


Duraflame pits range from economical tabletop models $55-110 to mid-range steel models $89-279 and large high-end cast iron models $199-$350.

Solo Stove pricing starts at $199 for the Ranger, $249 for Bonfire, and $499 for the large Yukon model, putting them well above Duraflame.

Winner: Duraflame - More affordable pricing with economy to premium options beats Solo Stove’s higher across-the-board costs.

Which is the Better Smokeless Fire Pit Brand Overall?

For budget-friendly cost and convenience, Duraflame delivers impressive hassle-free burn times fueled by engineered fire logs and removable ash cleanup in enclosed steel models.

However, for sheer innovation and best-in-class portability, Solo Stove takes the prize with their patented signature 360° ventilation technology that enables uniquely clean, smoke-free, beautiful flames in durable compact to mid-sized stainless models perfect for backyard enjoyment and camping anywhere the fire is allowed.

If you are still unsure which brand may suit your needs best, be sure to consult our comprehensive guide on fire pits to help inform your purchasing decision.

Three people enjoying the solo flame fire pit outdoors with chopped firewood nearby.


How do you compare the grill accessory between the Solo Stove and Duraflame Smokeless Fire Pit?

The grill accessories for both the Solo Stove and the Duraflame smokeless fire pits add more practicality and convenience to these units. The Solo Stove's grill is designed to be used with its removable grate, doubling as a delightful fireplace when you're not grilling. Duraflame's grill component, on the other hand, is a standalone unit producing excellent grilling results.

Are there any units similar to the Solo Stove without the higher price tag?

Though the Solo Stove offers a highly-rated, smoke-free experience with a modern design, there are alternatives on the market that are more budget-friendly. You can check our collection of the best fire pits for a cheaper alternative with good quality and functionality.

How does Duraflame's fire pit warmth compare to Solo Stove's?

Both Solo Stove and Duraflame fire pits offer significant warmth and heat, perfect for those chilly outdoor gatherings. However, users might notice a slight edge with the Solo Stove due to its double-wall design which contributes to a complete, efficient burn and greater heat production, whereas Duraflame's design includes a heat deflector for continuous warmth.

Is there a difference in transportation between the Solo Stove and Duraflame?

Both the Solo Stove and Duraflame fire pits are designed to be portable and relatively easy to transport. The Solo Stove bonfire, weighing around 20 pounds, is known for its compact and lightweight design. The Duraflame fire pit, while slightly heavier, is also designed for easy transportation, making either a good choice for those looking to bring a smoke-free fire pit on their outdoor trips.

Which is more innovative, the Duraflame fire pit or the Solo Stove?

The Solo Stove is often credited for its innovative double-wall design that promotes efficient burning and a virtually smoke-free experience. However, Duraflame also offers its own unique features, including a sturdy build and a heat deflector, adding to its innovative design. Both contribute to the market of portable fire pits, offering their own takes on a backyard staple.

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