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EZ-Fit Sheds Riverside Shed Kit

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Original price $4,200.00
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Original price $4,200.00
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Current price $3,659.00
Need Higher Sidewalls? Custom Size? We can get you a quote in 24 hours!
Size: 8x12'
Floor Kit: None
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Shipping and Handling Time For EZ-Fit Sheds

Handling Time: Shed Kit ships in 6-9 business days (cutting and packing included).

Shipping Time: Please allow 2-7 business days for delivery to your curbside.

This item ships to all States of the contiguous U.S.A (lower 48). Please note that most of our shipments go by LTL freight. For more information check out our Shipping Policy.

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Return Policy For EZ-Fit Sheds

EZ-fit sheds does not accept returns as all kits are cut to order. This would qualify as a custom product.

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Get a Separate Space For Your Significant Other With The Popular Riverside Storage Shed

Are you dreaming of a separate space to safeguard your gardening tools?

Looking for a new woodworking shop for those more complicated projects?

Crafted with high-quality Amish workmanship and ready for simple assembly, the Riverside Shed is the perfect long term storage solution.

This could even function as a tiny house with some modifications. If you add your own insulation and drywall you will have the best-looking additional dwelling unit on your block.

The Riverside shed has a 60” standard door, 6” fascia trim, double top plate, shutters, decorative hinges, horizontal nailer, and USA-made locksets.

Can I customize this shed? YES!

Many of our customers call asking if they can change parts of the wall, add extra windows, increase the height of the sidewalls. We can accommodate almost all of those changes to ensure you get the perfect size. Just shoot us a call at (725) 239-9966 and we will get you some custom pricing!

Need Plans For The Permitting Process?

We have plans but the manufacturer does not allow us to post them in the installation manual section! Please email us at and we will get you the plans depending on the size!

Amazing Features Of The Riverside Shed Kit:

Beautiful Decorative Shutters

Add a touch of elegance to your new office with these stunning shutters that never come on most wood sheds. Talk about natural light while your working!

Double Top Plate

Rely on the extra sturdiness provided by the double top plate, promising a robust and durable structure.

  • High Quality Amish Construction
  • U.S.A. Made Locksets - for extra peace of mind
  • Decorative Hinges on both doors
  • Horizontal Nailer for stronger and straighter walls
  • 6" Fascia Trim - protects the fascia board
  • Panelized wall sections with horizontal nailer and 24" OC wall studs
  • Rafters, roof sheathing, pre-hung doors, trim, door hardware, fasteners
  • Windows: 2 - 24x36" Windows
  • Windows are functional and open up
  • Windows come with screens to keep pesky bugs out
  • Real glass windows - does not fade like the plexiglass windows that come with cheaper sheds
  • Windows come already installed in the walls
  • Aluminum window frames
  • 6'6" Walls - provide plenty of room inside
  • Snow load - 20PSF
  • Primed Smartside siding - protects the shed against the elements
  • 4' Panelized wall sections - offers the sturdiest construction
  • Single Door: 1 30" Single Door - provides side access
  • Double Doors: 1 Set of 60" Double Doors - makes getting items in and out a breeze
  • Shed comes primed and ready to paint the color of your choice
  • 6/12 pitch roof
  • Shingles and Paint are NOT included. Floor kit is optional.
Shed sizes available for all your storage needs: 8x12', 10x12', 10x14', 10x16', 10x20', 12x16', 12x20', 12x24'

Why are diamond plates optional?

The diamond plate threshold is a metal plate that goes in the door opening to protect the edge of the flooring from getting scuffed up by lawn mowers driving in and out of the shed. If you don't plan on moving heavy garden tools in and out of the shed this piece is not really needed. 

diamond plate for door entryway

What do transom windows look like?

1 set of transom windows for double doors means 1 windows. one for each door.

All EZ-fit Sheds are solidly constructed with quality Amish craftsmanship and come partially pre-assembled.

All of the wall sidings are already attached to the 2x4 framing and come in 4-foot wide wall panels.

As much pre-assembly as can be done ahead of time is completed without shipping the shed all put together.

We provide step-by-step instructions for you to finalize putting everything together and the average assembly with 2 people takes about 8 hours. We do not provide installers but if you do not want to build the shed yourself, many customers hire a local handyman to do it.

EZ-Fit Riverside Shed Assembly Timelapse

EZ-Fit Shipping

The kit will arrive in 1 or 2 large wooden crates. This is standard curbside delivery in almost all cases the driver will be able to unload the crates and put them in an easy-to-get-to area. If the delivery truck does not have a liftgate available, you will be required to have 2 people available to unload the pieces from the crate.

They are packaged in 1-2 crates (Some of the smaller kits can be unloaded by lift gate.) You will need a cordless drill and a #2 square head drill bit to open the crate and unload the kit

The pieces are easy to carry with 2 people. If you want to ensure the unloading of the kit, we also have a flatbed truck with a forklift delivery option which runs around $200-$1,000 depending on the location and size of the delivery. Send us an email to find out a quote for this service and if available.

ez fit sheds size depiction

Optional add-ons:



Optional Floor kit includes

• 4x4" Long-lasting treated runners
• 2x4" S.P.F. Floor joists (16" o.c.) 
• 3/4" High Quality Engineered Wood Floor

 (Floor kits are not available on 10x20, 12x20, and 12x24 sheds due to shipping weight restrictions.)

floor kit ez fit shed kit


* Floor (optional) and Shingles Not Included *

Floor and Shingles can be purchased at your local hardware store. You can also purchase the optional floor kit we have in the add-on section. The floor can consist of 4x4's, 2x4's, and plywood - we can give you the details if you would like.

The shed can also be placed directly on a concrete slab if desired - please select the pressure treated option and we will treat the bottom plate (bottom of the wall) of the shed. If placing the shed directly on a concrete slab, we recommend that the slab be 1/2 an inch smaller than the size of the shed. This way the bottom plate can rest on the perimeter of the concrete slab and the wall siding can go down slightly down the side of the slab. This will prevent rainwater from entering the shed. If using a slab that is larger than the size of the shed please let us know and we will attach the bottom plate at the bottom of the wall. 

Specifications Table For All EZ Fit Sheds

Please see site preparation directions at this link: Site Prep . It is very important to ensure you know what dimensions are important to you.

EZ Fit Sheds Comparison
EZ Fit Riverside Shed EZ Fit Homestead Shed EZ Fit Heritage Shed
Sidewall Height 6'6'' 6'6'' 6'6''
Overall Height 8' wide 9'9'' 9'9'' 9'9''
Overall Height 10' wide 10'3'' 10'3'' 10'3''
Overall Height 12' wide 10'9'' 10'9'' 10'9''
Windows & “Z” shutters 2-24x36' double 30x36'' 1-24x36'' 1-30x36''
Transom Windows Optional Optional Optional
Strongback Nailer Yes Yes Yes
30'' single door Yes No No
60'' double door Yes Yes Yes
Smartside Siding Yes Yes Yes
Decorative Door Hinges Yes Yes Yes
Double Top Plate & 6'' Fascia Yes Yes Yes
12'' Roof Overhang Yes Yes Yes
Flowerboxes Optional Optional Optional
Decorative Flowerbox Holders Optional Optional Optional
Cupola & Weather Vane Optional Optional Optional
Floor Kit Optional Optional Optional


Need a different configuration?
We can place the double doors on the 180-degree opposite side (or single door with windows on 180 degrees opposite side). Just let us know in the "Special instructions for seller" section when placing your order. 

The Strongback Nailer provides an additional nailing surface for a nice straight wall.

The EZ Fit Riverside Shed comes with a high-quality Triple Layer Door.

  1. Is it possible to do a taller door - something like 82" rough opening height?

    Yes, we can frame an 82” high door opening in the wall on 7’ or 8’ high walls.

  2. What is the Roof Overhang?

    12 inches on all sides.

  3. How many runners for the sheds?

    An 8’ wide shed has 3 runners. 10’ and 12’ wide sheds have 4 runners.

  4. Windows on EZ Fit Sheds, single or double pane?

    Single Pane.

  5. Can the floor kit go on top of a concrete slab and if so, how large should the slab be?

    Yes, you can build a wooden floor on top of a concrete slab if you want to. Usually if its just the shed we recommend the slab to be half and inch smaller than the fall.

  6. What are the largest size containers that the pieces come in. h x w x depth?

    As an example, A 12x24 shed will be shipped in 2 pallets. The 1st pallet is 50x83x64 weighing 1700 lb. The 2nd pallet size is 50x97x38 weighing 1700 lb.

  7. What is the thickness of the plywood walls? Do you use T111 Plywood?

    The smart side siding is 7/16 inch thick. It’s not plywood. It is an engineered wood treated to resist termites and fungal decay.

  8. What is the thickness of the roof? Is the roof OSB or CDX?

    The roof sheathing is 7/16” osb.

  9. How long will it take to install the roof shingles and to paint the shed once assembled?

    For an 8x12, 1 person can shingle it in 1.5 hours. Painting: 1 person = 4 hours. For a 12x14, 1 person can shingle in 3 hours. Painting = 7 hours

  10. Is the floor package treated? If so, does it offgas?

    The floor is 3/4” pro struct which is also treated to resist termites and fungal decay.

  11. What is the total weight of the base kit?

    As an example, for the 8x12 Riverside, base kit is 1800 pounds. Please send us an email if you need weights for the other sizes.

  12. What is the ramp length/width and what height difference does it take up (meaning what is the ultimate height from the concrete pad to the top of the threshold of the double doors)?

    The ramp is 4 ½” high by the doors of the shed, It is either 60” wide or 72” wide and both are 42” deep.

  13. What are the dimensions I would need for a concrete slab if I want to secure the exterior into the ground, as you stated. Also, would I still need a ramp if I did this option?

    The dimensions for building a concrete slab as your floor should remain the same as the parameters of the shed.

    The only thing you'd need to do is to pick up the pressure-treated bottom plate optional add-on and build it half an inch smaller on all sides to ensure a perfect fit. The pressure-treated bottom plate ensures no rainwater or moisture enters the shed.

    The ramp is also optional, and we'll fit it to match the size of the double doors. There won't be anything you'd need to do from your on this.

  14. What if the product appears to have mold when it arrives?

    The mold that you may see is coming from the 4x4s which are pressure treated and therefore hold moisture in them.

    To ship these we have to band them together with the rest of the material on top and so if banded tight together and traveling to the west coast in a hot trailer with little or no air then this can happen.

    When it happens and if other material is touching it can have it as well.

  15. What's the recommended thickness of the wood if you are building your own floor?

    Treated 4x4’ on the bottom, then 2x4 floor joists 16” on center on top of that, the ¾” flooring on top of that.

EZ-Fit Riverside Shed Features In Pictures:

Shutters add an element of dimension to your structure and come standard with your shed kit

Our locksets are made right here in the U.S.A. They feature a heavy-duty locking mechanism and a durable electro-coated black paint. Each lockset includes a decorative plate. 

12" Decorative T-Hinge with Bushings are standard on all EZ-fit Shed Kits

A Double Top Plate creates an incredibly stiff wall and a very strong corner where the top plates overlap at the ends.

Stronger Walls - Straighter Walls.
Increased Nailing Surface - Standard on All High-Sidewalls.
Using computerized component saws, each individual wall stud is cut with a specialized notch. 

    The trim serves an aesthetic purpose by providing a contrast to the color of the siding while protecting the fascia board from exposure to the elements.

    The standard 60" door allows for easy access. Add an optional ramp for easy retrieval of your lawn and garden equipment.

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