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EcoFlow FAQ

Can I connect more 2 power stations together in series? (For all power stations)

Yes, we recommend connecting a 2 EcoFlow units in series. Please note the following: 
  1. The slave unit must be fully charged before being connected.
  2. Do not charge the main unit when the slave is connected.

Can I connect EcoFlow power stations to my house electric panel directly? (For all power stations) 

Yes, but please note:

- The transfer switch should be connected to the power station's AC output port.
- You should disconnect the circuits from the grid before they are supported by the power station.
- The total power consumption of the circuits should not exceed the output power rating.
- The output will not be grounded if the power station is not connected to the grid.

How to store and maintain EcoFlow power station:

  1. To prolong the battery life, we recommend using and storing the product in an environment with a temperature between 20°C to 30°C, away from water, heat, and metal objects.

  2. For long-term storage, discharge the product down to 30% and then charge it up to 60%. Continue to follow this procedure every three months. Units not charged and discharged for more than six months will no longer be covered under warranty.

  3. For safety reasons, please do not store this product in an environment above 45°C or below -10°C for an extended period.

Why is the power station charging slowly? How can I solve this?

  1. If the temperature is too high, turn off the unit or stop the load to let it cool down.

  2. If the temperature is too low for charging, place the unit somewhere warmer or let electrical appliances discharge it for a while.

  3. The charging power of the unit is related to the battery level. When the unit starts charging from 0% or is about to be fully charged, it is normal for the charging power to be low.

Battery Runs Down Too Quickly:

  1. Please check for external high-power electrical appliances. If the power of the connected electrical appliance is similar to the battery capacity, the battery will run out in about one hour.

  2. Perform a complete charge and discharge for an SoC calibration.

Why is the car charger not working?

  1. Please confirm whether the car cigarette lighter has normal voltage and power output.

  2. Try using a solar panel to charge the power station. If the solar panel can be used to charge, it means that there is a problem with the car charger to XT60 cable. Change the cable, and if the solar panel still cannot be used to charge, then contact

Short-term Power Jump When Charging and Discharging:

Perform the SoC calibration three times. If the problem still occurs, take a video showing the fault and contact the EcoFlow Customer Service team.

DELTA Shuts Down Unexpectedly:

  1. The battery power has run out.

  2. When AC and DC power is off, and there is no input or output power for 30 minutes, the device will automatically shut down.

Device does not boot:

  1. Check if it is caused by an insufficient battery. If it is, charge and turn it on again. If charging fails, please follow the instructions on charging failures.

  2. If there is no response after you short press or long press (3 seconds) the Main Power Button, please contact EcoFlow Customer Service.

Power Runs Out Too Quickly:

  1. Check if there are external high-power electrical appliances. For example, if the total power of a connected device is about 1200W, the 1260Wh battery of DELTA mini will generally run out in about one hour.

  2. Perform three fully charging and discharging rounds to see if the problem still occurs.

Electrical Appliances Won't Charge:

  1. If DELTA is charging from an AC outlet, confirm that the AC switch is turned on. The same goes for DC outlets.

  2. If the AC or DC switch is turned on and it still cannot be charged, confirm whether the output power of DELTA meets the rated wattage of the electrical appliance.

  3. When the power from a DC source or car charger is less than 1 watt, the charging power will not be displayed, but the unit is charging. Try charging from another power source to see if the charging power is displayed.

  4. When the screen displays an overload alarm, the charging power is too high. Shut down and allow the unit to cool down for 30 minutes, or try using a low-power device before charging again. If there is still an overload prompt, take a photo or video of the issue and contact the after-sales department.

  5. The AC switch will automatically turn off after 12 hours if the power of the electrical appliance is less than 10W because the power detection is equivalent to zero power output.

Can Other Solar Panel Brands Charge DELTA?

DELTA can be charged using any solar panels with the same solar connectors and within an input.

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